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LinkedIn. Colorful Binishell Dome Homes Made from Inflatable Concrete Cost Just $3,500. Architect Nicoló Bini uses a technique similar to covering a balloon with papier-mâché to build his concrete Binishell domed homes.

Colorful Binishell Dome Homes Made from Inflatable Concrete Cost Just $3,500

He starts with a two-dimensional shape on the ground, adds wooden form around an air bladder and reinforcing steel rebar, and then places a load of concrete that sets and slowly rises from the ground. Hit the jump to learn more about these unusual structures. This strange building technique combines an ancient building material with a modern-day aesthetic. Project: EARTH : Timeless Earth Solutions. Note: the above video was made 3.5 years ago and will be updated in November with a more relevant and current one.

Project: EARTH : Timeless Earth Solutions

Experience…. Best Technologies & Innovations in Bio-Architecture, Renewable/Radiant Energy, Food and Water Systems, Economic Systems and Social Architecture.Advanced Educational Environments, Materials, Practices and Concepts.Holistic (Gestalt) Mind, Body and Spirit Development.Sustainable Lifestyle Solutions.Integrative Wellness Services.Community grounded in Truth, Love and Integrity… true security & peace of mind.The Highest Attainable Nourishment with Vibrant “Living Foods and Water.” Community Living – Reclaiming our Heart Wisdom & Core Life Purpose. Green Society Association.

The Future of Energy FilmThe Future of Energy Film. Want to support the movement?

The Future of Energy FilmThe Future of Energy Film

The Future of Energy is a non-profit film. Even though we've finished production, we're still actively seeking funds to cover the cost of music licensing, stock footage, and editing fees for post production. In addition, our plan is to tour the film internationally through schools, colleges, and local communities. If you can support this movement financially, we'd greatly appreciate your support! Thanks for being part of the solution! Planetary Advocates is a 501(c)(3) non profit organization. American Apparel T-Shirts, Tank Tops, Hoodies, Toddler T’s and more! Check out The Future of Energy store! Additional Press mention in Forbes Tree Hugger Indigo Children Green LifeStyle Aloha Green House Idea Blog "100% renewable energy is not a dream. Untitled. Staff Directory - City of Cherokee, Iowa   Bio Energies. SAFFE Central America - SAFFE.

KFSSI Promo Video (English with multiple subtitles) Planet Earth Dome. The One Community Duplicable City Center Open Source Hub. One Community is designing an open source and free-shared duplicable city center to save resources and help model a redefinition of how people choose to live.

The One Community Duplicable City Center Open Source Hub

This structure will function as a recreation center, large-scale dining hall, large-scale laundry facility, and alternative for visitors that might not (at first) be comfortable staying in the earthbag or straw bale hand-constructed homes. Monolithic Dome Institute. Vision.

Home. Rif. patent PCTIB2008002636 DEL 06.10.2008 Mat Tek ™: is the innovative self-supporting construction system, created using hi-tech materials derived from completely recycled waste plastics, and offers building processes that are more advantageous than those found in traditional building systems.


The trademark has been registered internationally and is the exclusive property of Eco Mat Research. Mat tek ™ is a construction system that integrates the structural part with the external covering, incorporates plant engineering and becomes a unique building solution that is sturdy as well as versatile. Movie. CavCon Industries of Michigan, Inc., Specialty construction services, Michigan, Nevada, California, Florida, Indiana. Design/Build Homes with Hemp. Aquaponic Systems for Home Food Production. Nelson and Pade, Inc.’s Home Food Production systems use the same science-based design, component ratios and water flow dynamics as our commercial systems.

Aquaponic Systems for Home Food Production

They are just smaller. Our Home Food Production systems are a great way to learn the concepts and daily operation of aquaponics, while growing fresh fish and vegetables for your family. About Planetwork. Ibuku Bamboo Architecture and Design. Green Village. Set along the terraced slopes of the Ayung River in Sibang, Bali, Green Village is a master-planned community of eighteen dramatically unique homes, each custom designed, rigorously engineered, and hand-constructed to embody the inherent strengths and versatility of bamboo.

Green Village

Within walking distance of the Green School, the architectural innovations and structural vocabulary are an extension of the sustainable principles and artisan craftsmanship of the world famous campus. According to Elora Hardy, creative director of the Ibuku design team, “Green Village has redefined the potential of sustainable materials. It is a place where where people connect with nature. We build light on the land. With very few resources or attention a bamboo shoot can become a structural column within three years, and that house can stand strong for a lifetime.

A percentage of every villa sold is contributed to Green School’s Balinese Student Scholarship Fund. Waitlist: 2-4 months. The bamboo homes of Bali - Videos. Structural Analysis of Geodesic Domes. Green Village. Home - VILLAGE — Puerta a la Vida. The Pyramid Temple Communities. CommentNovember 17th, 2013 15:11 During the 400,000 year Galactic period, twelve Pyramid Temple Communities were spaced around the planet in the warm balmy climates, each initially colonized with about a hundred thousand male and female bodies.

The Pyramid Temple Communities

The bodies were cloned by the Galactic Elohim in body-growing novas on board their great mind-over-matter causation spaceships. The Egyptian Pyramid Temple Communities were the main project of Hermes. The three large pyramids there are aligned with the planet’s energy grid, so that the Universal Christ energies and consciousness of the Universal Mind in these cities would begin to flow out around the belt of the planet through its etheric energy grid (known as ley lines), infusing the eleven other communities with life force. The Pyramid Temple Communities were all built of stone that could be charged with gamma laser force. EcoHarmony Kins Freemen Domes Concrete Domes, Biotecture, Basalt, Monolithic. Bienvenue.