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Build your own yurt. Rivendell Village. Diggers and Dreamers. Lammas — A Pioneering Ecovillage in West Wales. Communal living in Britain 1939-2000. Edge of Time. If you thought that ours was the first generation to try to change the world then think again.

Edge of Time

This archaeology of dreams explores every corner of these islands detailing over 500 utopian experiments in a comprehensive historical gazetteer and telling the stories of our utopian ancestors from early Christian Sects to the foundation of the welfare state ... less a catalogue of broken dreams, more a rough guide to a utopian future. The book is divided into five historical threads covering different types of utopian community.Thread 1 ...

Dissenters’ Paradise: Christian Sects from the 15th to the 20th centuryThread 2 ... Islands of Socialism: Early 19th century Socialist ExperimentsThread 3 ... Artistic Visionaries: Artists’ Colonies from Coleridge to Peake.Thread 4 ... A village hidden in the rainforest - Kalu Yala. Sustainable Communities: Eco Villages, Intentional Communities, Training, Networks. About Sustainable Communities. There are many definitions and there are many different ways for communities to attain a more sustainable future.

About Sustainable Communities

The sustainability of a community depends on creating and maintaining its economic and environmental health, promoting social equity, and fostering broad-based citizen participation in planning and implementation. Communities that engage citizens and institutions to develop sustainability principles and a collective vision for the future and that apply an integrative approach to environmental, economic, and social goals are generally likely to be more successful.

Job creation, energy use, housing, transportation, education and health are considered complementary parts of the whole. Since all issues are interconnected they must be addressed as a system. The process includes: Sustainability is a process of continuous improvement so communities constantly evolve and make changes to accomplish their goals. Contact information:CONCERN, Inc.P.O. Institute for Sustainable Communities. Pedal Power Wheat Grinding. Free Plans To Build your own Bicycle Generator Pedal Power Station. Seed Saving Handbook: Learn How to Save Seeds From Common Garden Vegetables—Free! Natural Building. Greenlivingpedia - Greenlivingpedia, a wiki on green living, building and energy. From Greenlivingpedia, a wiki on green living, building and energy Welcome to Greenlivingpedia, a free resource for sharing information on green living, now and for the future.

Greenlivingpedia - Greenlivingpedia, a wiki on green living, building and energy

This is a wiki, so you can create and edit content to share information and collaborate with others on how we can lighten our footprint on the planet and live in harmony with nature and our environment. You can also publish original information in a protected article if you wish. Our goal is to provide an information resource that you can use and contribute to across a broad range of green living and community action topics. Articles about your project, your group and local community actions are welcome. Search Greenlivingpedia or create article Featured articles - green buildings See also: Gallery and map of green buildings Featured articles - community action, environment, water and energy Topics New content Some tips on how to use Greenlivingpedia Use the navigation bar on the left to access pages.

Bookmark this site. My Advice to Others Planning to Start an Ecovillage — Communities Magazine. From Ecovillages By Diana Leafe Christian “Consensus . . . allows each person complete power over the group.”

—Caroline Estes, Communities Directory (FIC, 1991, 1995) Barge Haulers on the Volga, Ilya Repin, 1870-1873 (December, 2012) “You’d better watch out! The community member rose from her chair as she said this, obviously distraught. The member who blocked seemed stunned. This particular Green Meadow member had threatened to block numerous times over the years, which of course stopped potential proposals from being presented. Unhappy Nelly, Edgar Degas, 1885 The phrase “You’d better ''watch out!”

“Excuse me, are you making a threat?” “What should you watch . . . out . . . for?” Hey . . . wait a sec. Not only that — for years people had been afraid to even bring up proposals they feared this member would block. Never again did the group test a block to see if it was valid, regardless of the belief that they use Formal Consensus. Was Green Meadow an example of consensus working well?