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Ecofriend - Promoting eco friendly lifestyle to save the environment

Ecofriend - Promoting eco friendly lifestyle to save the environment
Diesel v s hybrid Cars To slender that decision down a tiny bit we are going to analyzing diesel and half and half power trains, as they are the most generally accessible choices to gas fueled autos. Shockingly better, these are both choices that don’t oblige you to exchange all your garments for shoes and hemp ponchos. So right off the bat, wouldn’t it be great if we could get down to it. Read more... How to make your kitchen eco friendly?

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"Green" Furniture The Secret Garden collection by home furniture Thai company Ayodhya uses real dried moss inserted under a glass table top. Also mirrors, stools, trays and boxes all made with recycled newspaper. [via] Learn how to speak French - Très Bien Aurelie Therouanne Teaches: French, Spanish, English Hello! I'm Aurélie, a Frenchie who lives currently in Spain. It's been two years since I moved in the beautiful and colorful Granada, one of the best city of Andalusia, south of Spain. Search #d9e8c3 #ced181 #7c8f50 #555e32 #bf867c LG cooks up more flexible & less hazy 18-inch OLED panels LG Display has outdone itself, with more flexible displays than it’s ever made before. The company announced today a flexible 18-inch panel made of organic light-emitting diodes, or OLEDs, as well as a new transparent OLED panel in the same size thats beats previous models on light transmittance and haze. The research could result in the creation of more, and larger, devices with transparent or flexible displays. That means devices no longer need to stay straight, the way they do when displays are made of glass. It could also represent a challenge to competitors like Samsung.

Luminae Glass Keyboard From TransluSense Inspired by the future see-through interfaces from the sci-fi movies Jason Giddings created the Luminae glass keyboard. In early 2012 the project from TransluSense finished successfully its campaign on Kickstarter and now at the CES 2013 the Luminae stands in splendour: a light pipe, infrared LEDs, and visible LEDs feed signals into the artfully curved glass. The three cameras look upward from below and see when your fingers break the light pattern, in such a way recognizing what you’re doing on the glass. A smaller trackpad version will also be available. The main advantages of the glass keyboard that costs $500 are its stunning looks and that you’ll never have to shake or vacuum crumbs out from under your keys ever again. Besides users can design their own custom overlays online and set the keyboard to recognize all the custom keys and

Modular Summer Pavilion: Ecological Concept Building Epiphyte Pavilion is a modular summer pavilion designed to create space for public interaction and communication. Its is an ecological concept building by Marvin Bratke and Tor-Magnus Horten, featuring up-to-date design architecture in the green urban surrounding. This pre-fabricated building can be easily knocked down and transported. It collects sun energy during the daytime and then uses it as projection at night. The pavilion shield is covered with TiO2 nano layer that reacts to ultraviolet rays to reduce air pollution.

Hemp Chair & Hemp House Year: 2011 Account: supported by BASF Team: Studio Aisslinger At the exhibition „Poetry Happens“ in Ventura Lambrate, Werner Aisslinger presented the world’s first concept for a monobloc chair made of natural fibers – a project supported by the German chemical company BASF. The *hemp chair* has been designed for a lightweight manufacturing process stemming from the car industry: the renewable raw materials hemp and kenaf are compressed with a water-based thermoset binder to form an eco-friendly, lightweight and yet strong composite. Convert your MP3 bitrates via terminal Image courtesy of technabob. I just had my machine reformatted for a new Ubuntu version and I spent hours the other night reorganizing my files. I realized that among the ones taking up most of my disk space are my MP3 files.