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Character Sheets from Dyslexic Studeos

Character Sheets from Dyslexic Studeos

Maps « A character for every game (last updated – 233 map pages – March 12th, 2014) Good lord I love maps. When I started this blog I hadn’t even considered using it to fulfill my map fetish in some twisted way. But now it is best known for my maps. So here I’m collecting all my maps so you don’t have to dig through the whole archive of blog posts to find them. I’ve also included a legend of the majority of the mapping symbols used throughout these maps (well, mostly the overhead maps – the side-views are pretty much the same and/or self-evident I hope). Overhead Map Key There are several groups of maps I’m not linking to here, for those you’ll have to go to their appropriate pages: Organized in order since they were posted… here we go (click on a map to go to the post in question) ! The Ruins of Tuhrek Lair of the Frogs The Dwarven Barracks at Kuln Death of the Lich Lord Mapper’s Challenge The Necromancer’s Garden – A Set of 5 Maps The Hall of Challenges Powell’s Folly – Side View Fort Tenras, 2 Maps Cruar’s Cove Wheelz! Esran’s Isle

Ye Olde Map Maker Lets Code ... an MMO! Introduction My name is Michael Goodfellow. The first time I touched a computer was probably in 1971, and I immediately wanted to know how to program it. I worked in the software industry from 1975 to 2005, when I retired on disability. I learned programming writing computer games (which were played on typewriter-style terminals connected to mainframes), but I never got to write one professionally. But now Minecraft has come out and become a hit -- and it's a one-person project. When I've worked on projects before, it's just been me, the computer and complete silence, since none of my friends are interested in this kind of impossible project. Finally, I know there are many other open source projects out there with rich frameworks. The fact is, writing code with a blank slate where you can go off in any direction is fun. So let's get coding! Part 1: It's a Small World Since Minecraft is so popular, let's start with a world made of cubes. We can do a landscape the same way. The Demo

Dungeonslayers Zen and the Art of the Fireball&|&Troll in the Corn... So it is said that if you know your enemies and know yourself, you can win a hundred battles without a single loss. If you only know yourself, but not your opponent, you may win or may lose. If you know neither yourself nor your enemy, you will always endanger yourself. - Sun Tzu A party lives and dies by teamwork. Too often, the failure of one creates the failure of many. The Essence of Tactics Retain your ability to act, and deny your enemy the ability to act. An enemy who is dead is denied all future actions. Two bloodied enemies have twice as many actions as one untouched and one dead enemy. A sleeping enemy is denied actions until he awakes. A slowed or immobilized enemy is denied actions only as long as nothing is within his reach. An action which misses is equivalent to an action not taken. While death is permanent, a great and mighty enemy cannot be killed quickly. The master neither rushes to battle, nor flees it. The weak enemy stings lightly, but falls quickly. Democracy Aid Choice

RPG Gateway Hero Lab For assistance, please check our support forums or email us. View our Privacy Policy here. Army Builder is a registered trademark of Lone Wolf Development, Inc. The Army Builder logo and the Lone Wolf Development logo are trademarks of Lone Wolf Development, Inc. Hero Lab, the Hero Lab logo, Realm Works, and Fog of World are registered trademarks of LWD Technology, Inc. Tournament Ace, Card Vault, Powered By Hero Lab, the Card Vault logo, the Realm Works logo, and the Tournament Ace logo are trademarks of LWD Technology, Inc.

The Most Important Algorithms (Survey) After a long discussion with some of my RISC colleagues about what the 5 most important algorithms on the world are, we couldn't reach a consensus on this question. So I suggested to perform a little survey. The criterion for suggestions was that these algorithms should be widely used. Further we restrict ourselves to the fields of computer science and mathematics. 5 * (no. of participants) In the following you find the results (in alphabetical order) of this survey (which of course is highly non-representative since most of the participants are computer scientists). Visitors: 226992 Atomic Array Roleplaying Tips for game masters for all role-playing systems The Mother Of All Character Questionnaires Use this list of questions to construct or add to your own characrer questionnaire. The questions cover different genres and types of details, so feel free to exclude or modify to suit your group. Questions are divided into broad categories. For brevity, I cut out most follow-up explanation type questions, such as "Why", "how come", and so on. Introduction Questions Give a two or three word description of yourself. Physical Traits How old are you? History Where is your homeland? Family Who were your parents? Relationships Do you have any close friends? Personality/Beliefs

Chaotic Shiny DM Genie - Software for 3rd Edition RPG Beginning Game Development: Part I - Introduction &124; Coding4Fun... Part I – Introduction Welcome to the first article of an introductory series on game programming using the Microsoft .NET Framework and managed DirectX 9.0. This series as aimed at beginning programmers who are interested in developing a game for their own use with the .NET Framework and DirectX. The goal of this series is to have fun creating a game and learn game development and DirectX along the way. Game programming and DirectX have their own terms and definitions that can be difficult to understand, but after awhile, you’ll crack the code and be able to explore a new world of possibilities. I will keep things as straightforward as possible and decode terms as they appear. In this series, we are going to build a simple game to illustrate the various components of a commercial game. Tools: Before we start writing our first game we need to talk about the tools we will use. The most important tool for any developer is the Integrated Development Environment (IDE). Our Game idea: Visual C# - Paizo Publishing

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