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3D Printing Solutions

3D Printing Solutions
Striving for the Perfect Ride Check out the prototyping shop at Trek Bicycles, where designers obsess over the world’s best bikes. Trek relies on the Objet500 Connex3 for ultra-realistic color, multi-material prototypes. See the video and case study Museum Visitors Become the Exhibit The London Science Museum’s exhibit "3D Printing the Future," open now, features 3D printed miniatures of 150 museum goers.

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如何在 Grasshopper 編寫網格列印用 G-code 產生器初探(未完) – Generative Product Design 這篇要講的是如何在 Grasshopper 裡編寫特殊的 G-code 產生程式,可用來讀取曲線或曲面架構並產生可被Reprap列印出來的G-code,其目的並不是要做到一般切片軟體的功能,也不是以實體mesh模型為處理對象。而這給予設計者更大的發揮空間以及對3D列印機更多的運用方式。 上圖是2012年一個 Grasshopper 可以用來產生G-code 的外掛 Silkworm,它可以達到上述讓你自由地把 Grasshopper 或 Rhino裡的物體或線條轉換成 G-code的效果,並透過Reprap的開源3D列印機列印出來,而不需依賴傳統的Slicer軟體來產生 G-code,這也是為什麼設計者可以製作出上圖中這些如同蠶絲般的幾何創作,而一般STL和切片軟體無法產生這樣的G-code檔。2013年 Silkworm 公開原始碼之後就不再更新了, 請參考連結, 因此許多元件目前因版本太舊而不作用, 但由於現在 GH 提供了許多有助於撰寫 G-code的文字元件而讓我們可以不用借助 Silkworm 就能寫出基本的產生程式。 讀懂G-code 本文適合巳對 Reprap 3D printer、G-code、Slicer軟體運作有概念的讀者,並需安裝或使用過 Slic3r、 Repitier Host 軟體。

Mojo Discover the Magic of Mojo A 3D printer so brilliant, it could have designed itself. No need to leave your chair — Mojo prints professional-quality models at your desk. It’s as simple to use as a document printer, yet powered by Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) Technology to build spot-on, functional concept models and rapid prototypes in ABSplus thermoplastic. With the lowest price, fastest build and finest layers of any Idea Series 3D printer, Mojo’s good vibes inspire boundless creativity. The ready-to-run Mojo 3D Print Pack arrives equipped with everything designers, engineers or educators need to start 3D printing: Use 3DVIA to Make a 3D Print of Your 3D Models Today! We are very proud to announce another great service to the 3DVIA 3D Designers Community : Online 3D Printing! You can now use 3DVIA to print a real 3D model of your uploaded content through our partnership with 3D printing site, . It’s easy. Simply click the “Send to Sculpteo 3D Print” button on the view page of your own 3DVIA models and follow the instructions. Our friends over at Sculpteo will take care of the rest, including analyzing your 3D model to ensure the best print result possible.

Form 1 - article TechCrunch The Form 1 3D printer, which you may recognize from Kickstarter, has topped $1.4 million in pre-orders in just under a week on the crowd-funding platform. With nearly 1,000 backers already, the FormLabs team has sold out of all their early-bird pledge packages, so anyone who backs the project now is only ahead of the official website sale shipments. Mad Kickstarter success always comes down to demand. Disrupt runner up gTar walked away with 3x its funding goal because it made learning the guitar fun and easy. Pebble took home a whopping $10 million after finding the perfect balance between smart watch functionality, beauty, and battery drain. The Form 1 is no different.

Box Clamp Woodpecker 4" Box Clamp You can never have enough clamps. But then again, having just the right clamp for the job can make a huge difference. Form1 - Kickstarter Are you frustrated that low-end 3D printers don’t have the quality to make the true beauty of your designs real? Do you dream of having the power and resolution of a truly professional machine on your desktop? We’ve created an easy-to-use system that rivals the output of high-end printers at a fraction of the cost. Our reason for starting this project is simple: there are no low-cost 3D printers that meet the quality standards of the professional designer. As researchers at the MIT Media Lab, we were lucky to experience the best and most expensive fabrication equipment in the world. But, we became frustrated by the fact that all the professional-quality 3D printers were ridiculously expensive (read: tens of thousands of dollars) and were so complex to use.

Chair by Lilian van Daal replaces upholstery with 3D-printed structure Design graduate Lilian van Daal has developed a conceptual chair influenced by plant cells that could be 3D-printed from a single material (+ slideshow). Van Daal's Biomimicry: 3D-printed soft seat is designed as an alternative to conventional upholstered furniture, which requires several different materials and processes to create the frame, padding and covers. "A lot of materials are used in normal furniture production, including several types of foam, and it's very difficult to recycle because everything is glued together," Van Daal told Dezeen. The designer began to look at ways of printing structures that behave differently depending on how material is distributed, enabling some sections to be soft and others to be rigid. "I was testing the flexibility and the stiffness you can get from one material by 3D-printing various structures," said Van Daal. "I did lots of experiments with different structures to identify the kind of properties each structure has."

Eventorbot Eventorbot! Open source 3D printer.The Mission and challenge behind Eventorbot, was to build a rigid, low cost 3d printer. Using less parts, easy to assemble, and is capable to self replicate most of its parts. It is 100% open source project, and all plans are available for anyone interested.

Printrbot: Your First 3D Printer by Brook Drumm I designed the Printrbot to be the simplest 3D printer yet. There are some great kits out there - the Makerbot, the Ultimaker, the Prusa Mendel, and others - but none as small and simple as the Printrbot. This all-in-one 3D printer kit can be assembled and printing in a couple of hours. Other kits will not only take you many more hours to build, they will also have hundreds more parts, and they will cost more. My design also does away with the finicky calibration and adjustment from which most 3D printers suffer. Marlin Firmware Home Offset Guide Using G-code M206 This is a guide to using g-code command M206 to set the Z axis home offset in the Marlin Firmware, a guide to a method of adjusting the gap distance between the hot end nozzle and the build platform. To set the Z axis home offset on the 3d printer, you will use g-code commands including M206 for the home offset, M500 and M501 for the Marlin Firmware EEPROM feature, and G1 for controlled move to Z axis zero position. Set Gap Between Nozzle And Bed Using G-Code, EEPROM & Marlin Firmware About Firstly, this guide may not be suitable for all 3d printers, probably those printers that are the delta type and those with the auto bed levelling feature.

Versatile building blocks make structures with surprising mechanical properties Researchers at MIT’s Center for Bits and Atoms have created tiny building blocks that exhibit a variety of unique mechanical properties, such as the ability to produce a twisting motion when squeezed. These subunits could potentially be assembled by tiny robots into a nearly limitless variety of objects with built-in functionality, including vehicles, large industrial parts, or specialized robots that can be repeatedly reassembled in different forms. The researchers created four different types of these subunits, called voxels (a 3D variation on the pixels of a 2D image).

What is 3D Printing? An Overview. You’ve heard of 3D printing from newscasters and journalists, astonished at what they’ve witnessed. A machine reminiscent of the Star Trek Replicator, something magical that can create objects out of thin air. It can “print” in plastic, metal, nylon, and over a hundred other materials.

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