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Amon Tobin - ISAM

Amon Tobin - ISAM
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IMOGEN HEAP | LIKE NO OTHER Bonobo - Black Sands Remixed The Bird And The Bee May 7th, 2013 May 16th, 2012 Recently, TB&TB Merch Gal Nikki solicited fans to send questions to Greg and Inara through the Facebook page. If you could be the opening act for anyone, who would it be? Who would be the ultimate opening act for you? What talent do you wish you had? What is the first concert/musical performance you attended? If you want to share: Who will you interpret on the next volume of 'Interpreting the Masters'? If you could be any one person for a day, who would it be? The greatest lesson you ever learned from your parents? The greatest lesson you ever learned from a child? What is something about you that nobody would guess? Which is your favorite video you've made and why? What is the craziest tour story you have to share? What are some of the things you do to keep from going into or breaking out of artist/writer's block? How has the experience of having children and family life in general impacted your creative output? November 17th, 2011 November 2nd, 2011 Hello everybody!!

Hiroaki Umeda Hiroaki Umeda is a pluridisciplinary artist : choreographer, dancer, sound, image and lighting designer. His work is both minimal and radical, subtle and violent, and is created to be “experienced”. He is now recognized more as a visual artist rather than a choreographer, a mover rather than a dancer. Hiroaki Umeda was born in 1977 and currently lives and works in Tokyo. Since his first group piece project with the Finnish dancers in 2008, he has started choreographing to other dancers, which will be his future ten-year project.

The Official Site of Fink - New Album 'Perfect Darkness' out now. LAMB 5 THESADDJ.COM new media art and open source culture Abstract hip-hop Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre. Un des aspects les plus importants de l’abstract hip-hop reste le sampling qui permet aux différents producteurs d’explorer des univers variés, exploitants tous les genres musicaux afin de créer des ambiances uniques. On peut notamment citer DJ Shadow réel pilier du mouvement qui composera des albums uniquement basés cette technique. Certains comparent l'émergence de l'abstract hip-hop (au milieu des années 90) à l'apparition du rock progressif à la fin des années 1960 : on retrouve en effet la grandiloquence sonore, l'utilisation de thématiques musicales empruntées à d'autres genres, des morceaux longs et étoffés, des paroles complexes et fréquemment impénétrables, la mise au point de « concept albums », une recherche technique poussée, etc. De par son éloignement du terreau identitaire du rap et donc de l'association à une culture particulière, on pourrait s'attendre à une large diffusion de cette musique. Portail du hip-hop