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September 2012 (Click for full-size) "Optimus Prime" (Click for full-size) "Megatron" (Click for full-size) "Soundwave" (Click for full-size) "Bumblebee" Ascension Skills - JDpedia From JDpedia After Ascending , a character has four skills that are determined by their choice of faction after ascending. Each of these skills has a secondary effect that is different based on which faction they were before they ascended. Vim

Mindfuck Movies list Explore Lists Reviews Images Update feed Categories 100 Of The Best Free Online Flash Games Topics: 100 of The Most Popular Flash Games , Best Casual Games , Best Games of 2011 , Browser Games , Top Online Games Hey guys, I must have spent countless hours playing games this summer.. Through all the games I played and were recommended to me, I thought I would like to share a list with all of you. I gathered the top 100 online flash/casual games and made a list. videogamesmuseum Public This album will be visible to anyone. Private Only you and people with the share link will be able to view. Loading... No Albums.

Efficient Power Up Fusion There's a way of farming and doing power up fusions that's more efficient than just randomly feeding whatever you find. I found the full strategy from the chinese wiki of puzzle and dragons. I used google translate to get a somewhat readable english version: Pet Feeding Strategy Wiki - Google Translation I was able to figure out the core of the strategy.

100 Things Personality Test - VisualDNA VisualDNA brings a new layer of information to the world of technology that will help bring it closer to the people who use it – making it more enjoyable and relevant. Technology provides businesses with a surfeit of DATA – what and when. However it provides very little in the way of UNDERSTANDING – who did things, and why they did them. We see this effect in all areas of business from marketing to financial services. Free Racing, Simulation Games (Page 2) Dirchie Kart Dirchie Kart is one for fans of Mario Kart and other fun racing games. Clearly inspired by the Nintendo classic and other games of the 16-bit period, the player races against... index "007 Daniel Craig "....By SLOUGHFOOTLive15hr agoGuest3338024,8385WWE WRESTLEMANIA 30 REPLAY _MYHQSPORTZ,COM_Live6hr agomyhqsportzdotcomm024,0833The Machine 2014Live1d agoGuest21841147,8360Sc-Fi MoviesLive2d agoGuest13746209,80493(((①)))ŒŒ HQ Bollywood™ ●Subtitled●Live3d agoBollywood_Magic15,577,4391(((③))) HQ Bollywood™ ●Subtitled●Live1wk ago_nikumah_214,922,3982Teeburd's Lounge ~ 2014 MoviesLive4hr ago Guest39520858,64730Ancient AliensLive3hr ago Jabriel0646,99423:::▲Edels Movies▲:::Live2d ago edel37121,159,54846BR2EPIC WINDS Black Mama White MamaLive21min agoGuest3738084,0522chinatimes-tv live from the webLive9hr ago chinatimes-tv02,6410randomLive3hr ago wildbill70616,5660UFO ChannelLive6d agobenifited4779,6064,089Chopper TvLive2d ago_fb_7182947231111,39332♪ CN CINEMA ♫ " MOVIES "ℍℚ+Live1hr agoHoMeCINEMA_7047,1750Teeburd's Movies ~ Cult MoviesLive3hr agoGuest24150565,91728GoranGoxx live from the webLive10hr agoGoranGoxx0262,1010END78´s ☆.:*´¨'*Movie World*´¨'*:.

How to Turn Your Computer into a Retro Game Arcade While I've never heard the term "freezes" for save states, they are a very useful feature. However, a word of caution — be careful to not overuse them. They can really cheapen a game if you use them too much. You start out just using them to make saving and loading a little bit faster, but before you know it, you're saving in times you have no business saving, like in the middle of a long RPG battle, just redoing any mistake you make. It's really tempting, believe me, but try not to use them to the point of basically cheating in a game. I've actually switched over more to emulators on my Wii partially because of the fact that saving and loading save states is slower and less tempting.

TSPDT - The 1,000 Greatest Films (Introduction) , the 1,000th ranked greatest film. INTRODUCTION to the 1,000 Greatest FilmsAs voted by 3,349 critics, filmmakers, scholars and other likely film types. Current Version: February 2014by Bill Georgaris The 2014 version of TSPDT’s 1,000 Greatest Films is now at your disposal.

Love the idea. My nephew should love this site. Thx a lot by pdk117 Jul 12

Great site for anyone that played the old NES or SNES systems. Huge list of games, easy to access and easy to play. by wcmonkey Jul 11

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