About Us - GEK Gasifier

About Us - GEK Gasifier
ALL Power Labs is the new global leader in small-scale gasification. We make biomass fueled power generators that are ready for everyday work, to serve real world distributed energy needs. Our project started in 2008 with the open source Gasifier Experimenter’s Kit (the GEK), supporting research, education and DIY hacking in biomass thermal conversion. Five years later the GEK has evolved into the Power Pallet, a full solution for personal scale biomass power generation. Today you can find over 500 of our systems in over 50 countries, and supporting research in over 50 universities. Our motivating goal is to deploy at scale a new type of energy product: a personal scale waste-to-energy appliance.


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Product Overview - GEK Gasifier ALL Power Labs offers biomass gasifiers and power generation systems at multiple levels of assembly and system integration. From ”You build it from scratch” to “We deliver it turnkey complete“; you decide the relative amount of effort vs cost you want to invest towards your finished system. All GEKs and Power Pallets are covered by a 100% money back guarantee. If you buy one and find yourself unimpressed with the total value of the product and project, we’ll refund all your money (minus shipping costs)– we’re that confident you’ll be happy with the specifics. See here for more specifics on our warranty. We offer complete customer support and service, with a dedicated team available to answer your questions, trouble shoot your installation, even travel to your site for setup and training.

TROMPE - Powered Passive Aeration of Mine Water Thursday December 12, 2013 (Revision of video posted Tuesday, June 18, 2013) PITTSBURGH, PA — In the 1600s, Italian engineers discovered a way to compress air using only gravity and water. Later on, Spanish engineers working on ways to improve iron production, realized this technique could be used to drive their tools. In the 20th century, modern engineers realized the advantages of using the same device to drive tools used in underground mining while also supplying fresh air to miners. GEK Wiki / How to Build and Run the GEK Gasifier GEK Licensing Fabrication, Assembly, and Operating Manuals Below you will find all instructions for fabricating, assembling and running the GEK gasifier and Power Pallet. The instructions support a variety of paths-- from complete DIY wood gas plans for scrap tank hacks, to assembling and firing the various complete gasifier kits offered by ALL Power Labs.

Winning the Oil Endgame n 2004, Rocky Mountain Institute's Chief Scientist, Chairman and Co-founder Amory Lovins and a team of RMI collaborators accomplished a highly complex and innovative task—the drafting of a roadmap for the United States to get completely off oil by 2050, led by business for profit. The result became a thoroughly researched, highly analytical yet practical book called "Winning the Oil Endgame" (WTOE). Following its release, RMI began working with key industry stakeholders to accelerate key components of the WTOE strategy. Plastic Gasification = diesel for $.17 a Liter Originally Posted by Rusty ShackelfordHitler powered the Third Reich with gasification for the most part. I have been curious about the process for some time as gasification can take place with any carbon based feed stock. I don't envision it making us energy independent on its own, but do see it as a key component. I am intrigued by the possibility of using landfill refuse and sewage sludge as a possible cheap feedstock. Using our trash and waste for fuel instead of using our food as fuel makes much more sense.I work in landfills and the off gassing can power some of them. However, the retrofitting technology for older LFs is not there yet to scale it up.

GEK Wiki / Run an Engine with the GEK return to How to Build and Run the GEK Gasifier How to do wood gas conversions for gasoline, diesel, and propane/natural gas engines with the GEK Gasifier. Have you welded and painted and properly assembled the GEK Gasifier? Have you fired up the flare and adjusted the results until you get a clean gas? If so, you've graduated to the next level: run an engine with the GEK to start making power. Below are the instructions and suggestions you will need to get started. The Gengas Page With permisssion from: THE BIOMASS ENERGY FOUNDATION PRESS 1820 Smith Rd., Golden, CO 80401 by: H. LaFontaine, Biomass Energy Foundation, lnc. Miami, Florida and F. P. Zimmerman, Oak Ridge National laboratory, Energy Division FEMA lnteragency Agreement Number: EMW-84-E-1737 Work Unit: 3521 D

Citrus In The Snow- Geoair Energy Geo Air Technology _______________________________ Geo Air 'vs Geo Liquid There are actually two principle technologies for the movement and storage of Geothermal Energy. Most people have only heard of "Geo Liquid" and for some reason has become the standard option for "Low Grade Geothermal" systems. Geo-Liquid method Geo-Air method Geo Liquid- This is the most widely promoted method by HVAC dealers and when you question them you will be told it is the most energy efficient means to move and store heat and cold energy.

Build A Gasifier - Gasifier-Kits Is building a gasifier too difficult? Well you could just buy a kit or a small scale designed unit. The links here explore a range of options. 10-20kw Power Pallets - GEK Gasifier Why it’s different The Power Pallet is the culmination of our long-standing project to create an expertly engineered, small-scale gasification solution that is realistic for today’s user. While personal scale gasification has long held tremendous promise, the realities of making it work usually prove too much for regular mortals. The high bar of operator expertise and extreme sensitivity to fuel particulars, usually combine to make what seems simple in principle, exceedingly difficult in practice. The Power Pallet has significantly widened this window for success by embedding the needed “expertise” in an onboard electronic brain.

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Announcing the New v.5 GEK Gasifier & Power Pallet - GEK Gasifier Now with 24hr run time, increased reliability and ease of use Today we’re pleased to announce the new v5.0 GEK Gasifier and related Power Pallet. Two years in development, the v5.0 represents a generational change in our core gasifier technology, incorporating all we’ve learned over the last five years of development and deployment. For you, this means a significant advancement in performance, ease of use, and cost of operation/maintenance.