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Plastic Buckets

Plastic Buckets

Tire Recycling and Market Development Since passage of the Tire Recycling Act in 1989, California has dramatically increased the number of waste tires diverted from landfill disposal and sent to beneficial end uses. CalRecycle staff estimates that in 2010, Californians generated 41.1 million waste tires. The beneficial use of 33.2 million of these tires represents a recycling rate of 81 percent in 2010. The California Tire Recycling Act authorized CalRecycle to award grants and loans to businesses and public entities for activities that could expand markets for used tires. The act specifically lists several types of projects: polymer treatment, crumb rubber production, retreading, shredding, and the manufacture of such products as rubber asphalt, playground equipment, crash barriers, erosion control, floor and track surfacing, oil spill recovery, roofing, and other environmentally safe applications. Recycling Information Tire Management Program Hotline. Recycling Centers | Coordinators | Associations Recycling Centers.

Apple executives net $150M selling vested stock units granted in 2008 By Josh Ong After a batch of restricted stock-based compensation vested last Saturday, three of Apple's executives sold off the shares, netting roughly $150 million after taxes. Regulatory filings submitted to the SEC on Tuesday revealed the transactions, as reported by The Cupertino, Calif., company granted the compensation in September 2008 in order to lock in its core executive team through 2012. Cook received the largest award with a total of 200,000 shares. 93,360 of the shares were set aside to pay taxes on the award. After taxes, Oppenheimer made $47 million off his 150,000 shares, while Schiller netted $39 million from 120,000 shares. Both Mansfield and Forstall did not appear to have automatically traded their vested shares, though SEC forms showed that they had surrendered the shares needed to pay taxes on their awards. Apple announced a plan last week to repurchase $10 billion of its shares over three years.

How to Play Songs on the Recorder video from Answers Enter a question here... Search: All sources Community Q&A Reference topics Browse: Unanswered questions | New questions | New answers | Reference library Home VideoAnswers Animal Life Business & Finance Cars & Vehicles Entertainment & Arts Food & Cooking Health History, Politics, Society Hobbies & Collectibles Home & Garden Jobs & Education Law & Legal Issues Literature & Language Miscellaneous Relationships Religion & Spirituality Science Shopping Sports Technology Travel Reference Library WikiAnswers How to Play Songs on the Recorder How to Play Songs on the Recorder by: - Dance 3:41 minutes In this video, professional recorder player and teacher Vicki Boeckman, helps you learn how to play five simple American songs on the recorder. Related videos More in Wind & Brass Recorder Songs: Reading Music 3:10 minutes Recorder Songs: Learn Joe Magarac 4:46 minutes Recorder Songs: D Major Scale and Triad 4:41 minutes Recorder Songs: Learn Tue Tue 3:00 minutes Recorder Songs: Breathing, Support, and Posture Site Company

Videos Video unavailable due to location We're sorry, but the video you are trying to watch cannot be viewed from your current location. In South Africa, there’s a new kind of safari where you join veterinarians in immobilizing big game and tagging rhinos, lions, leopards and elephants for research or conservation management. Dyan Machan joins the News Hub. Photo: Getty Images. Carmarthen Castle James 1980, 1989 The castle at Carmarthen, on its rocky eminence overlooking the River Twyi, must have dominated the medieval town just as, a little way to the east, the Roman fort must have dominated the Roman town a thousand years before. Giraldus Cambrensis tells us that even in the late 12th century, parts of strong walls of the ancient city of the Romans were still standing. The castle was converted into a prison in the 18th and 19th centuries, and the building of the Council offices has also not helped its appreciation as a military entity. Home | Main Menu | Castle Index | Historical Essays | Related Essays | What's New | Links Copyright © 2009 by Jeffrey L.

Unix File Permissions and Ownership  Unix File Permissions and Ownership (CHOWN, CHMOD, ETC) I'm taking a security class were we had a lab on Unix/Linux file system permissions. I decided I might as well record it, and the steps taken, along with explanations as to what I was doing to set the permissions such as read, write, execute, SetUID, SetGID and the Stickybit. Download from: Commands used: Basic Setup: Setting Ownership and Groups: chown alice /opt/data chown alice /opt/data/financing chown alice /opt/data/shared chown bob /opt/data/development chown bob /opt/data/development/bob chown -R mallory /opt/data/development/mallory chown -R bob /opt/data/development/public chown -R www-data:www-data /opt/data/development/public chown -R chuck:chuck /opt/data/marketing chown -R www-data:www-data /opt/data/marketing/public Getting Started With Permissions: Stickybit, SetUID and SetGID: Institute for the Study of Energy and Our Future | Wind Fights Solar; Triangle Wins Earth’s Energy Budget Since many of the options I will discuss in the coming weeks ultimately derive from the Sun, it is useful to throw up an energy budget. Figure 1 Of the 1370 W/m² incident on the upper atmosphere from the Sun, 30% is reflected straight away without pausing long enough to say hello. For comparison, the energy consumption (conversion) rate of the human race is about 13 TW (13 trillion Watts), which works out to an average of about 2,000 W per person on the globe (Americans are 10 kW). Solar Potential If 50% of the incoming solar radiation makes its way to the ground, then we have about 700 W/m² for the average terrestrial square meter facing the Sun. A panel tilted to the site latitude can compensate for some of the slanted-sun-angle loss (for high latitudes, the ground always suffers from this geometric dilution, even at “high” noon), so that the ½ factor becomes 2/π, or 0.64, representing a global 30% boost over horizontal panels. Figure 2. Capturing Sun Table 1 Figure 4