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9 Amazing Type Designers to Inspire You

9 Amazing Type Designers to Inspire You
Type design is a growing field these days, from beautiful labels for beer and coffee to custom typography, type designers have a lot to work with. In this post we feature some of the top type designers from around the world. Some are amazing new type designers, others have been around for a while. They are the creators of beautiful logos, awesome labels, and creative typographic layouts. Some have been featured in typography magazines, major news publications, & adobe forums across the world. Scroll down and discover the world of type design, custom lettering, & calligraphy with these amazing type designers & letterers. 1. Sean McCabe (aka Sean Wes) is an extraordinary type designer. 2. Jordan Metcalf is a type designer from the lovely city of Cape Town, South Africa. 3. Nick Slater the extraordinaire! 4. Claire Coullon is an independent designer from the Czech Republic. 5. 6. Dana Tanamachi is by far one of the most unique and talented type designers. 7. 8. 9. About The Author

Creating geometric patterns in Illustrator Create a cubical pattern background For this tutorial I'll first show you how you can create a cubical pattern background using Illustrator's so called Pattern Maker feature. So you need version CS6 or later for this tutorial. Then secondly I'll also show you how you can create a triangular pattern. Let's get started… Draw a hexagon Select the Polygon Tool which is located under the Rectangle Tool. Enter 100 px as radius value, and 6 as the amount of sides. Rotate by 30° from the center To transform this object into a cube, we need to rotate the hexagon by 30° so we have a point at the top in the center. Draw a vertical line Now we'll create dividing lines to split this object up into 6 triangles. Align Vertical & Horizontal Center Now select both objects and click both the Align Vertical Center and Align Horizontal Center aligning option from the Control bar at the top of your workspace. Copy Rotate line by -60° from the center Divide into triangle segments Apply color Make a pattern

Creatives Share The Best Piece of Advice They Ever Got Sometimes a piece of advice, no matter how well-meaning or earnestly proffered, is instantly forgotten, or, perhaps more frequently, quietly resented. But, once in a while, whether you’re looking for it or not, you get a gem that sticks. For one reason or another, some wise words become more than food for thought and become guiding principles, if not life changers. Creative Social, an organization of creative professionals working in the digital marketing space, has assembled its members’ favorite bits of advice into a new book, Best Piece of Advice Ever. The book, a collaboration with artist management agency, Bernstein & Andriulli, presents the wise words along with art work from a range of contemporary illustrators and designers including Ray Smith, 12Foot6, Stan Chow, Ilovedust, and Shotopop. Advice sharers include The Barbarian Group’s Benjamin Palmer, SheSays, and Shout founder Ale Lariu, Gavin Rodgers, Creative Director at agency LBi, and many others.

11 Steps to a Perfect Logo Spanish industrial designer Borja Acosta de Vizcaino has created a simple guide that teaches readers how to create the perfect logo in 11 steps. His guide was based on the 4 essential rules of effective logo design by Webdesigner Deport. 65 Beautiful Fonts You Can Download For Free Freebie 65 Beautiful Fonts You Can Download For Free by Alex on Aug 9, 2012 • 9:43 am 17 Comments There are so many free fonts all around the web these days and sometimes it makes me think is their any really point purchasing fonts. If you like fonts, you’ll love our favorite premium font, check it out here on Envato Market. Neuton Font Family Download Font → Intro free font Download Font → Bemio Download Font → Exo Font Family Download Font → Rex Free Font Download Font → Metropolis 1920 Download Font → Free Typeface NeoDeco Download Font → Hagin Free Font Download Font → Mosaic Leaf Download Font → Cubano Download Font → Cubic Sans Download Font → Banana Brick Download Font → Sofia Download Font → Sansita One Download Font → Villa Didot Download Font → Accent Download Font → Lavanderia Download Font → Blanch Download Font → Lorena Download Font → Age Download Font → Arvo Download Font → Banda Download Font → Bigmouth Download Font → Cappuccino Download Font → Code Download Font → Copse Download Font → Cube Download Font → Dan Days Deibi Dekar

