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- -Google. 20 Queer Illustrators You Should Be Following on Instagram. Visual Artist Julio Salgado Is Queer, Undocumented, And Proud As Hell. Julio Salgado will not allow others to take over his narrative.

Visual Artist Julio Salgado Is Queer, Undocumented, And Proud As Hell

Julio Salgado was brought to the U.S. from Mexico in 1995, when he was 11 years old. Now 33, the visual artist has taken two decades of queer American, undocumented life and rendered them in digital celluloid, making take-no-prisoner posters as part of a production company entirely helmed by undocumented creatives (Dreamers Adrift). He has six speaking engagements (on artivism!) Between now and May 5, and of course, has created two alternatively hilarious and heartbreaking web series, Undocumented and Awkward, and Osito. He’s busy, shall we say. Salgado is also a desperately-needed voice in our current political climate. Julio’s work is unapologetically brash and mischievous. The Establishment caught up with Salgado to discuss everything from growing up undocumented, to how he’s grown to own every part of his identity, to what his outlook is as we tumble headlong into a political era that feels more like a living nightmare. Aerial Fashion - Joseph Ford. Hokusai - Wikipedia.

Katsushika Hokusai (葛飾 北斎?

Hokusai - Wikipedia

, listen , circa October 31, 1760 – May 10, 1849) was a Japanese artist, ukiyo-e painter and printmaker of the Edo period.[1] He was influenced by Sesshu and other styles of Chinese painting.[2] Born in Edo (now Tokyo), Hokusai is best known as author of the woodblock print series Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji (富嶽三十六景, Fugaku Sanjūroku-kei? , c. 1831) which includes the internationally iconic print, The Great Wave off Kanagawa, created during the 1820s. Hokusai created the "Thirty-Six Views" both as a response to a domestic travel boom and as part of a personal obsession with Mount Fuji.[3] It was this series, specifically The Great Wave print and Fine Wind, Clear Morning, that secured Hokusai’s fame both in Japan and overseas.

Early life and artistic training[edit] Hokusai was known by at least thirty names during his lifetime. After a year, Hokusai's name changed for the first time, when he was dubbed Shunrō by his master. Works[edit] Height of career[edit] Shannon Shiang. List of works by Leonardo da Vinci - Wikipedia. The Last Supper is Leonardo da Vinci's most famous work of religious art and his only surviving mural.

List of works by Leonardo da Vinci - Wikipedia

Leonardo da Vinci (baptised Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci) ( pronunciation ), (April 15, 1452 – May 2, 1519) was one of the leading artists of the High Renaissance. Fifteen works are generally attributed either in whole or in large part to him. Most are paintings on panel, with the remainder a mural, a large drawing on paper, and two works in the early stages of preparation. The authorship of several paintings traditionally attributed to Leonardo being disputed. The small number of surviving paintings is due in part to Leonardo's frequently disastrous experimentation with new techniques, and his chronic procrastination. Major extant works[edit] Disputed attributions[edit] Lost works[edit] Some recent attributions[edit]

Leonardo da Vinci’s Codex on the Flight of Birds. Cie.W.Dorner - Studio 70. Igor Morski - Portfolio. Ernest Zacharevic. Artists - Gender Unbound. Carmen PIzarro. Katarzyna "PannaN" Witerscheim ART. Saint Hoax. 10 life lessons we can learn from Fyodor Dostoyevsky. Nationality: Russian Profession: NovelistWhy Famous: Notes from Underground, Crime and Punishment Born: 11th November, 1821Star Sign: ScorpioBirthplace: Moscow, Russian Empire Died: 9th February, 1881 (aged 59)Cause of Death: Pulmonary haemorrhage.

10 life lessons we can learn from Fyodor Dostoyevsky

I Taught Myself To Live Simply by Anna Akhmatova. I taught myself to live simply and wisely, to look at the sky and pray to God, and to wander long before evening to tire my superfluous worries.

I Taught Myself To Live Simply by Anna Akhmatova

When the burdocks rustle in the ravine and the yellow-red rowanberry cluster droops I compose happy verses about life’s decay, decay and beauty. I come back. The fluffy cat licks my palm, purrs so sweetly and the fire flares bright on the saw-mill turret by the lake. Only the cry of a stork landing on the roof occasionally breaks the silence. If you knock on my door I may not even hear. Anna Akhmatova, 23 June 1889 – 5 March 1966. Mynet קיבוץ - "אני חי כמו כלב, מצייר כמו כלב" "אני כלב.

mynet קיבוץ - "אני חי כמו כלב, מצייר כמו כלב"

חי כמו כלב. עד היום אני מצייר כמו כלב. אני חי באורח כלבי", אומר רן הררי (68), לשעבר חבר קיבוץ אפיקים. לאחר כארבעים שנים שם, הוא שוכר כיום דירה קטנטנה (24 מ"ר) בקיבוץ גשר, ערירי, ללא משפחה, שלא הקים מעולם. הוריו נפטרו באפיקים ושני אחיו מתגוררים בארצות הברית. עוד אמנים מקיבוצים: הוא מצייר מאז היותו נער וברשותו אלפי עבודות המאוחסנות במשכן לאמנות בעין-חרוד, בביתו ומעט בארה"ב, שם ניסה בעבר את מזלו ונכשל.

רן תופש את עצמו ככישלון ומדבר על כך בפתיחות ובבוטות, כשהוא יורה לכל עבר בלי לעשות חשבון לאף אחד. Untitled.

Marina Abramovic