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UK. London. The London Street Food Guide. - Compiled by Victoria Philpott Street food in London is tasty, cheap and plentiful – when you know where to look. If you’re looking for cheap eats London is the place to be. The creativity behind our street food stalls when it comes to cooking and serving is inspiring. There really is something for everyone. Walking. London Life. Time Out Worldwide - Your Guide to the Best Things to do in the World's Greatest Cities including London and New York. TNT Magazine - Travel guides, jobs, flats, Things to do in London, UK Events Guide, Tour Search, Travel Deals, Competitions. 10 Must-see Spots in England. Voyager avec son chien à l'étranger (Royaume Uni) - Informations générales - Articles Chien, Vive les chiens. Qui n'a pas rêvé d'aller voir le changement de la garde à Buckingham ?

Voyager avec son chien à l'étranger (Royaume Uni) - Informations générales - Articles Chien, Vive les chiens

Ou de visiter les superbes jardins à l'anglaise ? Ou bien d'aller boire une bière (pardon, une cervoise tiède) dans une Public House ? On ne peut pas emmener ses chiens partout, mais quand même, Darling, maintenant que la quarantaine en cage à la frontière n'existe plus, c'est plus facile ... Mais il y a toujours une obligation de quarantaine, qui fait que l'on ne voyage pas sans s'OR-GA-NI-SER. Quelques conseils sur comment s'y prendre, mais bien sur à re-vérifier [(très) longtemps] avant le départ. Cheers... et surtout stay calm (keep cool) Voyager ou résider en Grande Bretagne avec son chien … c’est possible (mais pas simple Il faut avoir prévu (assez longtemps à l’avance) le passeport pour chien et pouvoir justifier des vaccinations anti-rabiques. Il faut donc satisfaire aux obligations suivantes (Grande Bretagne) : 1- Le chien doit avoir une micropuce. 2- Le chien doit être vacciné contre la rage.

Pub guide to London pubs and other pubs in the UK. Where London. 20 free attractions in London. Who cares if London's hotels and restaurants tend to be on the expensive side?

20 free attractions in London

No city in the world has more free stuff to do. In addition to world-class museums without a ticket admission, you get the parks, canal walks, super markets (Portobello Road Market at Notting Hill Gate, Camden Market at Chalk Farm Rd, wonderful Columbia Road Flower Market at Gosset St in East London etc) and maybe some royal-spotting, and you can fill a life.

London, thank you! Here's the mere start of the free list: 1. The London Traveler. London city guide. LONDON. Visiter Londres à la sauce rock. Visiter Londres, c’est immanquablement aller voir Big Ben, monter dans la coupole de la cathédrale Saint-Paul, passer son dimanche dans Camden Town, flâner le long de la Tamise jusqu’aux Docklands, traverser Hyde Park le nez au vent ou courir dans la prairie de Hampstead Heath.

Visiter Londres à la sauce rock

Mais il y une autre manière de découvrir la capitale britannique : les pochettes de disques. Démonstration. Abbey Road Le passage piéton le plus célèbre du monde est situé dans le quartier résidentiel de Saint John’s Wood. Il a les honneurs de l’album "Abbey Road" des Beatles, sorti en 1969, le dernier qu’ils ont enregistré. Top 10 London Markets - Things To Do. London markets sell everything from food to flowers, modern art to antiques, clothes to curios.

Top 10 London Markets - Things To Do

Hidden Attractions and Unusual Things to Do in England. Uffington White Horse click 2x. In an area that includes an Iron Age hill fort and the place where St.

Uffington White Horse click 2x

Against All Odds, England's Massive Chalk Horse Has Survived 3,000 Years. If you stand in the valley near the village of Uffington in Oxfordshire, England, and look up at the high curve of chalk grassland above you, one thing dominates the view.

Against All Odds, England's Massive Chalk Horse Has Survived 3,000 Years

Across the flank of the hill runs an enormous white, abstract stick figure horse cut from the chalk itself. It has a thin, sweeping body, stubby legs, a curiously long tail and a round eye set in a square head. This is the Uffington White Horse, the oldest of the English hill figures. It’s a 3,000-year-old pictogram the size of a football field and visible from 20 miles away. On this July morning black specks dot the lower slopes as small groups of people trudge slowly upwards. Avebury – Wiltshire, England. Not far from the more famous Stonehenge and the mysterious Silbury Hill, the standing stones of Avebury form the world’s largest megalithic stone circle, but shed little light on the purpose behind their existence and that of their brethren.

