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Making of Post Apocalyptic Zombie Hunter by Humam Munir. Self-taught 3D artist Humam Munir shares a quick rundown of how he made the awesome Post Apocalyptic Zombie Hunter in 3ds Max and ZBrush In this making of I will show you my workflow from initial idea through to post production and the finished image. I wanted to push myself to the next level in my art so I decided to create a complicated vehicle that is fully detailed. The idea I am really inspired by the Mad Max: Fury Road movie and used the vehicles as references for this project. References Modeling the body For the modelling I used both ZBrush and 3ds Max. First I used poly by poly technique to create the base mesh then exported to ZBrush to get more details.

Starting modeling – wheel arch Car body mesh Modeling the details I prefer to start with the simple objects and work my way up to the more complicated. Building the side grill I used exactly the same technique for creating the engine, except I only used 3ds Max. The engine A tire The chain and barbed wire Making the links Barbs and wire. Catwoman Marmoset Viewer, Kenneth Doyle. Photostream. Telyuka. Vasyl Peychev - artist. Steampunk girl 3D by Maksym Haydar | Zbrushtuts. Maksym Haydar is a freelance 3D Character Artist and designer from Kyiv, Ukraine. Watch Steampunk girl 3D by Maksym Haydar in this post. Website: Steampunk girl, zbrush, illustration, 3d, model Comments comments. zSummit 2015: Jerad Marantz Session. R.C.A., Ryan Love. WIP - Madina's portfolio. - Andrei Cristea - Home. Makingof Maschinen Project In Zbrush | AVCGI 360. Check this awesome makingof Maschinen With use of Zbrush and photoshop.Artist create a cinematic character inspired by major studios such as Blur, Blizzard and others.

Artist profile- 911 Total Views 74 Views Today. Sketchbook - Hossein Diba (breakdown Pg 7) - Page 20. ArtStation - RPG Magical Forest, Amanda Duarte. Adam Fisher. Anthony Jones — Robotpencil. Assassin's Creed Unity - Characters. The Art of Rafael Grassetti. Andrew Hou. Bamuth - Concept Art - Bayard Wu. Ben Lo. Björn Hurri - Art by - Done for the Superfriends Challenge season 2 . This time the theme was : Ice Cold Terror See the article about season 2 here 2dgeek This image also have the process saved on youtube if you are interested! Carlos Felipe Leon - Online Portflio. Dermot Power | Concept Designer. Fanny Vergne Art. Feng Zhu Design. Florence Lapalu - Freelance 3D Character Artist.

Hasan Bajramovic - Interview - Hello Hasan, could you tell us a bit about yourself and your background in CG and are you self-taught or have taken some training? First of all Hi to all fellow artists out there and a big thank you to CGArena for this interview. I was born in Bosnia and Herzegovina where I currently reside. I specialize in character modeling, sculpting and Texturing for games and film.

I got my degree in Arts and Creative Multimedia in Malaysia in 2007. I also took a Python scripting course on TDCollege and a Realflow workshop with Allan McKay. So, currently you are working as a freelancer or working on a paid job too, please tell us how’z your experience as a freelancer? I love everything about my job. How did you take your first artistic steps to reach where you are today? I graduated from a High School of Economics and after that I got in the Faculty of Law.

Have you always been artistic from childhood? Well I used to be very artistic during my childhood and elementary school. Thank you very much! Loic e338 Zimmermann. Loish - blog - Luis Antonio. Marcus Dublin. Paragalis / Retopology / Optimizing the model: The Final Results: At this point I go over the mesh one more time, tweaking it here and there making any and all necessary adjustments.

You can see from the images below how the low poly mesh matches up with the mid level poly mesh. Once I’m done with my tweaks I'll weld all of the vertices and move onto the next step, which would be the UV’s. Step Ten: Creating the UV's Now that my models completed and I can move onto creating the UV’s. Now the last thing I want to touch on was the way in which I handled the UV chunks and mesh itself. This is a “crucial” step in the creation process and should be handled with the utmost care. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Step Eleven: Baking out Normal and Light maps With the UV’s in place it’s time to get to one of the most important steps of the creation process, and that’s generating the normal and light maps.

Normal Map Generation 1. 3. 4. 5. 2. 6. 7. Marta Nael - Illustrator and Matte Painter - Michal Sawtyruk. Mike Corriero - The Art of - Pierre-Olivier Levesque - Badass Zbrush Sculpting Collection. Watch some amazing Stuff done by Pierre-Olivier Levesque in Zbrush. Below is some various he has worked on in 2014 at Gameloft and some personal stuff. All Done in zbrush and render in vray and keyshot (the lastest). For the solider He used: zbrush / maya / marvelous designer / xnormal / mari / quixel / marmoset This one is based on the concept of Karl Kopinski: Rafael Grassetti - The Art of - Robh Ruppel. College Boss Films thrived and Robh also freelanced in Los Angeles, working on the movie 'Misery' with Rob Reiner and Norman Garwood. He also went back to the Art Center College, where he crossed over and did some teaching on their invitation. "They wanted an additional teacher for the landscape class and I taught that for several terms and then I said, 'Hey why don't we start doing this on laptops, because most of these students are going to be working digital anyway', and from then on we went out into the field and painted on our laptops, from life.

" Ruppel had turned his class into a digital landscape painting session. Robh also found figure drawing education at the California Art Institute, run by Fred Fixler. This is where he met Morgan Weistling, Greg Pro and Glen Orbik and others. Form and structure life drawing, half tones, light and shadow oozed from that class and both students gathered a great deal of knowledge.

Sabrina Tobal. Scott Spencer. Sze Jones | Character Artist. Ulises Serrano | CGSociety. Vitaly Bulgarov. Speed Sculpts | Tom Parker. Welcome to my Speed sculpt section, this is where Im gonna plonk all my speed sculpts (Hopefully with timelapse videos) So they are all in one place as alot of people are finding them helpful and would like them all in one place. These were all part of a learning process for me which I hope to continue whenever I get the chance as Im learning so much from tackling all the different subject matters and the time limits really train you to nail forms and not jump into your detailing too soon. They may not be masterpieces but I learnt alot through their creation. new speedey, 1.5 hours, based on a piece of concept art taken from the art of tangled. Male Anatomy Study, 1 hour total time Speed sculpt of King of the Cosmos from Katamari :) 1.5 hours, vid incoming 2.5 hours on this one, samael from darksiders, Im not happy with the chin but just ran out of time. another speedy, Theme is aliens, only 45mins on this one. 1hr 30mins in all.

Many thanks and here he is with glasses Like this: Gurjeet Singh on Building Great Lowpoly Characters. Gurjeet Singh is a 3D artist who specializes in high and low resolution modeling. He’s been working on games, CGI-movies, and even helped to build some of the exciting sculptures for the fans of The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim. Professionally, Gurjeet has contributed to a number of cool games like Dead Rising 3, Batman: Arkham Origins, Firefall, WildStar and worked on collectibles for Mass Effect and Skyrim. A Little Introduction The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – Shrine of Talos My name is Gurjeet Singh, I have been working in this industry for more than 5 years now. I’ve worked on movies, and some AAA games and collectibles. Building 3D Models The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – Daedric Armor Always look for proportions, bigger shapes, and silhouettes. If I am working with a concept, I give it my best to match everything, do a lot of research about the character, gather references, and add more charm to the model while keeping the original feeling of the concept.

The Sister of Battle Concept Tools. Oscar Perez Ayala on Gumroad.