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Free Science and Video Lectures Online! OER Commons How does one become an autodidact? - Quora Learning From Autodidacts Autodidacts are rare, but their proclivities for learning drive many of today's assumptions about how educational technology should promote self-directed learning. Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, and Steve Jobs, founders and leaders of three of the most successful tech companies in the world, are famous autodidacts, known for dropping out of college to pursue their passions. They learned by means other than school, including voracious reading, talking to experts, and plenty of trial and error. Their success in business and their talent for innovation has encouraged some people to forego college and disdain formal training. Talent development professionals have long been responsible for making structured learning available. Why can't they be more like us? Because many educational technologists are autodidacts, they often build systems and programs as if everyone else is too. Skills to be a self-directed learner Their research refutes these three notions: Advertisement Where lust is lacking

Smart Rappers for People That Already Don't Hate Rap Top 5 alternatives to the Myers-Briggs test - The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (“MBTI” or “Myers-Briggs” to its rapidly dwindling group of friends) is the personality test people love to hate. Our spotlight on MBTI’s shortcomings was the most popular post of 2014. Now it’s time to talk alternatives. “The mistake is that people look at it as if it’s the beginning and end of it all, and that’s a mistake,” says Jacob M. Engel, author of The Prosperous Leader. “You need a multi-disciplinary, multi-tool approach.” Big Five As MBTI comes under fire, the Big Five’s star is in ascendance. In last year’s article, Adam McKibbin remarked that “In Myers-Briggs, basically everyone is a winner.” Just as there are multiple instances of MBTI testing, there are several approaches to gauging the Big Five. Predictive Index (PI) Administered by PI Worldwide, founded in 1955, the Predictive Index isn’t a test taken for laughs. Like the Big Five, PI scores are a matter of degree rather than absolutes. PI isn’t free, as many MBTI and alternative tests are.

14 Totally Free Things on the Internet Everyone Should Take Advantage of By Wil Fulton The wunderkinds over on reddit took a break from uncracked safes and banana-based measurements to post a mega-thread addressing the best of the best of all things free on the interwebs, and I couldn't help but share some of the highlights with you all. If you're savvy, you might recognize a few of these bad boys already, but don't spoil the Supermarket Sweep-style fun for the rest of us, OK? Is the fear of smothering, unbearable student debt steering you away from the path of higher education? With 10 Minute Mail, you can create an extremely temporary email address that will automatically self-destruct in 10 minutes, allowing you to sign up for sites, lists, and deals without the unbearable spam cannon that normally accompanies your quiet compliance. If you've ever felt devastatingly isolated at your Swedish cousin's wedding to her Argentinean lover in Seoul (due to the triple language barrier), Duolingo might be right for you. Living paycheck to paycheck?

In conversation: Neil Gaiman talks to Shaun Tan | Books I met Shaun Tan for the first time in 1996, at a science-fiction convention in Perth, and only half-remember meeting him. He's quiet, shy, generally unassuming. I got to know him slightly better with each subsequent trip to Australia, and he got used to me introducing myself to him and him telling me that actually we'd already met. He's an artist and a writer and now a director, possessor of a peculiar and singular vision. As an artist he combines real drawing skill with a profoundly off-kilter imagination, his characters, human and otherwise, are at the same time funny and enticing; as a writer and storyteller he creates stories, sometimes wordless, always told with an economy of words, which manage to be both alienating and embracing: a child on a beach finds an alien monster inside something (a box? Tan's vision is intensely personal, but not exclusionary. He lives in Melbourne. I had a Shaun Tan painting done on a bottlecap hanging on my wall for a year. NG: I was the connection!