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Learning SEO From Google Employees. Get Your Small Business 5 Steps Closer to SERP Domination. Today’s guest post is from Brittany Berger of SERP domination is a beautiful thing. Unlike world domination, it isn’t lusted after by cartoon villains and doesn’t require making tons of enemies along the way. Nope. All it takes is a great online presence and some strategic SEO work. So, what is SERP domination? It’s when a search engine results page (SERP) is all you, or your small business. Every link, regardless of its type, on that results page either links back to you or something (hopefully positive) about you. You may think that dominating a SERP for your brand name is no big deal, but imagine how high websites that post reviews and news rank. Now, there are many aspects of a SERP, and the results listed are becoming increasingly diverse. It isn’t really possible to guarantee 100% that you’ll dominate any SERP, even for a search of your company’s name. 1.

Social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn all have extremely high rankings in search engines. 9 Tricks For Local Businesses To Increase Their SERP Click-Through Rate. Think You Have To Outsource SEO To An Expensive Firm? 5 Things You Can Do In House. Embed our White-Label SEO Audit Tool on Your Website! Using The New Adwords Keyword Planner For Local SEO Keyword Research. Let's face it. Local keywords research has never been that easy since the Venice update. While we have always been able to use the Google Keyword Tool to find out search volumes for keywords with Geo Modifiers such as "City Name + Keyword" we have been lacking some reasonable data regarding keywords that do not already have a Geo Modifier. My frustration has always been this: So what if Google tells me there are 12,100 searches for "Personal Injury Lawyer"?

My client is in a local city and I want to know how many people in his city are searching for his services. The good news is that there is now an adequate solution to this problem we have long been plagued by. Let me introduce you to the Google AdWords Keyword Planner. Start with some good local keyword data Before you start, make sure you are setup for success by doing some preliminary keyword research in your niche. Using these tools and collecting some good data up front will make the process more laser focused. 10 Great Alternatives to the Google Keyword Research Tool | Pamorama. 14 Great Stats to Convince SMBs to invest in local search. For those of us who work in local SEO, either in an agency or as a consultant, the value and benefits of local search are widely appreciated. Local consumers are using multiple devices more frequently to search for, research & review local businesses.

SMBs who don’t capitalise on this by having a useful & professional websites, monitoring their online reputation, or communicating with consumers online, may get left behind. However, it’s not always easy to convince SMBs about the merits of local search. But there is a ton of supporting data which make the case for investing in online (almost) impossible to argue against. In fact there are almost too many great stats than can end up over whelming business owners. 14 Best Stats Which Prove that Online is Key for Local Businesses We have curated & filtered this vast array of stats down to those that we think build the most compelling argument. The full set of 14 graphics can be accessed in PDF format here: Essential stats for convincing SMBs. Google: Local Searches Lead 50% of Mobile Users to Visit Stores [Study] Searches with local intent are more likely to lead to store visits and sales within a day.

New Google research says that 50 percent of mobile users are most likely to visit after conducting a local search, while 34 percent of consumers on tablets or computers will go to a store. And Google says these people are ready to buy once they are in a store, as 18 percent of local searches lead to sales, compared to 7 percent for non-local searches. Google's new study looks at local search intent and resulting action – what information people seek when they perform a local search or are on a particular device, and how that affects their decisions and purchasing behavior.

Participants in this study voluntarily completed an online survey or logged their smartphone search and in-store activities via a mobile diary. What Google found was that four out of five people surveyed used search engines to conduct local searches. Consumers said they would buy in the store versus online if they: Local Search Ranking Factors 2014 - Local SEO and How to Rank in Google.

