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Paste HTML: free anonymous HTML hosting

Paste HTML: free anonymous HTML hosting
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The Subtle Art of Trolling Trolling the web: a guide By Steve Spumante There are some individuals out there who don't just enjoy winding up people on newsgroups and bulletin boards - it's their sad lifestyle choice! Using every known disruptive trick in the book, these troublesome types don't go out to the pub, meet members of the opposite sex or enjoy life. They spend their time hunched over their computers trolling. Here's how they work: The object of this post is to bring together a definitive document to cover the phenomena of the Usenet Troll. What I want this document to focus on is how to create entertaining trolls. Section 1: What Is A Troll? The WWW gives this as a definition: troll v. The well-constructed troll is a post that induces lots of newbies and flamers to make themselves look even more clueless than they already do, while subtly conveying to the more savvy and experienced that it is in fact a deliberate troll. If you don't fall for the joke, you get to be in on it. Section 2: Design Issues

Семинар “Как да си намерим работа в ИТ индустрията?” – CV, cover letter, интервю Author: Svetlin Nakov January 4, 2012 За първи път в България се организира специализирано безплатно обучение на тема “Как да си намерим работа в ИТ индустрията?”. В рамките на половин ден под формата на специализиран семинар в софтуерната академия на Телерик, специалисти с богат опит с ИТ интервютата (както като кандидати за работа, така и като интервюиращи) споделят своите насоки, препоръки и съвети как да търсите успешно работа като софтуерен инженер или ИТ специалист. Процесът за търсене на работа – как да подходим за да успеем? Видео уроци: как да търсим работа в ИТ инустрията? Как да търсим работа в ИТ индустрията? Семинар за търсене на работа като ИТ – кога и къде? Семинарът за търсене на ИТ работа се проведе на 12 януари (четвъртък) от 15:00 до 21:00 часа в софтуерната академия на Телерик (София, бул. Учебна програма на семинара за търсене и кандидатстване за работа в IT индустрията Човек се учи от добрите практики (своите и чуждите успехи) и от грешките (своите и чуждите).

Web Design for Developers Screenleap — простой способ расшарить экран компьютера Те читатели Лайфхакера, которые выступают в роли компьютерных гуру для своих менее искушённых коллег, а значит частенько вынуждены оказывать удалённую помощь и консультации, наверняка знают, как трудно иногда бывает понять по сбивчивым описаниям по телефону, в чём суть проблемы или указать на методы её решения. Каждое простое действие приходится объяснять по несколько раз, пытаясь угадать, в каком именно диалоговом окне запутался пользователь. Существует множество решений для удаленного доступа, но самым простым из них на сегодня является Screenleap. Screenleap — это онлайновый сервис, позволяющий предоставить доступ к просмотру вашего экрана любому человеку. Отличительной особенностью Screenleap является исключительная простота использования и отсутствие необходимости устанавливать какое-либо программное обеспечение. Если вы хотите продемонстрировать кому-либо свой экран, то вам необходимо нажать большую зеленую кнопку Share your screen now! Screenleap Google+

Low Poly Mask by kongorilla I'm going to say something your friends have been afraid to tell you: You could stand to lose a few polygons. Here's a blank canvas for the new you. Or your Halloween costume. Or maybe your audition for store mannequin. Or your general purpose anonymity needs. Sometime in the future I hope to make a full head version, but I wanted to post what I've gotten done so far in case someone could use it for Halloween 2012. I'm going to make a mask with dark paper, and use glow-in-the-dark tape to highlight the edges - I'll be Wireframe Man! EDIT: Since originally posting this, I've seen comments by people stating they intend to make the make the mask using materials other than paper. EDIT: 10/31/12 - Thanks for all the email messages, comments and photos I've been getting! The mask comes in two flavors: "black lines" and "faint lines", which has light blue lines, giving a cleaner look to the final product when used on white paper. Print the mask on stiff cardstock or bristol.

Svetlin Nakov - Official Web Site and Blog Preparations For a Web Design Project There are several stages during the process of a web design project, and every stage is important to achieve a positive end result. In order to proceed to the research phase, you need to gather information and know what the project is about, which technology is required, the target audience, goals, content, etc. There are great articles out there explaining theory aspects of a web design process, stages, and how you should proceed. Do you ever felt curious about how other designers build their web sites? Every professional designer or developer work in different ways, however, the goal is to give you good insights about how you can prepare and deal with some practical aspects of a web design project. The points that you will read about are: Folder StructureInspirationWireframes/StructurePSDLayersTools Folder Structure I like to have my folders named correctly and everything separated. Site – Everything related to the web site implementation. PSD – It is pretty self-explanatory. Inspiration

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