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So you want to learn hand lettering?

So you want to learn hand lettering?
In 5 Years, Searches for “Hand Lettering” Increased Over 1000%! Hey, Friend! Sean McCabe here. Hand lettering has experienced a massive resurgence. In just a few short years, nearly one million people have read my lettering guide! It’s no surprise you’re here: hand lettering is booming right now. Hand lettering is selling all kinds of products like prints and t-shirts too. As the world gets increasingly digital and automated, we find ourselves yearning for the hand-made and the authentic. We want to be reminded that there is a human with a soul behind the designs we see! Hand Lettering Gives You a Platform to Share a Message When you create beautiful lettering, it will attract an audience. People will slow down just to appreciate your beautiful art. You have people’s attention—now what will you say? Hand Lettering Tutorials & Classes Over the years, I’ve created countless lettering resources based on receiving thousands of emails from hand letterers like you. Check Out the Lettering Resources ↓

Startups, This Is How Design Works – by Wells Riley The Importance of Frustration in the Creative Process, Animated by Maria Popova “Before we can find the answer — before we can even know the question — we must be immersed in disappointment.” Last week, Jonah Lehrer took us inside “the seething cauldron of ideas” with Imagine: How Creativity Works, his long-awaited (by me, at least) new book. Now, from Flash Rosenberg — Guggenheim Fellow, NYPL artist-in-residence, live-illustrator extraordinaire, and Brain Pickings darling — comes this wonderful hand-drawn teaser for the book, distilling one of Lehrer’s key ideas in Rosenberg’s signature style of simple yet visually eloquent line drawings. When we tell stories about creativity, we tend to leave out this phase. For a related treat, see Rosenberg’s live-illustration of John Lithgow reading Mark Twin at the New York Public Library. Brain Pickings has a free weekly newsletter and people say it’s cool. Share on Tumblr

Hollywood Designers Featured on Video – and a Filter Foundry Exclusive Promo! Inspiration, Resources March 5, 2012 We’ve teamed up with Filter Foundry to give you some videos to devour for a change, from Hollywood designers who have exclusive tutorials up on their network! They’re also generously giving You The Designer readers an exclusive promo code to sign up on Filter Foundry with, for free. Top Hollywood movie poster designer, Tomasz Opasinski shows how he creates an amazing abstract design using Autodesk Mudbox. Hollywood concept artist Harald Belker (Tron, Minority Report) discusses with Filter Foundry how he uses Google Sketchup in creating designs for his best selling artbook: PULSE. Author: Cadence Wu Cadence is You The Designer's senior blogger, and the most jack-of-all-trades of the staff.

A CRAP way to improve usability Within the field of user experience, visual design is sometimes perceived as a bit of an outsider. Indeed, some visual designers are apparently feeling a pressure to rebrand themselves as “user experience” designers to progress their careers. In my experience with clients, visual design is often likened to decorating the walls of your living room. In fact, visual design has an important impact on the usability of designs. But good visual design offers more than improving people’s attitudes to a design. There are at least four key principles of visual design that have an important impact on usability. Let’s look at each one in turn. Contrast Contrast in visual design helps to direct the viewer’s eyes to what’s important and helps them focus on what to do next. In this example (Figure 1), the “Add to Basket” button is formatted identically to the “Cancel” button. Figure 1: Two buttons on a form, one labeled “Add to Basket” and the other labeled “Cancel”. Repetition Alignment Proximity Dr.

How Helvetica Conquered The World With Its Cool, Comforting Logic | Co.Design This is the second excerpt from Just My Type. To read the first, "The 8 Worst Fonts in the World," go here. What is it about the Swiss? Or, to be precise: what is it about the Swiss and their sans serif typefaces? Helvetica is a font of such practicality--and, its adherents would suggest, such beauty--that it is both ubiquitous and something of a cult. A few years ago, a New Yorker called Cyrus Highsmith put his life on the line by trying to spend a day without Helvetica. His troubles began as soon as he climbed out of bed. At lunch he thought he’d try Chinatown but had to switch restaurants as the first had a familiar-looking menu. After he undertook his non-Helvetica day, Highsmith posed himself a philosophical question. Gary Hustwit’s Helvetica movie would suggest you do. The best section in the movie occurs a third of the way through. Bierut then demonstrates his thoughts by flicking through two contrasting adverts for Coca-Cola, one before Helvetica, and one after.

The Talented Young Mr. Wiggleworth (Ogilvy New York) - Neat Designs Nathan Wiggleworth is a talented young Art Director who currently works for Ogilvy in New York. Only 2 years ago, when his career started to rocket, he was still a student of Art Design. Now, in just 24 months, he has in his portfolio the campaigns from Doritos, Minute Maid or Smartwater. That’s quite impressive, isn’t it? Nevertheless, here is some of his work! Respect our work and the time we wasted! Doritos Campaign Below is the mother of screen savers. Smartwater Minute Maid OC Ramps UVA Spanish Cuisine Soho Sushi

The Horrors of Graphic Design A very important part of a designer’s ability to create magic is the ability to focus on the project at hand. The need to stick to the brief and create something that the client wants is of utmost importance, even more so than creativity itself. However, in our quest to hit the highs of our professions, many designers tend to overlook the kind of work they should be doing and replace it with the kind of work they want to do. Here’s a look at some common mistakes that designers tend to make: Missing the Point There are plenty of design creations out there that are completely fantastic when it comes to appearance and the overall effect, however, when it comes to highlighting the product or service, they are complete failures. If you create a design where the product or service isn’t the real hero of the design, then there’s no point making it, is there? Too Much Fluff Portfolio Material Missing the Brief Paying attention to detail doesn’t allow waivers at any point of time.

15 Hilarious Examples Of Poster Designs I love posters and I collect them either printed or digital. A great poster can help get motivated, inspired or it will simply make you laugh. In this article you will see 15 hilarious poster printing designs which will surely put a smile on your face. Happily Ever After Pictogram Poster LP Auto Parts ‘The Matrix’ The history of Darth Vader The history of Michael Jackson Design is… Love Grows Portal Quotes Some people just need a high five. Invader Legen…Wait For It….Dary Keep Calm and Occupy London All Because of You 99 Creative Logo Designs for Inspiration Achieving a well designed logo requires really hard work and being up to date with the latest trends in design. It's probably the best way of establishing brand identity, making an impact on customers and ensuring that they'll remember your site and come back for a second visit. Most logos communicate ideas, for instance the kind of quality services a company can provide for its customers. Today we've gathered 99 creative logo designs for your inspiration, hope you find them useful. Take a moment and let us know which are your favorites in the comments below.

Stylectrical: An Exhibit Exploring Apple's Evolution Under Jony Ive | Co.Design When Apple held its public "Celebrating Steve" memorial, it’s no coincidence that the eulogy was delivered by Jonathan Ive. Promoted by Jobs to Senior Vice President of Industrial Design in 1997, Ive oversaw the product design of Apple’s incredibly successful return to power. The Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg is running a retrospective exhibition that examines the history of Apple’s industrial design under Ive. The exhibit is curated from a cultural studies context and is a wide survey that ranges from formal influences to the economic effects of Apple’s iconic products. The big attraction of the exhibition is the museum’s comprehensive collection. They boast that it contains every product produced by Apple under Ive. The exhibit also features examples of products that influenced Ive, most notably Dieter Rams’ iconic Braun designs along with examples of products whose look and feel were plainly influenced by Apple, such as Nintendo’s clear-cased Game Boy.