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Young People's Trust For the Environment. Rainforests This set of lesson plans explores the plants, animals and people of the Amazon rainforest, enabling students to learn more about classification of ...

Young People's Trust For the Environment

Sustainable development This suite of lesson plans looks at the environmental threats to our planet e.g. pollution, over-use of natural resources and climate change. It e... Wildlife in your local area This suite of lesson plans covers the identification of commonly-found wild plants and animals from the United Kingdom. The Greenhouse Effect. Living architecture – Just another WordPress site.

Movie: Rachel armstrong on living architecture and project Persephone. "Growing a city from the bottom up" could save the human race Dezeen and MINI Frontiers: developing "living architecture" could help humanity survive, claims senior University of Greenwich lecturer Rachel Armstrong, who is investigating how we could grow a city in space.

Movie: Rachel armstrong on living architecture and project Persephone

"The world in which our cities are situated is lively," says Armstrong. "A living city could confer survival strategies and some form of adaptation to our buildings. " Living buildings could "absorb pollutants and carbon dioxide," she claims, and even offer better protection against natural disasters. Interview: Rachel Armstrong, Innovative Scientist Who Wants to Grow Architecture. The next guest in our interview series is Dr.

Interview: Rachel Armstrong, Innovative Scientist Who Wants to Grow Architecture

Rachel Armstrong, interdisciplinary practitioner and sustainability innovator. Armstrong’s work uses all manners of media to engage audiences and bring them into contact with the latest advances in science and their real potential through the inventive applications of technology, to address some of the biggest problems facing the world today. She designs solutions for the built and natural environment using advanced new technologies and smart chemistry. Rachel Armstrong - The Home for Black Sky Thinking. Scientists discover another cause of bee deaths, and it's really bad news. So what is with all the dying bees?

Scientists discover another cause of bee deaths, and it's really bad news

Scientists have been trying to discover this for years. Meanwhile, bees keep dropping like... well, you know. Is it mites? Pesticides? Cell phone towers? Quartz reports: Scientists had struggled to find the trigger for so-called Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) that has wiped out an estimated 10 million beehives, worth $2 billion, over the past six years. The researchers behind that study in PLOS ONE -- Jeffery S. The discovery means that fungicides, thought harmless to bees, is actually a significant part of Colony Collapse Disorder. The Original Green Living Wall: Basis for Great Design, By George Irwin. The Original Green Living Wall: Basis for Great Design When something is successful it’s only natural to emulate that same success.

The Original Green Living Wall: Basis for Great Design, By George Irwin

Green wall technologies are no different. As the owner of three patents, I find myself grinning in disbelief that someone would think so highly of what I have invented to copy it as their own. Laws today prevent intellectual property from being duplicated, however, Mother Nature cannot be patented. No one company or person has claim to inventing the Living Wall except for hers truly, Mother Nature.

The vitality and survival skills of plants are remarkable, provided an opportunity they can adapt to the climate and location. During my lectures, I refer to living walls as a pot that can be elevated to hang on walls (or freestanding) - it’s not that simple but my point is, if you have a potted plant and you put it in the closet and it dies do you blame the pot? The key features behind successful living walls are those duplicated by nature.

Green Wall Systems. Beautiful: Colorful, FragrantCreate Wellness: Clean Air, Comfort, Peace, TranquilityInspire: Creativity, Productivity, EnergyProduce: Vegetables, Herbs, FlowersSave and Conserve: Habitat, Energy Many Benefits Planted living walls, first and foremost, are beautiful.

Green Wall Systems

These vertical gardens are also excellent at reducing energy consumption, cooling their surroundings, creating habitat and providing social benefits, peace, tranquility, respite and inspiration. Their use can even extend to the interior of the building where they help to purify air and create a peaceful, stress-relieving environment. Let’s look at these environmental contributions to physical health and mental health in detail: Air Quality A green living wall improves air quality by reducing dust and particulates and promotes carbon reduction in the atmosphere by helping to reduce the amount of heat lost from your home or workplace. Mental Heath and Wellness Appearance. VertiGarden VertiGarden. Vertical Gardens and Green Walls. Easiwall Green Wall System UK Europe. £169.99 inc.

Easiwall Green Wall System UK Europe

Eco-DIY: recycle old gutters into a vertical garden - EcoStreet. Help Save Bees - Bumblebee Identification Chart. Search. The Nexus of Biofuels, Climate Change, and Human Health ...


Earth Lab – The climate is changing. ... Thursday, December 12, 2013 - 10:00am. December 3: Public Briefing: Abrupt Impacts of Climate Change. ... Climate Reality. THE CLIMATE CRISIS The science on climate change is settled.

Climate Reality

Carbon pollution from Dirty Energy is creating a world of Dirty Weather. Together we can stop it.Get the basics > THE DENIERS The fossil fuel industry is spreading doubt and misinformation by following the exact same playbook used by the tobacco industry.Learn more > WHAT WE CAN DO Together, it’s time to speak out and spread the truth about climate change. By showing our support, we can work toward real solutions.Learn more > ABOUT US The Climate Reality Project is dedicated to unleashing a global cultural movement demanding action on the climate crisis.Learn more >