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Manuelahitz. Mausimhaus11. Exit Here Media Is Honored To Publish Poetry & Artwork From Internationally Produced Playwright & Theater Director, Gary Heidt. Patrick Pfeiffer Bass. Balkan Boy Records. MITO 2013 Milano - Dean Bowman. Dean Bowman. REBELLUM’s stream. Primusluta’s stream. Harvestworks Primus Luta Performance. Melvin Van Peebles Headlines a Group Art Show. Melvin Van Peebles wid Laxative. Bernie Worrell & SociaLybrium, Swamp, Brooklyn 6-10-10. Andy Hill: Photographs. Digital Diaspora. Ben Tyree: Sonic Architect. Watch "Spotlight On...Asphalt Orchestra" Video at Lincoln Center. Warren Benbow's New CD, 'Harmolodic Adventure' SOURCE: Drummer Warren Benbow Industry Veteran Drummer Releases "Out" Jazz Album With "In" Technology; Just Back From a Tour of Europe With James 'Blood' Ulmer's Odyssey Band, Warren Benbow Releases 'Harmolodic Adventure' NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - July 09, 2013) - An adventure into the musical philosophy of 'Harmolodics' -- Drummer Warren Benbow's Electric Jazz Fusion Project, with great New York musicians.

Using Alesis electronic drums and with a series of one take overdubs, Warren has created this CD, using new technology to create a fusion of styles called 'Harmolodic Adventure,' produced by Ornette Coleman bassist, Al MacDowell. Does this sound like a machine or a real drumset? Take a listen and decide! In his career, Warren Benbow has played with most people in most styles of music. While working in Nina Simone's jazz/folk band, Warren was introduced to Stevie Wonder and they became fast friends.

The Warren Benbow Band. Ben Tyree: Sonic Architect. Kurt Gottschalk's Books and Publications Spotlight. November 24th 2008: Harriet Tubman [the band] at Cafe Wilhelmina. Mem Nahadr Auto Documentary TRAILER. Pedro Moraes (claroescuro) Paul Caruso, 65, musician who played with Hendrix. Paul Caruso and his wife, Carol, in 2012. BY T. SCHOEN | Paul Caruso, a well-known East Village musician who played with Jimi Hendrix and worked to help the neighborhood’s homeless, died of a stroke on April 20. He was 65 years old. Caruso grew up in the Bronx. After dropping out of school in the ninth grade, he later took studies through Clayton College of Natural Health.

His musical talent secured a friendship with Hendrix, whose song “My Friend” featured Caruso playing the harmonica, a role incorrectly credited at the time of the album’s release to a “harp” player named “Ger.” Caruso continued his music career after Hendrix’s death, playing music alone on his E. “We were playing in the park just a few hours before this happened,” said Ash Gray, another musician and friend of Caruso’s, at his funeral service at the Ortiz Funeral Home on First Ave.

“He was writing a book that will, unfortunately, never be published,” said Brendan, a friend of Caruso’s. Something Out Of Nothing | Shelly Bhushan. Honest, soulful, empowering, beautiful...all words to describe singer/songwriter Shelly Bhushan. Whether she's singing about a growing house plant, a dying computer, or the City of NY, she expresses herself so honestly, so completely, that it often moves people to tears.

Gifted with an incredibly powerful voice, Shelly draws on a depth of emotion that ranges from desire to defiance, longing to exhilaration. It’s as if her soul reaches out to yours when you hear her sing--real, without a trace of pretentiousness. Shelly's new album "Something Out of Nothing" is roller coaster ride of emotions thoughtfully woven together like a tapestry. There are some big tracks on this record--anthemic, even. One of the most impressive aspects of "Something Out Of Nothing" is its wide variety of songs, and how the record flows like a story--not in the same way as a progressive rock concept album or a folk ballad, but an emotionally driven, very real journey.

