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Child themes and a framework are the only way you should build your WordPress site and Genesis has great support for child themes and other WordPress functionality. As a part of the GeekBeat team, I wanted to bring the sites up to speed with the best technologies possible. The combination of Genesis and Synthesis gives us the power and flexibility we need. Genesis lets me sleep easy. Knowing my blog is well optimized, secure and easy to update lets me get on with developing content, community and building a business from my blogging. AgentPress is a clean and elegant design, perfect for real estate professionals.

Thesis Theme Blog — Tips for Running a Successful, Profitable Website Point-releases (like 2.1, 2.2, etc…) are a very big deal around here, and Thesis 2.2 is no exception. You’re gonna love the new features I’ll share with you today, and you’ll have more customization options and control than ever before. Once you finish reading this roundup, you may want to check out the detailed changelog for this release. For now, let’s take a closer look at the highlights!

100 Excellent Free WordPress Themes - Smashing Magazine Advertisement High-quality WordPress themes always come in handy. Whether you are looking for some design inspiration or professional coding solutions — in both cases you can learn a lot, you can apply them and you can build customized designs upon them without reinventing the wheel all the time. In this article we present 100 free high-quality WordPress themes. Together with hundreds of other designs, these themes have been manually selected, installed and tested over the last weeks.

Luscious This super-clean, lip-smacking theme was designed for bloggers and publishers who want to frame their work in professional… joy. Gorgeous color, six beautiful layout options, and drag-and-drop widgets make it easy for you to get going. The Luscious theme has multiple layouts and menus, breadcrumbs, and archive control. You can even add a customized Header image or custom background. Featured Images The Luscious theme allows you to display a featured image which is placed above your post title which gives your blog an amazing and beautiful look. H76: Using meta refresh to create an instant client-side redirect The objective of this technique is to enable redirects on the client side without confusing the user. Redirects are preferably implemented on the server side (see SVR1: Implementing automatic redirects on the server side instead of on the client side (SERVER) ), but authors do not always have control over server-side technologies. In HTML and XHTML, one can use the meta element with the value of the http-equiv attribute set to "Refresh" and the value of the content attribute set to "0" (meaning zero seconds), followed by the URI that the browser should request. It is important that the time-out is set to zero, to avoid that content is displayed before the new page is loaded.

WordPress Child Theme Basics In this post you’ll learn all the basics of WordPress Child Themes: WordPress Child Theme file structure, how to make any WordPress Theme a blank framework, how to import Parent Theme CSS styles, how to override Parent Theme styles, and how to override Parent Theme Template files. You’ll also learn that all of this is incredibly easy and within your grasp and that it might just change how you think about WordPress and Theme development. Child Theme File Structure WordPress Child Themes are located in /wp-content/themes/ like any other WordPress Theme. They’re activated from the WordPress admin like any other theme.

Best Magazine Premium WordPress Themes This is a collection of the best news and magazine WordPress themes. There are lots of premium WordPress magazine themes available however they come in varying levels of quality. While many are great, some are not. PHP / MySQL Web Hosting There are hundreds of thousands of web hosts out there, the vast majority of which meet the WordPress minimum requirements, and choosing one from the crowd can be a chore. Just like flowers need the right environment to grow, WordPress works best when it’s in a rich hosting environment. We’ve dealt with more hosts than you can imagine; in our opinion, the hosts below represent some of the best and brightest of the hosting world. If you do decide to go with one of the hosts below and click through from this page, some will donate a portion of your fee back—so you can have a great host and support at the same time. If you don’t need the flexibility of a full web host, you may consider getting a free blog on Bluehost

Designing for the Mind from Design Informer Advertisement Editor’s Note: Please note that this article is one of the previously published articles on our new subsite, Smashing Design Informer. Our aim is to bring professional discussions on Web design and development forward, and also encourage the community to engage in meaningful conversations on design processes. Design Informer was originally created by Jad Limcaco and is now part of Smashing Magazine. Feel free to take a look at the previous articles on DI as well as our subsites Coding, UX Design and WordPress.

Useful tools « ThemeShaper Forums i find eclipse php the way to go for dev of php (well for any code really). sure its a bit bulkier then just a lil editor, but imo its worth the weight. download it here: ex on how to dev a plugin w/it: in my workspace i always add a project with the thematic src and also the wordpress source -- this allows eclipse to lookup functions from those respective sources. why i think its worth the bulk: * auto search/complete functions as you type including params and function docs * warns you of invalid html tag/structure * nice searching * you can do an F3 on a function call and it finds its definition in the source and brings you there * can setup a hot-key and automatically run php quickly * all the goodies you'd expect with a fully functional php based editor * allows me to dev my other code (perl, js, shell scripts, etc.) in the same place and test

WordPress E-commerce Themes - Best Shopping Cart Themes - Online Store WP Themes 6inShare Starting your own online shop is one of the best ways to start making money online. Depending on what you are selling, you can earn a lot of money online with your own e-commerce business. Thanks to the power of WordPress, you don’t have to be a genius geek to build your online shop. All you have to do is install WordPress and get your hands on a decent e-commerce WP theme that is flexible, attractive, and easy to customize. What to look for