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Maths National Curriculum Worksheets. In a survey of Heads of maths who use 10ticks worksheets: 99% would recommend the worksheets to a colleague in another school. 90% said that the worksheets had positively motivated their students. 82% said that the use of the worksheets had contributed to an increase in the standard of teaching in their school. 10ticks maths worksheets have been fully mapped to the CAPS National Curriculum and with more than 4000 to choose from you will never be short on maths resources again!

Maths National Curriculum Worksheets.

Our world renowned maths worksheets, recommended by thousands of teachers worldwide are now mapped to the NEW CAPS National Curriculum Grade R to Grade 9 and are ready to download. The extremely low fee of just R1400 for an annual licence gives you instant access to more than 3400 maths worksheets. The maths worksheets are great for homework, class work, booklets, whiteboards and teacher cover. Dr MM Mathe, Bhukulani’s principle, said, “The books enhanced confidence and self-esteem in the learners. SouthAfricanMathsProducts. 10ticks Worksheet Annual Licence The world famous 10ticks worksheets have now been created and aligned to the New CAPS Curriculum.


Maths National Curriculum Worksheets. UK school learning system by D Wood on Prezi. Australia Home Leaning System by D Wood on Prezi. How to videos. 10ticks - How To View Your Merits - Video (SLS) 10ticks - How To Signup To A trial - Video. 10ticks - How To Complete a Test - Video (SLS) 10ticks - How To View Your Results - Video (SLS) 10ticks. Ian Fisher (10ticks) sur Twitter. 10ticks. 10ticks. 10ticks. Top tips for getting your child to do their homework We often get parents asking us how they should use the 10ticks Online Learning System. 10ticks: Need Extra Maths Help. There are many reasons why you may want your child to have extra maths help.

10ticks: Need Extra Maths Help

The first is that your child may be struggling in maths and may be losing confidence as a result. A second reason is they are already good at maths and you want to build on this and want to really encourage them. A third reason is your child as exams coming and a bit of extra maths help will really boost their results. So there are clearly many reasons for wanting extra maths help and 10ticks can cater for all these different needs. We have one of the most comprehensive maths learning systems around and we have made sure the maths help we provide is first class and will let your child enjoy maths. With a small amount of extra maths help your child could gain significantly we suggest using the system just a couple of times a week for 20 to 30 minutes each time can really make a big difference.

Hope to see you soon, 10ticks: About 10ticks. 10ticks (10ticks) on Pinterest. How to view a worksheet. How to access a guide. How to access a test. Aus home learning system prezi. Australia School Learning System. Online Maths School. Motivating children to succeed. Maths Worksheets and Online Maths Courses. 10ticks Worksheet Annual Licence The 10ticks Worksheet Annual Licence is a brand new collection of worksheets, giving a total of more than 3700 worksheets.

Maths Worksheets and Online Maths Courses.

Purchased on an annual licence the worksheets are populated with more than 1100 previously unseen worksheets. What you get for a low annual cost The whole collection. All levels 1- 10, that’s 1,2,3,4,5,6,7/8,9/10 Over 1100 worksheets never seen before A total of more than 3700 worksheets covering all the National Curriculum New worksheets released every year Automatic update for all renewing customers when the New National Curriculum is released in 2014 Peace of mind your licence is covered if you change to an academy 8 FREE licence keys as standard, Plus For this month only an Extra 8 FREE * This is only available to Primary schools or schools with fewer than 100 pupils in total. Maths Help for KS1, KS2, KS3 and GCSE. 10ticks Home Learning System is a mixture of our renowned market leading worksheets, used by over 1.5 million students in the UK alone.

Maths Help for KS1, KS2, KS3 and GCSE.

The engaging and interactive courses take your child through the curriculum at their own pace. This gives clarity and in-depth understanding in their home environment. The maths courses cover Key Stage 1, Key Stage 2, Key Stage 3 and GCSE, both primary and secondary. Our courses consist of engaging worksheets, simple to follow guides, interactive tests, fun quizzes and games. Fun-key maths makes learning enjoyable and fun, whilst supporting the learning objectives of the topic in a less traditional way. The new 5 user licence ensures you the parent and any member of the family can get involved. As your child works through the course they earn merits leading to certificates, positively reinforcing and breeding success. Do not just take our word for it and the hundreds of teachers worldwide. About 10ticks. 10ticks is the brand name of Fisher Educational Ltd.

About 10ticks.

The company started in 2000, winning the Government DTI e-Commerce Award for Innovation in Education and Learning. 10ticks is now the market leading provider of maths materials in secondary schools, with over 50% of pupils using our material. 10ticks specialises in the provision of maths resources to cover ages 5-16, to entirely cover the Maths National Curriculum in the UK. As an experienced maths tutor, and a parent himself, Ian Fisher is able to bring effective methods to parents wishing to home educate their children. Mr Fisher also combines his experience of the UK curriculum with his unrivalled knowledge of foreign education systems, to bring the best possible methods from across the globe together with the intent to create the best possible learning environment to children.

As a respected figure in the maths education community, invited only recently to address the Malaysian Education Department, Mr.