Produced By John Celentano. Kenny Wessel - News. HIS BITTERSWEET MELODY - Mem Nahadr with Onaje Allan Gumbs & New Vintage by Mem Nahadr. Louisiana Americana Doug Duffey. Humans of New York. Good Medicine - Ig-Bo Duet: Joseph Bowie & Adam Rudolph. Inner Jazz - 'Fuze' Fiuczynski. Allison Miller: 'You Don't Play Like a Girl': Queer in a Jazz World. All female musicians go through a hazing period, an eye-opening moment when they first observe the extracurricular activities and conversations that go down offstage in the music business. Thanks to my first drum teacher, Walter Salb, I got my hazing period over with at age 14. Walt always said, "If you can deal with me, then you can deal with anyone in this business. " He was right!

I didn't just learn how to play paradiddles from him. I learned how to curse like a sailor, volley and one-up sarcastic insults with speed and precision (with beer in one hand and a whiskey in the other) and demean women with vulgar prowess. I also learned how to "man up" and show no emotion. Time went on, and I went away to college, kept practicing those drums, honed my crassness, sharpened my drinking skills and enthusiastically discovered that I was a big fat homo. After college I moved to the jazz capital of the world, New York City. Now what was I to do with this new identity? Today I know who I am.

Pheeroan akLaff / - Pheeroan akLaff. George Clinton Parliament Funkadelic official website. Chuck Treese x Nike SB Dunk High ‘McRad’ Nigel Sylvester in Nike SB Dunk High “McRad” for Mad Transit Authority Photoshoot May 16th, 2013 by Brendan Dunne | Who says the Nike SB stuff can’t be appropriated for other action sports? Proving that a pair of Nike SB Dunk Highs will do just fine for some BMX action is this awesome shot, which captures rising star Nigel Sylvester in the middle of an incredible cross-platform leap with a pair on his feet. More specifically he’s got on the Nike SB Dunk High “McRad”, a sort of Black History Month special for the SB sub-division. See a couple of Nigel’s vids to go with this awesome 13th Witness shot right after the jump and let us know if you’re one of the folks out there still putting in work in your SB Dunks. Read more → Nike SB Dunk High “McRad” – Available January 30th, 2013 by Brendan Dunne | The folks over at Nike SB decided to do a different thing in terms of Black History Month than their cross campus comrades in the Nike Basketball and Nike Sportswear divisions.

Mossa Bildner. MusicWitness. Witness the past... musicWitness® & Testimone di Jazz Interview with Jeff Schlanger titled ‘Testimoni di Jazz’ in the Italian Jazz magazineJazz Colo(u)rs #12, 2010 Brooklyn Rail article on the words + music program at CUE SPIRITWORLD review CADENCE 2007 OCT-NOV-DEC Guelph Jazz Festival-2005 Poster CUE Art Foundation News "The New York Sun" musicWitness® Vision: Interview by Laurence Donohue-Greene musicWitness® @ [one final note] issue #11 Vision Festival 2002 May to June.

Issue #10 Manhattan Spaces 2002 issue #9 20th anniversary 2001 20th Tampere, Finland Jazz Happening issue #7-8 summer/fall 2001 Vision Six : The Flow of Feeling issue #6 spring 2001 Mercuric Visions II : The SCROLL issue #5 winter 2000/2001 Tampere Jazz Happening 2000 issue #4 fall 2000 The Compelling Interrelationship of Music and the Visual Arts © All rights reserved. WebMaster: Gannett Ries. Queen Esther - New York, New York, The New School. Debashish Bhattacharya: Trinity of Guitars (2007. Home Page. Rejected By Sundance #1 - Preview Darryl McCane's Drama 'Let Clay Be Clay' Darryl McCane On Set Of 'Let Clay Be Clay' Soon after the Sundance Institute announced its 2013 lineup of films, I posted an entry here asking black filmmakers who submitted films for Sundance consideration, but who were members of the many thousand whose films were rejected by the festival, to email me and introduce themselves and their projects, so that I can share here on S&A.

I received a few replies, and, as promised, will share each of them right here, starting with this one... Instead of me paraphrasing, I think I'll let the filmmaker speak for himself, since he has quite a story to tell: My name is Darryl McCane and I want to tell you about my new feature that was submitted to Sundance as a rough cut, LET CLAY BE CLAY. I am an MFA graduate of Columbia University's School of the Arts Film Division and in 1994, my short TEMPTATION opened Shorts Program 1 at the Sundance Film Fest. We are totally independent in terms of financing. So there you have it, from Darryl McCane. Holly Anderson. Burmese Days: Catch It. Draw It. Mark It Off, To Keep It Holy | Smoke Music Archive.

