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Philips Africa increases presence in West Africa

Philips Africa increases presence in West Africa
Des organisations internationales promettent de soutenir le programme de réinsertion au Soudan - Une mission conjointe de l'Union africaine (UA), de la Ligue arabe, de la Banque mondiale et des Nations unies a promis jeudi au Soudan le soutien des trois organisations au programme de réinsertion sociale des anciens combattants et a approuvé les projets de contrôle des armes légères dans le pays, rapporte l’agence soudanaise d’information (SUNA). Lire la suite : Programme de réinsertion au Soudan

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Burger King expands into Zambia (Bloomberg) — Burger King Worldwide Inc. plans to enter new African countries before the end of the year as it follows Yum! Brands Inc.’s KFC chain in tapping demand from the continent’s middle class. “Our African expansion plans are progressing at a very vigorous rate,” Jaye Sinclair, chief executive officer of Burger King South Africa, said by phone from Cape Town, where the Miami-based fast-food chain’s first outlet in the country was opened in May 2013.

Palestine: the world's next nation This map shows in green countries that support recognising Palestine as a state. 252,265 have signed the petition. We reached our target of 1 million before the UN General Assembly on September 19th. Now help us reach our new target of 2,000,000 Top Sites in Morocco Showing 50 of 500 results Want access to the complete list? Site Daily Time on Site Daily Time on Site

World Business News 04.Jun.2014 09:09 Ethiopia to miss WTO accession timetable In the face of widespread praise and criticism over its economic policies, which while being credited for delivering strong growth is also slammed for having a tight grip on the economy, Ethiopia ... Kenya: Wrigley invests $ 63 million in a manufacturing plant of chewing gum The US manufacturer of chewing gum Wrigley is building a plant worth $ 63 million in Kenya. Described by Martin Radvin, the president of the company, as an important step in the strategy of engagement in the multinational Africa, the infrastructure will be located at Mavoko County Machakos. It will come as a replacement for another plant which has been in operation since 1972. The plant to be built on a 20 hectare site, will start operations in the first quarter of 2017, According to kenya newspapers. It will be more efficient in water and energy.

Après Nous, Le Déluge I can perform all the economic analysis in the world, and it won’t convey the sheer apprehension I feel about China’s current situation anywhere near as well as the following pictures, found on ChinaSmack. The gold-encrusted hallways, marble foyers, and imposing granite frontage are not from Versailles, or the Vatican, or even Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas. They are from the newly completed corporate headquarters of state-owned Harbin Pharmaceutical, in northeast China.

The Global Conference on the Prevention of Genocide - SourceWatc The Global Conference on the Prevention of Genocide "The McGill University Centre for Human Rights and Legal Pluralism is privileged to host the first major international conference of its kind on the prevention of genocide. From October 11th to 13th, 2007, in Montreal, Canada, The Global Conference on the Prevention of Genocide will bring together from around the world survivors, witnesses, legislators, diplomats, activists and others whose lives have been forever changed by humanity’s most horrific invention.

Wordfolio Africa José Ribeiro, General Director of the Escola Nacional de Administração (ENAD) Intensive skills development and training at Angola's National School of Administration, or Escola Nacional de Administração (ENAD), is strengthening the managerial and organizational capacities of Angolan enterprises. Its initial intake of 475 students in 2008 rose to 927 in 2012 and 2,102 in October 2013, and management aims to raise this to 2,300 registered students by the end of 2013. In total, 9,334 students have undertaken courses at ENAD and its alumni have included various ministers, deputy ministers, company directors and departmental heads.

South Africa : Delaware univ helps revive South African cotton industry - Textile News South Africa Faculty and graduate students from the University of Delaware’s Department of Fashion and Apparel Studies have come forward to help establish a Southern African Sustainable Textile and Apparel Cluster to boost South Africa’s declining cotton textile and apparel industries. With a five-year grant, approximately of $20 million, from South Africa’s Department of Trade and Industry, the socially responsible apparel promotion-focused department is assisting in creating a sustainable supply chain, right from the cotton field to retail, which will aim to reduce the harmful side-effects on environment and people involved in production. In its first year of the project, the department has researched and collected data from large and small farmers on the current environmental and labour laws and practices followed in the country. It has also conducted a workshop seeking inputs from collaborators and sharing valuable information on sustainability.