Avebury – Wiltshire, England

Likely placed around 2600 BCE, the circles within circles of stones at the site (now village) known as Avebury paint one of the more complete pictures of a prehistoric ritual site to be found anywhere in the world. Mapledurham Watermill. Avoncroft Museum Historic Bldgs click 2x. Great Britain Map. CPRE Tranquility Map (Interactive) Footpath Maps: free online ordnance survey map and public footpath finder UK. In praise of the Norfolk coast: big skies, sandy beaches and subtle beauty. One evening last summer, I took an overgrown track to the iron-age fort at Warham, two miles from the Norfolk coast.

In praise of the Norfolk coast: big skies, sandy beaches and subtle beauty

I stood on its great banks of flowery chalk grassland, alone, and watched the sun disappear, two barn owls and a tawny owl the only other living presences in the landscape. It was a tranquil experience but also unexpectedly exhilarating. I felt I had slipped through conventional time; I didn’t come face-to-face with Boudicca exactly, but the past felt unusually present: mysterious, powerful, unsettling.

The north Norfolk coast is feted for its big skies and generous sandy beaches but this young coastline – still coming to terms with the last ice age – is also home to the most ancient of human traces. Home - Norfolk Heritage Explorer. On location: six walking trails made famous in TV and film. Historic North Wales. The age of Chivalry to which so many Welsh castles belong evokes romantic images of heroic knights winning fair ladies' hands. But when you look at the design and construction of Snowdonia's medieval castles , it's clear this wasn't a romantic age at all, but one of hardship and brutality.

Snowdonia's castles tell the story of the region's struggles for independence from the English crown, and some of Snowdonia's best-known castles were built by the English king, Edward I, in an effort to subdue the Welsh. But the Welsh princes were also prolific castle builders; Snowdonia's Welsh castles provided protection and served as inspirational symbols of the Welsh struggle for independence. Cardiff: places, people and news. WalesOnCraic - the latest fictional news from Wales. The Megalithic Portal and Megalith Map: SCOTLAND. Scotland. Ecosse - scotland. Scotland. Undiscovered Scotland. Scotland from the Roadside. VisitScotland - Scotland's national tourism organisation. The Internet Guide to Scotland.

Glasgow Guide. Glasgow revealed as the UK city which has inspired the most song titles. February 2, 2012 12:01 Scottish city narrowly edges out Edinburgh, Birmingham and Liverpool More Various Artists news, reviews, videos and tour dates Buy Various Artists music from Amazon. Edinburgh city guide. Historical Attractions In Edinburgh. Don't be fooled by the serenity, Edinburgh is a city with a vibrant and violent history. It was once home to brutal murderers, grave robbers and cannibals who have left the locals with more than a handful of tales that will make your blood run cold... find out all about it at the Edinburgh Dungeon ! 'Auld Reekie' (or 'Old Smoky', Edinburgh's nickname as a result of the notoriously poor air quality in the past) is also a city of writers, inventors and royalty. World-renowned authors Sir Walter Scott and Sir Arthur Conan Dolye were both born in Edinburgh as was Alexander Graham Bell, the inventor of the telephone.

Camera Obscura and World of Illusions Edinburgh - fun for all the family. I 10 castelli più belli della Scozia. Kilchurn Castle Feature Page on Undiscovered Scotland. Many Scottish castles tell the story of the changing times they lived through.

Kilchurn Castle Feature Page on Undiscovered Scotland

Alnwick Castle. The Intriguing Carvings of Rosslyn Chapel. Rosslyn Chapel (officially known as the Collegiate Chapel of St.

The Intriguing Carvings of Rosslyn Chapel

Stones of Wonder - Scottish standing stones, stone circles and cairns. Neist Point, Isle of Skye. Shetland Mousa Broch click 2 x. A mysterious round stone tower on the island of Mousa in northern Scotland is one of the best-preserved prehistoric structures in Europe.