Poet, performer Holly Anderson met Mission of Burma when she and they were taking their work in new directions and to wider audiences. Her poems were coming off telephone poles and into publication, and their music was about to be recorded for first releases. One of Holly's poems, “White Story,” became an emotional high point in Burma sets as Clint Conley’s song, “Mica.” In our video interview, Holly traces the beginnings of “Mica,” working with Burma on the art for their record covers and the continuing impact of the song. In an exclusive, original memoir, “Catch It. Draw It. Catch It. Right below the fold on the op-ed page of the New York Times, March 12, 2007, Ain’t It Strange By Patti Smith. So there I am, sitting on an uptown-bound 4 train but peering through a lenticular lens: it’s 1975. Holly Anderson, an (in)formal portrait Just another mess of inchoate and recursive longing wandering in the wrinkled white shirt she wears on the job.

Brandon Terzic Xalam Project | Brandon Terzic Xalam Project. A beautiful combination of musicians, instruments and styles. Taking North and west African as well as Middle eastern modalities and rhythms and creating a rich tapestry of sound. Founded by Multi-instrumentalist composer Brandon Terzic, Xalam Project boasts and outstanding lineup of Musicians, featuring Matt Kilmer on Percussion (Simon Shaheen, Lauryn Hill, Haale), Matt Darriau on Horns and winds (Paradox Trio, Klezmatics), John Shannon on guitar (Hiromi), and Peter Slavov on bass ( Joe Lavano, Jason Moran). Terzic himself plays the Arabic Oud, Malian Ngoni and Turkish Saz. He has spent time in Senegal, Morocco, and Egypt studying and absorbing their respective traditions, pulling them together to create a rich tapestry of sound which takes the incredible rhythms, tonalities and improvisational systems of these traditions and inflecting them on the bedrock of Blues, Rock, and downtown NYC jazz that the band’s members are rooted in.

Xalam project Members: WESTERN SKIES-EASTERN DREAMS | ravi padmanabha. " a thrilling collection of improvisation-based pieces long on virtuosity, near telepathic musical interplay and the rhythmic and/melodic aspects of India, Africa and the Middle East as interpreted through a western ethos...The Music is transcendent and transportive.....Brave, exciting and often beautiful " Jeff Miers The Buffalo News "Both musicians are completely sympathetic and work/play together with an impressive amount of creativity. The music breathes and moves together in a special unified spirit. " Bruce Gallanter DOWNTOWN MUSIC GALLERY Free Space Abstract Cubist World Indian Arabic African Improvisation etc etc.... Credits released 03 November 2012 Brandon Terzic Oud Ravi Padmanabha Tabla, assorted percussion Cover Design Jonathan Hughes Mandala Art Nick Daniels Mixing and Mastering Brandon Terzic Recorded Live at Epoch Studios Buffalo, NY tags Notes for the Listener: Follow the contour and metaphor of the sound.

Alève Mine news and touch. Welcome Quartet with Charles Blass WKCR Columbia Radio Photos from Shayna Dulberger (Shayna Dulberger) on Myspace. The Musical Odyssey of Min Xiao-Fen. For Min, “the pipa is an international instrument with no limits.” Whereas traditional Chinese music rarely crosses the line, Min’s tonal expeditions soar brazenly beyond it, dancing between hypnotic lullabies and razor shards of crackling tension. Min’s soft precision draws you into her world, on her terms: she paints hillside plum blossoms and sprays butterfly bullets and misty drops in distant pools, her cascading textures seductively jarring.

The Asian Trio is led by Min on pipa, vocals and electronics, and features Okkyung Lee on cello, and Satoshi Takeishi on percussion and electronics. Min’s vocal style is especially striking: you’ll hear whispers and squeals, mutated demons and hungry ghosts - one moment a little girl, a wizened sage the next. Return Of The Dragon is a DVD commissioned and released in 2007 by The Kitchen, and early next year, Arts Nova /High Two will release the trio’s newly recorded album. “It took me a little while (to get into improvising). By CHARLES BLASS. Welcome to