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Walk Free - The Movement to End Modern Slavery

Walk Free - The Movement to End Modern Slavery
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EARTHWORKS Earthworks' Mission Earthworks is a nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting communities and the environment from the adverse impacts of mineral and energy development while promoting sustainable solutions. Earthworks stands for clean air, water and land, healthy communities, and corporate accountability. How We Work We fulfill our mission by working with communities and grassroots groups to reform government policies, improve corporate practices, influence investment decisions and encourage responsible materials sourcing and consumption. We expose the health, environmental, economic, social and cultural impacts of mining and energy extraction through work informed by sound science. The Genesis of Earthworks Earthworks evolved from the work of two organizations: Mineral Policy Center and the Oil & Gas Accountability Project. Mineral Policy Center was founded in 1988 by Phil Hocker, Mike McCloskey and former Secretary of the Interior Stewart L. Collaboration, Efficiency and Effectiveness

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: 7 Fabulous iPad Apps to Create Sh... Today, however, I am sharing with you a set of some wonderful apps that you can use to create short video lessons and tutorials to share with your students. You can also use them to : Easily explain a range of topics from math to chemistry to music theory to basket weaving.Attach a personal message to any travel photos you want to shareDiagram offensive and defensive strategies for sportsGrade student work with commentary explaining the reasoning behind their performanceImplement a “flipped classroom” Showcase your tutorials online and share your knowledge with your students, friends, family, or the world! I have meticulously handpicked the apps mentioned below and only included what I personally see as the best available out there. 1- Educreations This is my favourite of them all. 2- ShowMe ShowMe is similar to Educreations in that it also allows you to turn your iPad into a recordable iPad. 3- DoodleCast Pro 4- Explain Everything 5- Board Cam Pro 7- Knowmia

Soi Dog Foundation - Sponsor A Dog or Cat Today See this turtle's miraculous recovery after getting caught in a piece of litter. When it comes to prioritizing environmental concerns, curbing litter isn't exactly at the top of the list. After all, when there are much bigger dangers like harmful emissions, overfishing, and climate change to worry about, how much harm are a few pieces of plastic on the ground really going to do? Just splitting a sixer of Strawberry Crush with my bros. What's the worst that could happen? But there's one turtle that would staunchly disagree with that mindset (or, at least he would if he could talk). Meet Peanut. The red-eared slider was found wandering the St. Peanut re-creating the fateful incident. Even after his rescuers snipped the plastic rings off, Peanut's shell was forever deformed into a figure-8, peanut-y shape (hence his name). These impairments made Peanut an easy target for predators, which meant he was unable to be released back into the wild. Today, Peanut has a home and a job with the State of Missouri. Peanut is ready for his close-up. Peanut rockin' out.

International Association of School Librarianship - IASL AcademicInfo: Subject Guides & Online Degrees AcademicInfo is an online education resource center with extensive subject guides and distance learning information. Their mission is to provide free, independent and accurate information and resources for prospective and current students (and other researchers). AcademicInfo was founded in 1998 by Mike Madin, a librarian coordinator, and is now maintained by multiple contributors. The site currently features over 25,000+ hand-picked resources and update the website on a daily basis. The Summit on School Libraries 2002 The Summit on School Libraries was called to help find a response to what is perceived as "a growing crisis in school libraries. Internet Public Library The Internet Public Library, maintained by the library school at the University of Michigan is a wonderful resource for all kinds of libraries. The Educator's Reference Desk School Library Journal Online SLiP: School Library Information Portal Resource Links School-Libraries.Org

(111) Red Wolf Coalition Sea Shepherd Conservation Society Teacher Librarians ‘What is a teacher librarian ? A qualified teacher librarian is defined as a person who holds recognised teaching qualifications and qualifications in librarianship, defined as eligibility for professional membership for the Australian Library and Information Association.Within the broad fields of education and librarianship, teacher librarians are uniquely qualified. This is valuable because curriculum knowledge and pedagogy are combined with library and information management knowledge and skills.Teacher librarians support and implement the vision of their school communities through advocating and building effective library and information services and programs that contribute to the development of lifelong learners.Teacher librarians have three major roles : Teacher librarians as curriculum leaders; Teacher Librarians as information specialists; Teacher librarians as information services managers’. 1

(111) Saint Francis Wolf Sanctuary Navdanya Wordpreneur Wolf and Wildlife Studies - wolf research on Montana's Fishtrap pack emphasizing wolf behavior, wolf howling, wolf territory, wolf management, and the production of a wolf howling CD. Australia Yellowstone Country Photography