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Paper Art by Yulia Brodskaya

Paper Art by Yulia Brodskaya
Yulia Brodskaya est une artiste russe vivant en Angleterre. Cette talentueuse créatrice nous propose de découvrir des compositions typographiques faîtes de papier. Très détaillées, ses oeuvres ont fait d’elle une artiste aujourd’hui prisée par de nombreux annonceurs à travers le monde. Related:  ARTEVisual Art

סבבה בבסיס הסורי 45 שנה לאחר כיבוש/שחרור הגולן התקיים בסוף השבוע אירוע אמנות ראשון מסוגו, בלוקיישן שונה מהמקובל: בסיס סורי נטוש. המיקום מרוחק מלב הסצינה של האמנות הישראלית: לצד כביש 98 בצפון רמת הגולן, כמה מאות מטרים מהגבול ומהעיר הסורית הנטושה קוניטרה. לכאן, אל מבנה המפקדה המרכזי שאירח לראשונה בתולדותיו תערוכות אמנות עכשווית, הוזמנו 17 אמנים כדי להשתתף באירוע "צבעי בסיס", ולהציג בו אמנות רחוב ישראלית לצד עבודות צילום. מבני הבטון המרכיבים את המחנה מעוצבים באופן מאופק, כיאות למבנים צבאיים: קווים ישרים, פתחים מלבניים המודגשים הודות למדף הצללה קטן מבטון, תקרות גבוהות המתחלקות באמצעות קורות בטון בולטות. המבנים בני קומה אחת ואינם מעוטרים, והשמירה הקפדנית על הסימטריה של חלוקת המסות והפתחים במבנים הופכים אותם לרשמיים, וגם למרשימים, אם גם צנועים. מבנה המפקדה, שבו נערכה התערוכה המרכזית, מכיל שתי זרועות רחבות ואגף מרכזי בולט מהחזית, שאליו נכנסים במדרגות דרך פתח רחב הקבוע במרכזו. אמן הגרפיטי עדי סנד הציג את דמויות " הקופסונים ", שאותן פיזר ברחבי המבנה. יש מה לאכול?

Melted Wood Sculptures by Bonsoir Paris DURAMEN is a series of handmade wood sculptures by Bonsoir Paris, the designer duo Rémy Clémente and Morgan Maccari. They wield the illusion of breaking the properties of wood by making the wood frames appear deformed and melted. via Bonsoir Paris Nature Masterpieces Retour sur le photographe et metteur en scène canadien Gregory Colbert. Avec son projet et sa série Ashes and Snow, ce dernier nous présente des photographies aux couleurs sépias prises au cours de ses voyages. Des superbes images voyageant autour du monde grâce à un musée nomade, le « Nomadic Museum ». Human Portraits Hidden in the Topography of Maps Ink on original Michelin map of France Growing up, I've always thought the continent of Africa looked like a sideway face, but Ed Fairburn takes that imagination to a whole new level. The Cardiff-based illustrator finds portraits of human faces hidden amongst the topographical features in various maps of the world. View more over at Ed's official website | Facebook page | Interview with Yatzer - via Juxtapose Lake Windermere in England Stafford lane, in collaboration with Bobbie-Jo Pencil on an original map of the Peak District, England North America Geological map of Pennsylvania Ink on reproduced military maps of the Western Front (World War II) Pencil on celestial star chart

Make This Gift: Stitched Map Art! : Wantist Stitched Map Art, photo from Martha Stewart Living Maybe it’s the weather (or all those delicious fall smells), but I’ve been feeling mighty nostalgic lately. Anyone else feeling wistful these days? I was reminiscing about past adventures just recently when I spotted this great little DIY art and gift idea from Martha Stewart Living. Celebrate and remember family vacations or road trips with friends by hand-stitching the route on maps and framing them—brilliant! It’s sentimental without being too cheesy; handmade without looking like a summer camp craft you made in the 4th grade; and inexpensive without looking cheap or last-minute. I already have a few stitch-friendly road trips in mind, including one that would make a great anniversary gift (shh, don’t tell).

NYC’s Day and Night Within A Single Photo Artist Stephen Wilkes created this cool artwork called Day to Night – splitting the landscapes from AM to PM in the same photo! So how Stephen did it? by kepping his camera at a fixed angle for up to 15 hours, then weaved and blended the shots into one frame. “Day to Night embodies a combination of my favorite things to photograph; people on the street melded with epic cityscapes, and the fleeting moments throughout the day and night,” [Via] Times Square Coney Island The Highline, NYC Central Park, NYC Park Avenue, NYC Washington Square Park, NYC Gramercy Park, NYC

Spherical Wheel Electric Motorcycle We’ve seen a few different preliminary photos of this spherical drive motorcycle, but now it has been confirmed that a group of engineering students is in fact pursuing the project, and are looking to implement an omnidirectional drive system into a motorcycle. A small group of engineering students consisting of Max Ratner, Henry Li and Andrew Parmar have teamed up with local sponsors including Wolf Engineering to make this project possible. The team gained their inspiration from the self-balancing technology made famous by the Segway, and through a lot processes the crew has nearly finished their prototype. The goal is to ensure the motorcycle can be piloted by a first time rider with no special skill set. The advantages are clear, with the most obvious being the fact that the cycle has a zero turning radius making it extremely maneuverable.

Esta imagen es realmente un dibujo Pages martes, 23 de octubre de 2012 Esta imagen es realmente un dibujo Sé que es difícil de creer, pero la imagen que ves arriba? No es una fotografía. Publicado por Leugim Figueroa Paper Art Paper art can be traced back to Japan, where it originated over a thousand years ago. From complex paper cutting to book carving, this is an ever expanding area of design that is hardly talked about. These intricate paper designs grace museums and exauhibitions throughout the world and is becoming yet another exciting medium of expression for many designers. Some of the artists featured here use simple materials, such as A4 printing papeel, while others resort to unexpected materials, such as actual books, as their prime materials. In this article, we’ll take a look at 13 remarkable artists and showcase their truly amazing pieces of paper art. Peter Callesen Visit website Jen Stark Visit website Simon Schubert Visit website Brian Dettmer: Book Sculptures Visit website Sher Christopher Visit website Elsa Mora Visit website Yulia Brodskaya Visit Website Su Blackwell Visit website Richard Sweeney Visit website Jolis Paons Visit website Bovey Lee Visit website Bert Simons Visit website Ingrid Siliakus Visit website