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NASA Cost Symposium This year the annual NASA Cost Symposium will be sponsored by the Strategic Investments Division. The NASA Cost Symposium is our communities chance to exchange ideas, best practices, methodologies, and lessons learned. The NASA cost analysis community includes all Centers as well as HQ and represents an essential function to the agency. We look forward to seeing the tradition of the Agency’s finest analysts and estimators at NASA continue to make our community better. Recognition of the community’s efforts and affording the community an opportunity to present in a professional forum will continue to foster their individual and community growth as well as improve the overall analysis community at NASA. 2016 Event Status: Complete Date: 23 – 25 August Location: Glenn Research Center, Cleveland, OH Event Agenda: Detailed Version as of Aug 15th, 2016 (pdf) Award Winners: Available (pdf) Presentations: Download Page

Software Assurance Documentation Links to the current releases of our software assurance documents are provided below. When new documents are created, or existing documents are updated, the list of links will be revised accordingly. NASA Software Assurance Standard (NASA-STD-8739.8) NASA Software Safety Standard (NASA-STD-8719.13C) NASA Software Safety Guidebook (PDF, large file, >6MB) Complex Electronics Handbook for Assurance Professionals (NASA-HDBK-8739.23) NASA Software Formal Inspections Standard (NASA-STD- 8739.9) NASA Directives related to software: In coordination with the updates of NPD 7120.4 and NPR 7150.2, NPD 2820.1 (NASA Software Policies) has been cancelled. NASA Software Assurance Procedural Requirements: A SA NPR is being drafted.

Professor Jose Granda Research Publications CAMPG Homepage CAMPG/MATLAB software demonstration CAMPG/ACSL software demonstration ICBGM'2007 International Conference on Bond Graph Modeling and Simulation, Jan 15-17, 2007 San Diego, California. ICBGM'2005 International Conference on Bond Graph Modeling and Simulation, Jan 23-27, 2005 New Orleans, Louisiana, USA ICBGM.2003 International Conference on Bond Graph Modeling and Simulation, Jan19-23, 2003 Orlando, Florida, USA ICBGM'2001 International Conference on Bond Graph Modeling and Simulation, Jan 7-10 2001, Phoeniz, Arizona ICBGM'2001 Photos Meet ICBGM'2001 Keynote Speaker

Knowledge Sharing | APPEL – Academy of Program/Project & Engineering Leadership Knowledge Sharing The Academy’s Knowledge Sharing Initiative promotes excellence in project management and engineering leadership development. Its primary strategy focuses on gathering and sharing knowledge and wisdom from the best program/project and engineering leaders across the Agency. This initiative has proven to be an effective catalyst in building and supporting ongoing NASA communities of practice. APPEL training and forums bring together thought leaders and practitioners in the fields of project management, systems engineering, and knowledge management to share stories and lessons learned. Dialogue through narratives and informal storytelling is used to give practitioners a sense of the context in which experience has been acquired, obstacles overcome, successes achieved. Training, forums, publications, and multimedia provide NASA managers, scientists, and engineers with examples and lessons learned, while leading teams through the various steps of project management.