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The Art Of Animation

The Art Of Animation
The Art Of Animation Marko Manev 22 November Permalink ArtIllustrationDigital artPaintingFilmMovieMarko Manev 10 November

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Stevie Ray October 28, 2013 5 comments: veci said... i love it! :) Pierre Rougemont said... 39 Concept Art and Illustrations of Astronauts For years, we have been fascinated by the cosmos and all the stars, galaxies and universes that come with it. But also, we have been inspired and our curiosity has been piqued by the astronauts that explore outer space. Movies like 2001: A Space Odyssey, The Right Stuff, Apollo 13, Moon and now Alfonso Cuarón’s Gravity have given us a glimpse into what life could be like if we lived in a world where astronauts dared to go in to the black depths of infinite space and where society accepted it as a common occurrence. Space has always been the Final Frontier and as humans, we have always wanted to take that “small step and giant leap”. So join us in celebrating outer space and the astronauts that explore it with this collection of concept art and illustrations. Adrian Majkrzak

Brittney Lee A few months ago, artists at the studio were given canvases and asked to create a piece of artwork based on any one of the 50 Disney animated features that inspires us. Once finished, these canvases will be sold at a charity auction later this year. I will pass along the details as soon as I have them, but for now I thought I would post a few photos of my finished piece:) Beautiful Black and White Photography - Smashing Magazine Advertisement Today, in the era of digital technology black and white often awake nostalgic feelings of the 20th century, the good old times when the television was just invented, when people read colorless printed newspapers and when people were just imagining cell phones equipped with photo cameras. But still, dozens of years later, many artists still use black and white photography for artistic purposes.

Lilo All Grown Up Chris Sanders is the director of the Dreamworks movie How to Train your Dragon He is known for co-directing, co-writing, co-storyboarding, co-designing, and voicing the Lilo & Stitch movie. Here's some of is art. brendenfletcher: Orders for October comics are due in at your local comic book shop! That means time is quickly running out to guarantee you’re able to get your own copies of BATGIRL #35 and GOTHAM ACADEMY #1.To be sure you don’t miss out, bring the above codes in to your retailer when you head in to pick up your new books today.

GhibliWiki latest news Latest news from GhibliWiki. Have news? Let us know! Awesome Random Inspirations by paul0v2 Mon, 04/26/2010 - 11:54 Sometimes we seek an exactly type of inspiration like web inspiration for example but there are times where the unexpected can do some good for your brain. This collection is full of great images that are quite unexpected and pretty awesome at the same time, so what you waiting for? TANG AVENUE Hello again! Just an announcement that I changed my very ancient blog url to something new and a bit more professional. This is also a way for me to turn a new page in the chapters of my life and I hope it does well for me. c: Thanks, guys!!

Популярные фото / 500px Notifications See all notifications All categories A Frenchman In NY Sean Archer gigi d.g.'s doodle hootenanny I just wanted to say that those last two pages of CQ are so freaking adorable! I absolutely love scenarios like that, and I’m so happy you’ve written and illustrated all of this so well! Also thank you for creating CQ and working on it so hard! You’re making our lives so much more colourful and happy~ A Home For Media Artists Zhou Fan by okmarzo November 30, 2016 Feast your eyes on mind melting landscapes from Zhou Fan aka Chou Fan. The artist is based out of Shanghai, China, who typically paints with acrylics. We previously featured another one his bizarre yet beautiful illustrated series back in May 2010.

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