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Local Search Ranking Factors 2015

Local Pack/Finder Ranking Factors Google My Business Signals (Proximity, categories, keyword in business title, etc.) 25.12%Link Signals (Inbound anchor text, linking domain authority, linking domain quantity, etc.) 16.53%Review Signals (Review quantity, review velocity, review diversity, etc.) 15.44%On-Page Signals (Presence of NAP, keywords in titles, domain authority, etc.) 13.82%Citation Signals (IYP/aggregator NAP consistency, citation volume, etc.) 10.82%Behavioral Signals (Click-through rate, mobile clicks to call, check-ins, etc.) 9.56%Personalization 5.88%Social Signals (Google engagement, Facebook engagement, Twitter engagement, etc.) 2.82% Localized Organic Ranking Factors Introduction Another year, and another Local Search Ranking Factors survey is here. My apologies for being late with it again. My thoughts and summary of the survey results can be found here on the Moz Blog, and I would love to hear your thoughts and questions in the comments section here. Definitions Local Pack

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Using SEO to Generate Web Design Clients the Non-Spammy Way Most web designers aren’t very familiar with SEO (Search Engine Optimization), which is the process of ranking specific web pages as high up in the SERPs (Search Engine Result Positions) as possible. It’s understandable, web design and SEO are only loosely connected. The only time when SEO enters the mind of a web designer is usually when they’re writing the HTML and considering the relevant tags to use. It’s also understandable because most web designers work with local clients, or have other ways of finding clients. But it’s very possible to use SEO to find web design clients if you know what you’re doing.

Announcing the 2018 Local Search Ranking Factors Survey It has been another year (and a half) since the last publication of the Local Search Ranking Factors, and local search continues to see significant growth and change. The biggest shift this year is happening in Google My Business signals, but we’re also seeing an increase in the importance of reviews and continued decreases in the importance of citations. Check out the full survey! Huge growth in Google My Business Google has been adding features to GMB at an accelerated rate. 45 Incredibly Useful Web Design Checklists and Questionnaires - Smashing Magazine Designing websites can be a long and complicated process. Dealing with clients, designing prototypes, coding, programming, and testing – there’s a lot to keep track of and a lot to make sure gets done. That’s where checklists can make your life a whole lot easier. With lists of points covering multiple areas from content to usability to accessibility to standards, you’re a lot less likely to overlook important parts of a site.

2018 Local Search Ranking Factors: Google My Business Signals Up 32% The impact of Google My Business on local search rankings has seen significant growth in 2018, according to Moz’ 2018 Local Search Ranking Factors survey. Results of the survey are largely similar to last year’s, with one exception. Google My Business signals now make up 25% of the top ranking factors for Google’s local pack. That’s up from 19% in 2017. Features such as Google Posts, Google Q&A, and image/video updates are frequently mentioned throughout the survey as top ranking signals. Why You Should Use Google Webmaster Tools « SEO and online marketing Posted by admin on Mar 8, 2012 in SEO | Comments Off Introduction Signing up for an account with Google Webmaster Tools is free and easy to use, plus you will be able to stay on top of issues and make changes when needed.

Ultimate Local SEO Checklist For 2019 (With Ranking Factors) Optimize Your Content For Local SEO The content on your site can make or break you. Here’s how to make sure it is the former: The content of each page should be unique, no duplicate content. How to Write for the Web—a New Approach for Increased Engagement We tend to put a lot of effort into writing great content these days. But what's the point of all that hard work if hardly anybody actually reads it through to the end? In this week's Whiteboard Friday, Dan Petrovic illustrates a new approach to writing for the web to increase reader engagement, and offers some tools and tips to help along the way. Click on the whiteboard image above to open a high resolution version in a new tab! Video Transcription G'day, Moz fans, Dan Petrovic from DEJAN here.

Google Shows Startups How to Master SEO in 10 Minutes Worried about how to fill out your meta keywords tag so your startup ranks best in Google results? Don't bother, the company says. Google search ignores it. Google released on Tuesday a video that provides startups tips and suggestions about how to master search engine optimization in just 10 minutes. SEE ALSO: How a Google Search Travels Around the World [INFOGRAPHIC] Here's Why Nobody Reads Your Content - DEJAN How much time do you have to read this? Switch to 5 minutes version. Our research shows that only one in five people read web content word for word. Free SEO Keyword Tools to Boost Quality TrafficReveNews CC Image courtesy of Danard Vincente on Flickr Many free SEO keyword tools can generate thorough keyword research. This research is the foundation on which search engine marketing and optimization campaigns are built. These keywords are the driving force behind increasing traffic.

Study: 11 Most Common On-site SEO Issues If you want to make sure your webpages rank well in search engines, it's essential to have a basic knowledge of search engine optimization (SEO). But the truth is, many people don't. SEMrush’s research shows that website owners often struggle with technical SEO. Can Google Really Access Content In JavaScript? Matt Cutts says Google can access some content within JavaScript and AJAX. There is evidence Google crawls the web through Chrome which could explain how Google could execute JavaScript and AJAX. But the question keeps coming up: can Google execute JavaScript and AJAX?

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