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ALL Power Labs is the new global leader in small-scale gasification. We make biomass fueled power generators that are ready for everyday work, to serve real world distributed energy needs. Our project started in 2008 with the open source Gasifier Experimenter’s Kit (the GEK), supporting research, education and DIY hacking in biomass thermal conversion. Five years later the GEK has evolved into the Power Pallet, a fully automated solution for personal scale biomass power generation. Today you can find over 500 of our systems in over 50 countries, and supporting research in over 50 universities. Our motivating goal is to deploy at scale a new type of energy product: a personal scale waste-to-energy appliance.


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GEK Wiki / Run an Engine with the GEK return to How to Build and Run the GEK Gasifier How to do wood gas conversions for gasoline, diesel, and propane/natural gas engines with the GEK Gasifier. Have you welded and painted and properly assembled the GEK Gasifier? Have you fired up the flare and adjusted the results until you get a clean gas? If so, you've graduated to the next level: run an engine with the GEK to start making power. Below are the instructions and suggestions you will need to get started. Variable Speed Blowers are built for optimal service life., AMETEK Technical Indust Designed for Gas-Fired Burner Systems: Nautilair® 7.6" (192mm) variable speed blowers for gas-fired burner systems incorporate brushless DC motors to enable reliable performance in excess of 20,000 hours with minimal maintenance. These pre-mix burner blowers are designed to deliver a measured air/fuel mixture to optimize combustion and reduce nitrous oxide and carbon monoxide emissions. Applications include commercial and residential boilers, water heaters, furnaces, foodservice equipment, kilns, and fuel cells, among others.

La bioponie, quelques informations - Comment ça pousse ? Le guide de la culture hydroponique La culture bioponique : hydroponie biologique Depuis des années, des recherches intensives sont entreprises par les chercheurs d’un grand nombre de pays pour trouver un moyen de faire de l’hydroponie réellement biologique. C’est enfin William Texier qui, en 2004, a découvert et mis en oeuvre le concept de la culture bioponique, la nouvelle méthode de culture hydroponique biologique.

GEK Wiki / How to Build and Run the GEK Gasifier GEK Licensing Fabrication, Assembly, and Operating Manuals Below you will find all instructions for fabricating, assembling and running the GEK gasifier and Power Pallet. The instructions support a variety of paths-- from complete DIY wood gas plans for scrap tank hacks, to assembling and firing the various complete gasifier kits offered by ALL Power Labs. BioEnergy Discussion Lists The Mailing Lists Biomass Cooking Stoves Mailmain List Cocinas y Estufas Mejoradas These lists help people develop better stoves for cooking with biomass fuels in developing regions. Gasification Mailman List This list is for people involved in the development of Gasification Systems Biochar (Terra Preta) Yahoo Group This list is for people interested in the intentional placement of charcoal in soil Anaerobic Digestion (Biogas) This is a general discussion about technical aspects of anaerobic digestion. The discussion is moderated by Paul Harris, University of Adelaide.

10-20kw Power Pallets - GEK Gasifier Why it’s different The Power Pallet is the culmination of our long-standing project to create an expertly engineered, small-scale gasification solution that is realistic for today’s user. While personal scale gasification has long held tremendous promise, the realities of making it work usually prove too much for regular mortals. The high bar of operator expertise and extreme sensitivity to fuel particulars, usually combine to make what seems simple in principle, exceedingly difficult in practice. The Power Pallet has significantly widened this window for success by embedding the needed “expertise” in an onboard electronic brain.

South Carolina Solar Council Grant Opportunity DOE is also offering $117.6 million in Recovery Act funds for solar energy technologies, including $51.5 million for the development of advanced photovoltaic (PV) technologies, such as solar cells and modules; $25.6 million for research and development to support concentrating solar power (CSP), which uses mirrored surfaces to capture the sun’s heat; and $40.5 million to address non-technical barriers to solar energy deployment, including market barriers, cumbersome grid connection requirements, and a lack of trained installers. About $17 million of the solar funding is available only to DOE national laboratories. Hydroponie Un article de Ékopédia, l'encyclopédie pratique. L’hydroponie ou culture hydroponique (ou agriculture hors-sol), du grec πονος (ponos, "le travail" ou "l'effort") et ὕδωρ (hudōr, “l'eau”), consiste à utiliser un substrat neutre et inerte (sable, pouzzolane, billes d'argile, laine de roche, par exemple) pour cultiver des plantes hors sol. Une solution riche en sels minéraux et nutriments irrigue régulièrement ce substrat. 50 à 200 euro de matériel et vous produisez toute la nourriture dont vous avez besoin pour vous et votre famille.

The Gengas Page With permisssion from: THE BIOMASS ENERGY FOUNDATION PRESS 1820 Smith Rd., Golden, CO 80401 by: H. LaFontaine, Biomass Energy Foundation, lnc. Miami, Florida and F. P. Zimmerman, Oak Ridge National laboratory, Energy Division FEMA lnteragency Agreement Number: EMW-84-E-1737 Work Unit: 3521 D

Free Energy Power Generator Video above : System builded by the inventor Mitchell, his system seems also to be overunity. He is convinced to have discovered a big thing, he beleives his system can change the world to make it possible for everyone to make his own free energy machine. Since the publication of this document that you find on this page several engineers, handy-men and people from all around the world succeed in making a working prototype with overunity and free energy results. Sometimes they were informed by this document, sometimes they invented a similar working concept by themselves completely independently. George Mitchell is such a guy, independent self made inventor. Jean Pain Compost Heating | Ingienous Designs - Iceweasel Jean Pain was an ingenious French inventor who composted woody biomass on his farm to make fertile soil while collecting large amounts of emission-free energy. The Jean Pain Mound is a large pile of chipped forest wood brush (up to 40 tons) with a bioreactor in the middle and plastic piping spiraling through the pile to absorb the heat of decomposing wood mass. It produces: methaneheat for hot watercompost from wood chips

Pulse Output WattNode AC Electric Power and Energy Meter The WattNode Pulse is a true RMS AC watt-hour transducer with pulse output (solid state relay closure) proportional to kWh consumed. The WattNode provides accurate measurement at low cost to meet your needs for sub-metering, net-metering, energy management, and performance contracting applications. The complete Pulse Output family measures 1, 2, or 3 phases in 2, 3, or 4 wire configurations. With voltage ratings from 120 to 600 Vac and current transformer (CT) ratings from 5 to 6000 amps, there is a WattNode combination to meet your AC power measurement requirements. Diagnostic LEDs

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