Local Pack/Finder Ranking Factors Google My Business Signals (Proximity, categories, keyword in business title, etc.) 25.12%Link Signals (Inbound anchor text, linking domain authority, linking domain quantity, etc.) 16.53%Review Signals (Review quantity, review velocity, review diversity, etc.) 15.44%On-Page Signals (Presence of NAP, keywords in titles, domain authority, etc.) 13.82%Citation Signals (IYP/aggregator NAP consistency, citation volume, etc.) 10.82%Behavioral Signals (Click-through rate, mobile clicks to call, check-ins, etc.) 9.56%Personalization 5.88%Social Signals (Google engagement, Facebook engagement, Twitter engagement, etc.) 2.82% Localized Organic Ranking Factors Introduction Another year, and another Local Search Ranking Factors survey is here.

My apologies for being late with it again. I developed our own survey tool and, as with any software project, it always takes longer than you expect. Definitions GMB Listing Google My Business Listing. GMB Landing Page Local Pack. How to Rank Your Google Places/ My Business Page. Are you wondering how to rank your Google Maps/Places/My Business page? Great, we get asked this question a lot. This post is step one and is just to get ranked. Once you are ranked, you will likely need to improve your rankings. If you feel your page is already properly optimized, read this post on five ways to improve your Places page rankings. That will give you five simple tips on how to out rank your competition.

If you don’t have a My Business page setup or not the manager/owner of the page, this post is for you so read on. Another Way To Rank SEO is the process of getting your website listed in the search results. But there is another way to rank in the search results. There’s always another way in fact. You see, last week I wrote a post on how to rank high in Google. Start by Googling your business. Do you see search results that look like this? Google My Business Pages In the above image you see two organic search results, then a map with 7 businesses listed and Google Map icons. How YouTube Video Marketing Will Transform Your Small Business. It is time you learned how YouTube video marketing can transform your small business. I believe that your small business should develop a YouTube video marketing strategy as a prime method to export content, as well as help you to generate more clientele and higher revenue.

What I love about video marketing is that it can be leveraged in so many ways. I have written this blog post with the small business owner who has never really engaged in video marketing. So if you feel that the subject of video marketing on YouTube is overwhelming, this article was written with you in mind. YouTube is the largest video sharing site to date, with the most traffic and the highest amount of users on it making YouTube the definitive place for getting your videos published and marketed on. The crucial understanding is that great video marketing can be achieved on YouTube when you know what needs to be done and how to outsource the work. Videos can be leveraged in so many ways. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Google My Business SEO, Optimization & Setup in 2015 | Google Places "7-Pack" Local SEO Course. YouTube Marketing. Video SEO-The Small Business’s Secret Weapon There is a dirty little secret that many Local SEO services don’t like to talk about to their clients.

They fail to address how powerful video marketing has become, and why having a powerful YouTube marketing strategy may be every bit as important as having a powerful Google strategy. First and foremost, it is no secret that consumers prefer videos over text. Video watching has exploded as more consumers have faster download speeds on their home computers and their smart phones.

While most small businesses are still plugging away trying to grab top spots in the search engines for their website, they are missing out on the second largest search engine in the world. Why is YouTube Such a Powerful Marketing Tool for Small Business? Using Local Video Marketing & Video SEO Can Drive Customers to Your Business First of all, you must properly set up and optimize your YouTube Channel. Create a Local Video Marketing Campaign What is the goal of your video? Local Business Money Machine� Ranking #1 In Google ISN’T Important – ANY Local Business Can Dominate Online Marketing (Local Overtake Technique)! | Sold With Video's Blog and Articles. Yes, that’s right! Ranking #1 in Google is NOT important if you are looking to dominate Google with your small or local business. There are a lot of “experts” and marketers who would love to let you think you need to be #1 in Google to gain any traction with you local marketing, but I am going to prove them all wrong right now with my Local OvertakeTechnique!

Watch our video to see our Local Overtake Technique and how you can market your company online without being #1 in Google. We will also give you the TOP 2 mistakes most businesses are making right now, when it comes to online marketing. Go on… SLAM that play button! Here are the resources mentioned in our video: - Our Video SEO Services - Let us rank your video in Google, guaranteed results. - Affordable Video Ads For Businesses - Let us build a video ad for you. - How To Rank Your Video In Google and YouTube- Video SEO Training Video - You can rank your own videos.