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Aaron Flint Jamison - Air de Paris. Hommage à Philippe Thomas at MAMCO, Geneva. Mamco presents a retrospective of work by the French artist Philippe Thomas (1951-1995), some of whose work is part of the museum collection.

Hommage à Philippe Thomas at MAMCO, Geneva

Displayed on all four floors of the building, it is divided into three sequences. “L’Ombre du jaseur (d’après Feux Pâles)” (‘The Shadow of the Waxwing (after Pale Fires)”) can be seen on the fourth floor. In 1990, CAPC (the Bordeaux Museum of Contemporary Art) invited Philippe Thomas to design the “Pale Fires” exhibition. Through his agency les readymade appartiennent à tout le monde®, Thomas saw the invitation from the museum as an opportunity to raise what he called ‘fictionalism’, the principle of fiction applied in his previous work, to the level of the institution, a neutral place of scientific knowledge that is not usually suspected of partiality. Philippe Thomas, “Feux pâles,” 1990 – THE ARTIST AS CURATOR #5. Installation view of “The Index” chapter of Feux pâles with, from left to right: les ready-made appartiennent à tout le monde ®, 1990 (1990); les ready-made appartiennent à tout le monde ®, computer (1990); Robert Morris, Card File (1962); and Marc Blondeau, 11 rue de Miromesnil 75008 Paris (1990), CAPC/Musée d’art contemporain de Bordeaux, 1990 Philippe Thomas, Feux pâles, 1990 by Elisabeth Lebovici from THE ARTIST AS CURATOR #5 – in Mousse #46.

Philippe Thomas, “Feux pâles,” 1990 – THE ARTIST AS CURATOR #5

New RJJ. Gaudel de Stampa Paris Camilla Wills » Licence Licence. Camilla Wills is an artist and editor based in Brussels.

Gaudel de Stampa Paris Camilla Wills » Licence Licence

Babi Badalov. Eva Barto. UPCOMING: // Incorporated!

Eva Barto

Andrew Kerton: _fieldnotes. _fieldnotes is a solo performance by Andrew Kerton that can be considered an exercise in spatial embodiment exploring inner and outer physical limits through action, language, sensation and thought.

Andrew Kerton: _fieldnotes

Andrew Kerton is a multidisciplinary artist whose practise has centred around performance and video works and includes writing, drawing, sound works and sculpture. He received his BA in Sculpture at Brighton University before attending the de Ateliers post-graduate studio programme in Amsterdam. Alejandro Cesarco. Alejandro Cesarco (born Montevideo, Uruguay) lives and works in New York.

Alejandro Cesarco

His most recent solo exhibitions include: “Play,” Tanya Leighton Gallery, Berlin (2015), “Prescribe The Symptom,” Midway Contemporary Art, MN, (2015), “Loyalties and Betrayals,” Murray Guy, New York (2015), “Secondary Revision,” Frac Île-de-France/Le Plateau, Paris (2013), “A Portrait, A Story, And An Ending,” Kunsthalle Zürich, Switzerland (2013), “Alejandro Cesarco,” MuMOK, Vienna (2012), “Words Applied to Wounds,” Murray Guy (2012), “The Early Years,” Tanya Leighton (2012), “A Common Ground,” Uruguayan Pavilion, 54th Venice Biennial (2011), “One Without The Other,” Museo Rufino Tamayo, Mexico (2011), “Present Memory,” Tate Modern, London (2010).

Group exhibitions include: “Under The Same Sun,” The Solomon R. For further information please visit: Anne Le Troter. Les mitoyennes La BF15Commissariat : Perrine Lacroix Pièce sonore 13 minEn collaboration avec Max BruckertProduction La BF15avec le soutien de Pro Helvetia, Fondation Suisse pour la cultureen partenariat avec Grame, centre national de création musicale et le Musée d’art contemporain de Lyon.

