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BiztechAfrica Business, Telecom, Technology & IT News Africa
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Ethiopia to assemble their first smartphone Hong Kong-based mobile manufacturer Tecno Mobile’s Ethiopian counterpart is set to release its first smartphone completely assembled in Ethiopia. The smartphone will hit the shelves in mid-July and will range between $339 and $400. Tecno Mobile’s T1 smartphone (image: Tecno) The smartphone, called the Tecno T3, will run on Google’s Android 2.3 operating system and will feature the Amharic language for now, as well as a GPS. “Tecno already has several models on the market, all of which support Amharic, Oromiffa, and Tigrigna languages. The Amharic feature was developed in Ethiopia. He added that it supports SMS, email and other information transferring systems. Charlie Fripp – Consumer Tech editor

ReConnect Africa | Africa Magazine Online | The magazine on Jobs, News, Information and Business in Africa Africa Trade Magazine - Advancing Commerce and Investment in the Emerging Continent MyBroadband Tech and IT News Toyota to invest billions more in South Africa - Economic trends PRETORIA – South Africa can expect to see investment of several billion more from Toyota into the country in the next couple of years. Thanks to the Motor Industry Development Programme (MIDP) that is set to conclude at the end of this year and the replacement Automotive Production and Development Programme (APDP) that kicks off next year, the motor company will continue its investment programme into operations and capacity in South Africa. Over the previous five-year investment programme Toyota boosted the South African economy with investment of more than R8bn. Although the company does not want to confirm the total investment planned for the coming five-year period, company CEO Dr Johan van Zyl says that it will be a multibillion rand project. According to Leo Kok, senior manager: corporate communications for Toyota South Africa Motors, the total amount still depends on final approval of some plans and projects by Toyota Motor Corporation.

Technology Magazine | Technology News | Social Media, Smartphones, and Gadgets | Technology Digital African Capital Markets News IT News Africa - Technology, Telecom, Mobile and Gadgets news, analysis and reports Malaysian Fashion Retailer to Open in Tripoli Posted on 30 November 2012. Tags: fashion, Malaysia, Poney, retail, Singapore Malaysian fashion retailer Poney has franchised its operation into Libya, through its Singapore-based franchising arm. Mitchell Jiang, Manager of Poney’s Singapore unit, told Today Online: “The first impression is that there is still a lot of turmoil in Libya, but after the dust settled, there actually are a lot of businesses looking for opportunities … In developing countries, the absorption rate for new brands like ours is very high. The very well-known international brands are too expensive The Libyan outfit will open its first Poney outlet in Tripoli in the coming weeks. (Source: Today Online)

African Review Egyptian-Malaysian Oil Plant Worth $100 Million The Investment Ministry and the Malaysian Patroness Oil Company agreed that latter pump new investments into the Egyptian market including establishing a massive plant for producing and packaging oil and lubricants with $100 million investments, said Investments Minister Osama Saleh. The minister, in a meeting with Patroness delegation, discussed means of boosting joint cooperation and measures needed to increase Patrons investment in Egypt, adding the company seeks to export its products to the Egyptian market, African and Middle East countries. Saleh pointed out that Patroness is keen on pumping more investments and supporting the Egyptian economy in this critical transitional period, adding the Egyptian government is also keen on activating and supporting investment, and provide more facilities for investors in the fields of development, production and exportation projects.