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Kate Bush - Independent on Sunday editorial on Behance. Just for Inspiration: 40 Awesome Hand Drawn (and Painted) Illustrations – You The Designer. Inspiration October 14, 2011 Nothing beats the good, old hand-drawn (or painted) illustrations.

Just for Inspiration: 40 Awesome Hand Drawn (and Painted) Illustrations – You The Designer

With the emergence of photo editing softwares and drawing tablets, it is sometimes refreshing to see traditionally crafted artworks on ads, magazine covers, and other such materials. The effect created by traditional media are so astounding sometimes that many graphic artists synthesize them on Illustrator or Photoshop. And I can’t blame them. There’s a wide variety of media and a wider array of techniques in creating astounding illustrations. But whether or not you’re into drawing yourself, you might as well join in. Here we go. Pen and Ink Illustration Pen and ink drawings are probably the most popular since anyone can try creating their own piece, maybe even unknowingly. Here are 10 awesome illustrations: ~bjfab View Source ~xmmarauder View Source Randy Glass View Source Iain Macarthur View Source Mar Amongo View Source Aaron Baggio. Famous pen and ink drawings. Albrecht Durer pen drawings. Nemo #5: Franklin Booth and more Allen Saunders.

"Nemo: the Classic Comics Library" issue #5 concludes today with more Allen Saunders and it's spotlight "Penmen of the Past" Franklin Booth.

Nemo #5: Franklin Booth and more Allen Saunders

First up glorious illustrative stylings of Franklin Booth. All I can tell you about this master of the pen can be found in the article itself. Big props to "Nemo", by this time they've learned the limits of inexpensively reproducing art on newsprint and the art department has learned to work within these limits to achieve the best possible image. These pages are lush and full of life. Images that seem a little crooked in the scans are the result of the magazine's prints being a little off-kilter. Gorgeous stuff here! Virgil Finlay's Pen & Ink Drawings. Virgil Finlay was an American pulp fantasy, science fiction and horror illustrator.

Virgil Finlay's Pen & Ink Drawings

While he worked in a range of media, from gouache to oils, Finlay specialized in, and became famous for, detailed pen-and-ink drawings accomplished with abundant stippling, cross-hatching, and scratchboard techniques. Despite the very labor-intensive and time-consuming nature of his specialty, Finlay created more than 2600 works of graphic art in his 35-year career. Silence - Pen and Ink Drawings by modern master Ghadge on Drawing Served. Albrecht Durer pen drawings. Peter paul rubens drawings. Janet King - Fine Art. Claude Lorrain Landscape Drawings from the British Museum at the Clark - The Berkshire Review for the Arts. Claude Lorrain, Landscape with a Rider and an Idealized View of Tivoli, 1642.

Claude Lorrain Landscape Drawings from the British Museum at the Clark - The Berkshire Review for the Arts

Pen and brown ink with dark brown wash on white paper, 7¾ x 10…œ in. The British Museum, London. Here in the Berkshires an exhibition of Claude Lorrain, “the Raphael of Landscape-painting,” as Horace Walpole called him, brings his work into especially sympathetic surroundings. The view from Pine Cobble, the steeper faces of Mt. Greylock, or its splendid waterfall remind us readily enough of the grander sights sketched by Claude and his fellow artists on their forays into the Roman Campagna. Agostino Tassi, Landscape Frieze, Palazzo Lancelotti, Rome Before Claude, landscape appeared mainly as the background of paintings in which the figural subject was primary. The great extent of Claude’s career is one of the more remarkable things about him. Claude Lorrain, A Study of an Oak Tree, c. 1638. Claude turned his vision away from the city of Rome to the Campagna, where little changed. Let’s get going. 11-Year-Old Prodigy Creates Fantastic And Highly Detailed Drawings.

EmailEmail Serbian artist Dušan Krtolica is widely considered a prodigy because of his ability to draw like a master at only 11 years of age.

11-Year-Old Prodigy Creates Fantastic And Highly Detailed Drawings

Artist Draws Amazingly Detailed Fictional Cityscapes With Pen and Ink. EmailEmail.

Artist Draws Amazingly Detailed Fictional Cityscapes With Pen and Ink

Portfolio - BEN SACK. Kerby Rosanes: Moleskin Doodles. If your job is doing something that most people do everyday, you’re a lucky person.

Kerby Rosanes: Moleskin Doodles

Look at that notebook on your desk. Big chance that there will be some drawings in there that shouldn’t be. Well, some of those doodles are pretty decent. Let me introduce Kerby Rosanes, 23 year old Filipino artist, makes doodles for a living and they are amazing. Kerby has this style that looks cartoonish with a mature feeling. The first time I saw his art was for his Nike collabo, which was a totally in-your-face piece. Check out more Kerby Rosanes:Kerby RosanesDeviantArtSociety6.

Sketchy Stories - Doodle Art of Kerby Rosanes. Portfolio - BEN SACK. Hendrick Goltzius, Dutch Master (1558-1617): Drawings, Prints, and Paintings. The first major retrospective devoted to the virtuoso Netherlandish mannerist Hendrick Goltzius – one of the most versatile and accomplished figures in the history of art – was on display at The Metropolitan Museum of Art June 26 – September 7, 2003.

Hendrick Goltzius, Dutch Master (1558-1617): Drawings, Prints, and Paintings

Hendrick Goltzius, Dutch Master (1558-1617): Drawings, Prints, and Paintings, an international loan exhibition of more than 160 works, spans the artist's entire career and demonstrates his legendary mastery of a remarkably wide range of media, subject matter, and styles – from extravagantly complex mythological scenes in prints, to sensitively observed studies from nature, to sumptuously colored oil paintings on canvas and copper. The exhibition remained on view at the Metropolitan through September 7, 2003. Internationally acclaimed in his day as the leading artistic personality of the Netherlands, Goltzius's reputation was soon eclipsed by the achievements of the 17th-century painters of Holland's Golden Age.

Albrecht Durer pen drawings.