Anne Le Troter

INGENIUM CP : Emmanuelle lainé. Tyler coburn. Ergonomic FuturesU I'm that angel Sabots Resonator NaturallySpeakingA Wide BlankWaste Management Charter Citizen The WarpRobots Building Robots Somdomites Recipe Professional Nonproducer Faker Thumbprints & Other Takeaways The Enemy Seven Portraits on a Correalist Rocker Medium No. 1 (Manhattan)

See especially the project "I’m that angel" – galaxy_rpp
tyler coburn

Tanya Leighton - SHARON HAYES. British Art Show 8. WILL HOLDER. Monday, June 25, 7pm Alice Notley’s “Dr.


Williams Heiresses” read by Will Holder for single mothers. Wednesday, June 27, 7pm Simon Amstell’s “Do Nothing” read by Will Holder for single mothers. Friday, June 29, 7pm Marina Vishmidt’s “A No Inflection” and Adam Pendleton’s “Black Dada Manifesto” read by Will Holder for single mothers. Johanna Drucker. Martine Syms — Conceptual entrepreneur based in Los Angeles, CA. Emmie McLuskey - Glasgow Sculpture Studios. GARRETT NELSON. Nicoline van Harskamp. Nicoline van Harskamp works contact cv ______________________________________________________________________________ A Romance in Five Acts and Twenty-one Englishes 2014/2015 live translations, exhibition, publication and theatre play watch a short trailer on youtube This work was created in a process involving live translation, publishing and theatrical staging.

Nicoline van Harskamp

At its basis is "Pygmalion – a romance in five acts", a play from 1912 by Bernard Shaw. It tells of the power relations between language, class, and gender: working class girl Liza Doolittle is attracted by the notion that Professor Higgins can raise her social standing by teaching her to speak English like a lady. 21 translations of the play were collected and native speakers of each of these languages — from Turkish to Japanese, from Farsi to Czech — to take it in turns to translate it back into English, in an 8 hour session for a live audience at the London project space Kunstraum. She Put Me in Complexity of Words. Dora García. The Book. Dora Garcia. Dora García (Valladolid, 1965) studied Fine Arts at the University of Salamanca, Spain, and the Rijkakademie in Amsterdam, Holland.

She lives and works in Barcelona. Dora García uses the exhibition space as platform to investigate the relationship between the visitor, the artwork, and place. To this end the artist often draws on interactivity and performance. Through minimal changes, not encroaching on the space, the room is converted into a sensory experience, with each visitor leaving it again with his or her perceptions altered, or at the very least perhaps with a degree of skepticism. By engaging with Dora García's work we develop a sense to begin reading even the smallest signs as possible signifiers. Philippgufler. Evelyn Taocheng Wang. Cindy Coutant. Ben Cain. CURRENT : STUDIO FOR PROPOSITIONAL CINEMA. Mime Radio de Benjamin Seror. Caspar heinemann. Vaporwavemarxism: here’s a bunch of stupid slogans for you 5:16 pm • 17 April 2017. Norbert Costin. This website is conceived as a time based artwork containing information; for any further inquiries, insight or proposals please write to: norbertcostin [at] 2013 - Master of Fine Arts, The Royal Institute of Art / Kungliga Konsthögskolan (KKH), Stockholm, Sweden 2007 - Licentiate in Fine Arts, University of Art and Design / Universitatea de Artă şi Design (UAD), Cluj-Napoca, Romania 2016 - glove — the making exist/the doing of making — of a sculpture, insert, IDEA arts+society #49 2013 - ongoing - The Glacier, artistic research project on the theme of anthorpogeomorphology.

LOUISE GUERRA : louiseguerra. Headshot : Selected works. Olof. LivSchulman. CHRIS EVANS. Paolo Chiasera. Paul Hendrikse. Main. Francesco Pedraglio. Alex Cecchetti alex cecchetti official website. Natalie Czech. Ben Kinmont - ANTINOMIAN PRESS. Main : Jérémie Gindre. Irlyon. Angélique Buisson — Artiste. A Constructed World. Roee Rosen. Lina Selander. Lina Selander. Blue is Ubiquitous and Forbidden (Chapbook) - sableelysesmith. Marley freeman. SOPHY NAESS. Welcome Double Agent.