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Strobe Illusion - Stare into the Strobe and begin to hallucinate!

Strobe Illusion - Stare into the Strobe and begin to hallucinate!

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Hue Optical Illusion Arjen Goldschmidt has sent in what appears to be the best (proof-endorsed) color optical illusion I have seen up to date! Below examples showcase embedded lines of seemingly different colors. The reason they look different is because our brain judges the color of an object by comparing it to surrounding colors. So without us even knowing it, in first example, our brains compare the flowing red stripes to the yellow stripes, forcing us to think they are orange. The blue stripes make the red ones appear much darker -almost purple, even though they are exactly the same color! This is just one of the examples why you cannot trust what you see even with your own eyes.

Global war on drugs 'has failed' say former leaders 2 June 2011Last updated at 09:30 Opiate use rose by 35% worldwide from 1998-2008, in spite of anti-drug efforts The global war on drugs has "failed" according to a new report by a group of politicians and former world leaders. The Global Commission on Drug Policy report calls for the legalisation of some drugs and an end to the criminalisation of drug users. The panel includes former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan, the former leaders of Mexico, Colombia and Brazil, and the entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson.

Search Results glitter eggs Apr 7 Glitzy Easter Placecards By Ashley Page Norton Easter is right around the around and these egg and nest placecards come together super fast. The Effect of Cannabis on Pregnant Women & Newborns Pregnancy decisions like this should be discussed with a doctor. One of the numerous things pregnant women have to be concerned with is what goes into their bodies. No caffeine, no smoking, no alcohol, and traditionally, no marijuana either. But did you know that pregnant women in Jamaica have been known to use marijuana to relieve nausea, as well as some of the stress and depression that goes along with pregnancy?

17 Web Toys for Your Procrastination Pleasure Sometimes you need to take a break from work and just veg out by doing something mindless and pleasant. TV or a game of solitaire is good for that, but both require a set time commitment. There are hundreds of alternatives on the internet in the form of web toys. Lilac chaser Stare at the center cross for at least 30 seconds to experience the three phenomena of the illusion A gap running around the circle of lilac discs;A green disc running around the circle of lilac discs in place of the gap;The green disc running around on the grey background, with the lilac discs having disappeared in sequence. The chaser effect results from the phi phenomenon illusion, combined with an afterimage effect in which an opposite, complementary, colour—green—appears when each lilac spot disappears (if the discs were blue, one would see yellow), and Troxler's fading of the lilac discs. History[edit] The illusion was created by Jeremy Hinton some time before 2005.

The Top Five Special Interest Groups Lobbying To Keep Marijuana Illegal Last year, over 850,000 people in America were arrested for marijuana-related crimes. Despite public opinion, the medical community, and human rights experts all moving in favor of relaxing marijuana prohibition laws, little has changed in terms of policy. There have been many great books and articles detailing the history of the drug war.

What You Would Literally Give for 10 Minutes of Peace and Quiet nickmom babynamesworld 3dpregnancy nick at nite games Upload 10 Things the Baby-Product Industry Won't Tell You! What You Would Literally Give for 10 Minutes of Peace and Quiet Illustration by Adrienne Hedger The Present - Universal Truth - The Ultimate Truth A man should look for what is and not for what he thinks should be. Albert Einstein Truth you can check: It is as matter of fact as the ground and as useful as food. It's the kind of truth that can make hate and war as unnecessary as ignorance. 18 Cool Internet Tricks You Didn't Know Existed - Alejandro Escamilla / BuzzFeed Daniel Dalton / BuzzFeed Use “Cmnd + Shift + T” on a Mac. LEGO Optical Illusion Mosaic This is what you get when you combine LEGO and optical illusions. Main effect – the circle made of the studs, produces the appearance of curved pieces. However, the design can appear very different depending on the angle it’s viewed from. I’m still discovering surprising patterns in it. If you still got some LEGO brick laying around, try and reproduce some of your favourite old school illusions and we’ll certainly make them pubic public!

Recreational Drug Creates Out-of-Body Illusions A popular “club drug” promises to open a scientific window on the strange world of out-of-body experiences, researchers say. Recreational users of a substance called ketamine often report having felt like they left their bodies or underwent other bizarre physical transformations, according to an online survey conducted by psychologist Todd Girard of Ryerson University in Toronto and his colleagues. Ketamine, an anesthetic known to interfere with memory and cause feelings of detachment from one’s self or body, reduces transmission of the brain chemical glutamate through a particular class of molecular gateways. Glutamate generally jacks up brain activity. Ketamine stimulates sensations of illusory movement or leaving one’s body by cutting glutamate’s ability to energize certain brain areas, the researchers propose in a paper published online Feb. 15 in Consciousness and Cognition. Image: nick see/Flickr

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