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The Hanson EcoHouse™ - Hanson - HeidelbergCement in the United Kingdom. Hanson's EcoHouse™ is the first masonry constructed house to achieve Code Level Four under the Code for Sustainable Homes.

The Hanson EcoHouse™ - Hanson - HeidelbergCement in the United Kingdom

Constructed at the Building Research Establishment (BRE) the EcoHouse™ brings together the latest developments in off-site masonry construction, thermal mass, and natural ventilation. Thermal mass worksData unveiled by Hanson at this year’s Insite 2009 shows that the Hanson EcoHouse™ has exceeded all performance expectations, proving that the benefits of thermal mass can be provided in a house built from traditional masonry and concrete construction. Proven resultsResults from two years of testing have shown that the combination of effective design, sustainable technology and off-site masonry construction has produced a building system that can help achieve the low carbon homes for the future.

Hanson products used in the EcoHouse™The Hanson EcoHouse™ demonstates flexible design that's built to last. Green Building Press - Publisher of Green Building Magazine. Modern timber-frame architecture in wood and glass: - HUF HAUS GmbH u. Co. KG. Eco Building: Solar Panels, Save Energy, Eco Homes & Heat Pumps - Channel4 - 4Homes. Ecohouse. Eco Home Design - Designs on EcoHomes. Selfbuild eco design to help you build your own home. From zero carbon to energy efficiency, environmental issues are not only front-page news but are increasingly mandatory considerations within the planning application process and building regulations.

Selfbuild eco design to help you build your own home

We are actively ensuring our design considerations, materials specification and technical support meet these new challenges, advising our clients appropriately in building sustainable, energy efficient and healthy homes. Lightening your impact on the environment while still creating stylish, modern and traditionally designed homes that benefit from the latest technology is what Design & Materials care about. Sustainability is the key The key word is sustainability and the Government has issued a detailed document entitled Code for Sustainable Homes, which gives a step by step guide to designing and building self sustaining, low carbon homes.

In brief the document sets out design principles and includes categories such as energy/CO2, pollution, materials and water use. Solar energy. Ram Pumps and Water Motors. Microhydro Electricity Basics. What is Microhydro Power?

Microhydro Electricity Basics

Hydro-electricity is fundamentally the combination of water flow and vertical drop (commonly called “head”). Vertical drop creates pressure, and the continuous flow of water in a hydro system gives us an ongoing source of pressurized liquid energy. Pressurized, flowing water is a very dense resource, and hydro-electric systems convert a very large percentage of the available energy into electricity because the resource is captive in a pipe or flume. Green housing. Property. Self Build, Renovate or Convert Your Own House. Renewables may grab the headlines but, in reality, the key fundamentals of a successful green house remain what they have always been — low-energy design principles and investment in the building fabric.

Self Build, Renovate or Convert Your Own House

Working with Nature The fundamental principle of sustainable home design is to work with nature rather than against it. In particular, this means harnessing the sun’s energy to help heat the house in the cooler months whilst also preventing it from overheating in the summer. This can be achieved through the careful siting of the building, balancing passive solar gain from glazing, screening to reduce overheating and to help even out the temperature across the day, incorporating thermal mass in the building’s structure and high levels of insulation and airtightness.

The characteristics of the plot and planning situation will play a big part in informing the type of sustainable home design that is most appropriate. Overheating can be reduced by screening out light. Retrofit for the Future. TheHousePlanner -guide to eco homes, self build, house plans, renovation and DIY information. The Register. I thought I was being DDOSed.

The Register

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Tame the gas monster with sensors, suckers and a spiffy new fan When geeks turn Green: Performance tune your energy bills. Building new eco homes.