The key to creating photoreal renders Getting renders to read as realistic is one of the more difficult aspects of 3D. Achieving a realistic look is definitely important, but the thing that really helps to sell it is having the image tell a story or convey a feeling. Many artists try to achieve this in their scenes using specific render settings or physically based properties, but for me it has always been more about having a setup that can start off as something that could be considered accurate, but then allows the artist the control to adjust and manipulate those properties in order to achieve a certain look or feel in their render. V-Ray has always done a great job of giving you the tools to set up a scene that renders accurately but also allows you to specifically adjust and finetune your images. 01. The V-Ray Quick Settings dialog gives you access to preferred render settings, which can then be applied to new scenes for fast previews in a few simple clicks. 02. 03. There are also improvements to the V-Ray frame buffer.

New fonts of the week New fonts of the week Every day new fonts are released, let’s take a look at some of the best fonts published in the pastsevendays.Every day new fonts are released, let’s take a look at some of the best fonts published in the past seven days. Appetite Rounded Appetite Rounded is a special rounded edition of the Appetite Typeface for awesome packaging design projects. Tecnica Slab Tecnica Slab font family has been designed for Graviton Font Foundry by Pablo Balcells. Tact Tact is a geometrically sans serif font, black and condensed looking glyphs, with an alternative glyph set to improve its use in different graphic contexts. Gardeny Gardeny is a lovely script font that comes with flourishes and decoration elements. Komsomol Komsomol font was modeled on several Soviet propaganda posters which all had one thing in common: a very loud message in a very clear typeface.

Video tutorial: Work with Illustrator's Envelope Distort effects | Computer Arts Envelope distortion can be a powerful ally. Luke O’Neill runs you through the basics Illustrator’s Envelope Distort tools are extremely useful, whether you’re creating artwork that requires a sense of realism or you simply wish to distort and manipulate shapes and objects with ease. Unlike many of the Warp and Distort options found under the Effect menu, using Envelope Distort enables you to take complete control over the way your artwork is manipulated, putting the power in your hands. In this tutorial I’ll run you through the three basic Envelope Distort techniques: ‘Make with Top Object’, ‘Make with Warp’ and finally ‘Make with Mesh’. 01 Create two separate objects: in this case I have a zigzag pattern and a skewed oblong shape, which will act as the envelope. 02 Your artwork has now been mapped onto the shape of your chosen envelope object. * You agree to be contacted by Future and our trusted third parties.

Photoshop CS4: A Picture Worth a Thousand Words « Layers Magazine I love Photoshop techniques that offer all kinds of possibilities for experimentation—and the following tutorial is a perfect example of one of those techniques. In this issue, we’re going to take a portrait and replace the person’s image with text (think 2009 Grammy posters). Pick a portrait that offers good contrast—a photo that’s very dramatic and dark probably won’t work as well. I’ve had the best success with straight-on head and shoulder shots, but again, feel free to experiment with all types of photos. For the best results, choose a photo that has a light background (or select the background around the person and make it lighter). Create a new document (File>New) in a size that’s smaller than your photo: the specifics don’t really matter. Switch back to the photograph. Then, press Command-J (PC: Ctrl-J) to copy the selected pixels onto a new layer. Go back to the Select menu and choose Color Range again. Click the Create a New Layer icon at the bottom of the Layers panel.

How to Create a Steampunk Type Treatment in Photoshop I don’t know what it is about steampunk style that’s so appealing. Maybe it’s the mix of old world and imaginative technology, or the distressed grungy style that attracts me. Either way, it’s a lot of fun to create steampunk imagery, and in this tutorial, I’m going to walk through the techniques I used to create this steampunk type treatment in Photoshop. I’m not going to walk you through step by step on this one because there are so many repeating steps and processes. Here’s a look at the finished type treatment. Pipes First up, lets take a look at the technique used to create the pipes. This is the same style I applied to all of the pipes. The shine applied to the pipes in the above image, are simple selections that are filled with a white to transparent gradient. Clamps and Rivets For the clamps I created a more horizontal rectangle and placed it over a group of pipes as though it’s holding them together. For the rivets I used a single pixel pencil brush with spacing set to 400%.