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Japanese group Marubeni to build methanol plant in Gabon (Agence Ecofin) - According to a communiqué issued by Etienne Dieudonné Ngoubou, minister for Oil and Gas, and released yesterday, the Republic of Gabon and the Japanese group Marubeni signed on 6th July 2015 in Libreville a memorandum of understanding to carry out a feasibility study in Gabon for a methanol plant project. Though the details in relation to the construction of this plant have not yet been revealed, “this project is set within the framework of the reduction of greenhouse gases and the promotion of oil resources”, indicated the communiqué. The methanol, a chemical manufactured from natural gas will be used domestic products such as synthetic perfumes, varnish and many other by-products. Methanol is also used to make pharmaceutical products, formaldehyde and particular plastics. Marubeni has already undertaken a similar project in Congo Brazzaville and in Ghana. - The latest African movies and celebrity news The new year has ushered in different perspectives for Nollywood stars. For actress Juliet Ibrahim, it’s all about being risqué and trying out new roles she dared not for the past years. The latest movie she has featured in which is scheduled for release this year titled “RAIN” features her as in a quite inordinate role. The movie, which features movie stars like Dan Tei Mensah, Eddie Nartey, Niki Samonas, George Dickman and others, is said to be a very educative movie but, with lots of hardcore and graphic scenes; Juliet Ibrahim lustfully playing a lesbian role as she kisses Niki Samonas, whilst Eddie Nartey played a gay role with his partner being George Dickman.

Business Ideas and Opportunities in Kenya Kenya’s micro, small and medium business are the base of entrepreneurial development in Kenya and the ’seed bed’ for inculcating an entrepreneurial culture and supporting rural industrialisation. Business in Kenya A lot has been done to improve the business environment for small businesses. In 2009, records at the Companies Registry were digitised. Small businesses will now be able to apply and pay for licenses online, including by mobile phone payments. The Kenya Government has also reduced the time required to start a business and halved time to pay taxes and statutory contributions, It has licensed micro-finance banks and allowed agency banking.

Sammitr eyes African move Sammitr Motors Manufacturing Plc (SMM) plans to invest in manufacturing auto parts in Africa. The major parts supplier sees high potential for growth on the continent, which consists of 54 countries with growing demand for vehicles, president Yongyout Posirisuk said. He said major car makers including Toyota, Honda and Isuzu had already penetrated the market to use Africa as a production base for export from there to several destinations in Europe. "It's an opportunity for the company to do business there. We have a partnership with Toyota, which has its own production base in South Africa," said Mr Yongyout. Sammitr's vision is to expand the SMM brand of car parts into the global market.

Rwanda: 2013 - Film, Music Festivals in Review Last year, the Rwandan film industry saw a number of films being produced in the country, while other filmmakers made their names abroad. The most famous one to be produced in Kigali was the love movie, 'Anita' which was followed by its sequel, 'Anita II'. A number of popular actors featured in the movie including Willy Ndahiro and Danny Gaga, among others. 'Anita' was launched in a colourful ceremony held at Sports View Hotel and graced by local musicians Urban Boyz and Jay Polly in September, while 'Anita II' was launched in November.

2014 PGA Awards - Producers Guild of America One of the awards season’s marquee events, the Producers Guild Awards celebrates the finest producing work of the year, and gives the Guild an opportunity to honor some of the living legends who have shaped our profession. Considered a strong prognosticator for the Best Picture Oscar®, the announcement of the Guild’s Darryl F. Zanuck Producer of the Year Award in Theatrical Motion Pictures is one of the most eagerly-anticipated of the season. The list of recipients of honorary awards such as the Milestone Award, the David O. Selznick Achievement Award in Theatrical Motion Pictures and the Norman Lear Achievement Award in Television and the Vanguard Award read like a roster of the industry’s biggest names, including icons such as Steven Spielberg, Jerry Bruckheimer, Brian Grazer, J.J. Abrams, Steven Bochco, Clint Eastwood, Sherry Lansing, Robert Evans, Roger Corman and Lorne Michaels, extending back to such legends as Alfred Hitchcock, Walt Disney, Billy Wilder and Louis B.

Anchor introduces fortified milk drink in Ethiopia - new Business Ethiopia (nBE) Anchor, New Zealand’s milk brand, introduced fortified milk drink in Ethiopia. Made from the goodness of New Zealand milk, the product contains more than 30 essential nutrients in just one glass of milk, the organization said. Anchor’s Fortified Milk Drink has been specifically formulated by NZ Milk Products to provide Ethiopian children with affordable high quality dairy nutrition so they can live a healthier and more active lifestyle for a better future. NZ Milk Products General Manager of Ethiopia Zeco Kassim said that every day Anchor provides millions of children around the world with high quality dairy nutrition, and NZ Milk Products is proud to bring Anchor to Ethiopia for the first time. “Malnutrition and micronutrients deficiency is a global problem and children unfortunately are not getting the right level of nutrition in their daily diet. “The thing my kids love about Anchor is the taste, which has been made especially to suit the palate of Ethiopian consumers.

A Guide to Pay Windows for TV & Movies What's the difference between the first and second pay windows? And what about the Buy vs. Rental window? Nigeria: Panasonic to Establish Assembly Plant in Nigeria By Adeyemi Adepetun After considering the strategic importance of the Nigerian market, Japan based electronics giant, Panasonic has announced its return to the country with eyes on improved market share. To make maximum impact, Panasonic said it has partnered SIMS Nigeria, a marketing and distribution firm for efficient and effective circulation of its products across the country. To convince competition about its readiness for a major market share and commitment to Nigeria, the Osaka-based firm also announced establishing the local manufacturing base for room Air-Conditioning and TV division in Lagos. The firm targets a yearly production of about 100,000 Air Condition and 60,000 television sets. With local sales office in Nigeria, Panasonic said is looking at a wider customer base and a stronger hold in the market.

Nigeria: Huawei to Partner Nigerian Manufacturers On Reliable Power Supply By Roseline Okere Huawei has declared its willingness to partner with Nigerian Meter manufacturers through technology exchanges for a healthy industry ecosystem and improve power supply in the country. President of Energy Industry, Enterprise Business Group, Huawei, Jerry Ji, made this commitment during the Power Industry Summit at the West African Power Industry Convention (WAPIC) 2015 themed "Better Connected Smart Grid, Greater Energy Efficiency" in Lagos, Nigeria. 10 Ways to Successfully Promote Your Short Film Did you know... Historically, The Digital Animation & Visual Effects School (DAVE School at Universal Studios Orlando) has placed a fair number of its graduates in the gaming industry, but now they have a new program specifically designed for careers in gaming. The program was designed and is overseen by a senior production supervisor who led teams on Ghostbusters and Kinect Star Wars. Learn more at Congratulations! You’ve made your short film and you’re now ready to show it to the world.