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Webinar by Elaine Ingham: Untitled. Plastic bins are well known for their storage convenience and moving purposes.


They can also be useful in many other areas of life. Get ready to get those creative juices flowing! There are plenty of innovative options for the transformation of the average plastic storage bin that will help you organize your life as well as save you a few bucks from buying… more (probably expensive) boxes. Here are eight DIY fun ways to reuse and redefine the purpose of your plastic storage bins! Fancy Toy Box Add a fancy toy box to your living room! This Genius Woman Is Using Old Plastic Bottles As A Joining Material To Make Furniture.

London-based social and humanitarian designer Micaella Pedros has found a way to give discarded plastic bottles purpose and she demonstrates it in her project called “Joining Bottles”.

This Genius Woman Is Using Old Plastic Bottles As A Joining Material To Make Furniture

Show Full Text “Both materials, wood and plastic bottles, are widely abundant in cities and other places. Incredible rooftop farm takes over Israel’s oldest mall to grow thousands of organic vegetables. An amazing farm has sprouted in an unlikely place—the rooftop of Israel’s oldest mall in the heart of Tel Aviv.

Incredible rooftop farm takes over Israel’s oldest mall to grow thousands of organic vegetables

Hidden between high-rises, “Green in the City” is a rooftop farm that produces 10,000 heads of leafy greens a month year-round using organic and hydroponic methods—no dirt required. This thriving example of urban agriculture is one of many surprising sustainable initiatives at the Dizengoff Center shopping mall, which includes bird habitat, a tree nursery, rooftop apiary, and even a bat cave for native fruit bats to call home. According to the United Nations, over 54 percent of the world’s population lives in cities, a proportion that is expected to grow to 66 percent by 2050. The challenge of producing enough food to feed the increasingly urbanized and growing population is one of the impetuses behind Green in the City, a rooftop farm launched in 2015 by Lavi Kushelevich of the hydroponics company LivinGreen and the Dizengoff Center’s sustainability department.

Inhabitat - Green Design, Innovation, Architecture, Green Building. Ready to get your hands dirty and learn what it takes to actually build a sustainable home?

Inhabitat - Green Design, Innovation, Architecture, Green Building

Turns out you don't have to go back to school and get another degree to get hands-on experience in green building. There are tons of courses around the US led by experts that want to teach you all about straw bale building, cob homes, earth bag construction, earthships, renewable energy installation and much, much more. We've rounded up some institutes and organizations that are offering up a variety of natural-building workshops this fall and beyond! If in general you’re looking for some good, natural building workshops to learn about a variety of techniques, designs and options, check out the workshops provided by EcoNest in Ashland, Oregon and the Solar Living Institute in Hopland, CA. The BeauEr, An Expandable Trailer, Is Revolutionizing The Camper Industry. When looking to purchase a camping trailer, one of the most difficult decisions has to do with the vehicle's size.

The BeauEr, An Expandable Trailer, Is Revolutionizing The Camper Industry

It's all a matter of compromising between comfort and practicality. According to Good Sam Camping's listing, the maximum length authorized for trailers averages 40 feet in most states but dips below that floor in some, like North Carolina, which only tolerates trailers 35 feet long or less. Even abiding by that limit, having a great time in a decent-size space is perfectly possible. What is harder is storing a 35-foot trailer on your property once the trip is over. Oak log home on wheels proves you can have it all. The "Log Cabins 2 Go" line from Gastineau Log Homes offers the flexibility and versatility every log home lover needs -- the ability to move around coupled with the amenities of a larger home.

Oak log home on wheels proves you can have it all

Needless to say, the features of this home proves you can have it all, even at just 400-square-feet. Each log cabin does come with customizable features (floor plans below). Let's begin at the entrance of one. Upon entering the home via the porch, you arrive at the sitting and living area. Uploading... Adjacent to the sitting area is a small nook for dining. There's a complete kitchen with a full stove, sink, and fridge. Here's what the ceilings look like -- the most luxurious of wood!

A peek at the bedroom downstairs: The bathroom: On the outside, you can install screens over the doors and windows. There's two floor plan designs for these log cabins:

Eco Houses

Adorable $250 Cob House Created by a Retired Art Teacher. Mr Michael Buck, a 59-year-old retired teacher of art from Oxfordshire, England decided to build an adorable cob house out in his garden for $250 (£150).

Adorable $250 Cob House Created by a Retired Art Teacher

This home almost looks like a hobbit home or a country cottage straight out of Middle Earth. The story behind the project is almost just as magical. Making sure to use only reclaimed or natural materials and with no gas, water or electrical mains Buck has been able to keep things simple while saving a lot of money. Michael Buck spent 8 months creating the home using an ancient technique known as cob.