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The Controller Emulator   The Controller Emulator app allows you to use a second Android phone in place of a Daydream controller, in case you don't have access to one. You can also use it with Unity and Unreal to emulate a Daydream controller in the engines' in-editor preview. Setup To use the Controller Emulator, you must have a spare phone (not your headset phone) running KitKat or above. How updates work · The app book The itch app looks for game updates on start-up, and every 30 minutes. If there's only one candidate (a single file tagged windows for example), it gets downloaded and installed immediately. Otherwise, the user is prompted to pick from a list.

Panotour / Panotour Pro 1.6 RC2 Kolor released a second Release Candidate (RC2) version of virtual tour software Panotour and Panotour Pro 1.6, for testing purposes. This version mainly brings bug fixes. It should be the last step before the official release of Panotour and Panotour Pro 1.6. Download. If you haven’t watched the video showing the new features of Panotour / Panotour Pro 1.6, visit this page. new features Wiring the APDS 9930 Ambient Light Sense / APDS 9960 RGB Gesture Sensor with Microcontroller This is the touch-less gestures sensor a HMI (Human Machine Interface) by swiping your hand over the sensor, which controls a computer, microcontroller, robots or home, automotive, industrial gesture switching or ambient light and color measuring and proximity detections. The Avago / Broadcom APDS 9930 / 9960 RGB and Gesture Sensor board break out pins so you can easily use it in variety of projects together with your SBC and MCU. The APDS-9930

RGB and Gesture Sensor - APDS-9960 - SEN-12787 Description: This is the SparkFun RGB and Gesture Sensor, a small breakout board with a built in APDS-9960 sensor that offers ambient light and color measuring, proximity detection, and touchless gesture sensing. With this RGB and Gesture Sensor you will be able to control a computer, microcontroller, robot, and more with a simple swipe of your hand! This is, in fact, the same sensor that the Samsung Galaxy S5 uses and is probably one of the best gesture sensors on the market for the price. The APDS-9960 is a serious little piece of hardware with built in UV and IR blocking filters, four separate diodes sensitive to different directions, and an I2C compatible interface. For your convenience we have broken out the following pins: VL (optional power to IR LED), GND (Ground), VCC (power to APDS-9960 sensor), SDA (I2C data), SCL (I2C clock), and INT (interrupt).

for Unity “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” — Leonardo da Vinci “Unity is a 3D application development tool that has been designed to let you focus on creating amazing 3D application.” MiddleVR is the perfect plugin to bring immersive capabilities to your Unity applications in a few minutes! MiddleVR adds the following capabilities to Unity: Scale one visualization with user-centric perspectiveSupport for 3D interaction devices such as 3D trackers (see full list on the right)S3D – Stereoscopy (active, passive)Multi-screens / multi-computers synchronization for higher-resolutions and impressive VR systems3D interactions: navigation, manipulationImmersive menusCustom graphical user interfaces (in HTML5)Display any webpage inside your virtual world Thanks to the simple and powerful MiddleVR plugin for Unity, create and experience interactive & immersive VR applications in minutes!

Two Way Acrylic Mirror Cut To Size Delivery Rates Standard UK Mainland *For orders placed before 12pm. For orders placed after 12pm this service is 2 - 3 working days. DIY Hololens by FultonX I wanted to go ahead and develop Hololens apps. Here is Microsoft's live demo video: After experimenting and seeing a couple AR kickstarters, I figured out a way to develop comparable hardware... at least for prototyping. The HMD costs ~$10 and it projects any mobile phone image enlarged at 16" from the eye. I plan to add a Leap Motion, depth sensor, and/or tracking to be able to interact with virtual objects.

'Ninja Run' May Be the Craziest VR Locomotion Technique Yet This is ‘Ninja Run VR’, and its yet another take on the ever present problem of user locomotion in VR experiences. But, as crazy as the concept looks, there may be some method to its madness. The question of how best to allow users of VR apps, games and experiences to move around a virtual space is still a hot topic among players and developers. Right now, those titles which require user-controlled movement through a space seem to be settling on some form of VR teleportation – i.e. the point and click approach. But whilst this method is certainly one of the best for avoiding nausea in motion sick prone players, there’s no doubt it lacks the immediacy of linear motion and further more, it can be somewhat laborious to use if you’re wanting to travel large distances.

Coding Robin Open this page, allow it to access your webcam and see your face getting recognized by your browser using JavaScript and OpenCV, an "open source computer vision library". That's pretty cool! But recognizing faces in images is not something terribly new and exciting. Wouldn't it be great if we could tell OpenCV to recognize something of our choice, something that is not a face? Let's say... a banana? That is totally possible! Bracelet - The Future is Now (A) These general website terms and conditions of use (hereinafter referred to as the “General Terms and Conditions”) set forth the terms and conditions applicable to the website (hereinafter referred to as the “Site”). (B) The Site is the exclusive property of CN2P (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”). (C) The purpose of the Site is to present the project developed by the Company (the “Project”) and to enable the collection of donations through the Site in order to finance the completion of the Company’s Project (the “Donations”). 2.1 Definitions For the purposes hereof, capitalized terms shall have the meaning given thereto below, unless the context requires otherwise: