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V Day – counter violence against women by fighting stereotypes. 14 February marks V Day – an international movement to end violence against women and girls.

V Day – counter violence against women by fighting stereotypes

Let Toys Be Toys campaigner Tricia Lowther explains why she feels that countering stereotypes, and looking at what we teach children about girls and boys, men and women, is a central part of countering gender-based violence. Most of us can remember a favourite toy from our childhood, or a favourite book, or the things we liked to do, the games we liked to play with friends or family. When I was a little girl I was a bookworm, I still am. I loved football, an interest that stayed with me into adulthood. And I loved animals, I still do. I’m telling you this because I think it helps to demonstrate something we all know – that childhood prepares the ground for adulthood.

It follows then, that when a society has a problem with violence, with male violence, it must be worth looking for the roots of that problem in the way that we bring up our children. Silicon Valley sexism: why it matters that the internet is made by men, for men. During the past year there has been an explosion of research about, and public interest in, the tech industry’s persistent diversity problems.

Silicon Valley sexism: why it matters that the internet is made by men, for men

A story this week in Newsweek, for example, describes the industry as “savagely misogynistic”. At the same time, there has been increased awareness regarding the reality and effects of online abuse. The two issues are not separate, but gendered and dynamically related. Tech’s institutionalised male dominance, and the sex segregation and hierarchies of its workforce, have serious and harmful effects globally on women’s safety and free expression.

Slut: Why we shouldn't reclaim this word, despite SlutWalk, Slut Pride, Rock the Slut Vote, Femen, and other attempts. Since the riot grrrl feminist punk rock movement of the early 1990s, when Kathleen Hanna of the band Bikini Kill wrote SLUT on her stomach in lipstick, feminists have attempted to wrest control of the label “slut.”

Slut: Why we shouldn't reclaim this word, despite SlutWalk, Slut Pride, Rock the Slut Vote, Femen, and other attempts

Instead of being shamed for our sexuality, the thinking has been, let’s take ownership of this label and subvert its meanings. ‘You’re gay, this is gay’: how can we tackle homophobia in PE? Gareth Thomas, Tom Daley, Martina Navratilova: you could probably list the number of openly gay and lesbian professional sports personalities on the corner of a napkin.

‘You’re gay, this is gay’: how can we tackle homophobia in PE?

But while more athletes are now publicly coming out, homophobia continues to keep many other sports people in the closet. Despite changing attitudes, it is also a problem in schools, where anti-gay prejudice can deter lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) students from physical education. According to research by equality rights group Stonewall, two-thirds of LGB pupils say they don’t like team sports, while three in 10 experience homophobic bullying in school changing rooms and a quarter are bullied during sport. The National Union of Students claims homophobia in schools can put students off sport for life.

Campaigners-attack-marks-and-spencer-for-gender-stereotyping-over-boysonly-dinosaur-shirts-9994891. Campaigners complained that the items, including pyjamas and T-shirts, are setting “gender stereotypes” in children at an age when both sexes should be encouraged to become interested in natural history.


The Let Clothes Be Clothes campaign group’s co-founder Ruth Lopardo said: “I was astounded a national museum, which ought to have a clear access-for-all policy, should license designs to M&S that are only marketed at boys. “How have these two national institutions, M&S and the Natural History Museum, managed to get through the entire product development cycle, from the initial idea to the product on the shelf, without anyone thinking that perhaps dinosaurs and natural science don’t just appeal to boys?” “By enforcing these stereotypes on children so young we risk inadvertently turning away the next generation of male primary school teachers or female engineers before they’ve even realised they’re interested.” Why there are too many women doctors, women MPs, and women bosses. I am a subeditor at the Guardian.

Why there are too many women doctors, women MPs, and women bosses

I am a woman. I am not a woman subeditor. But “woman” and its plural seem to be taking over the role of modifier, so that now, there is no such thing, as far as much of the media is concerned, as a female doctor, a female MP or a female chef. 20 Facts Everyone Should Know About Gender Bias in Movies  A new study, Gender Bias Without Borders, was released by the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media this week.

20 Facts Everyone Should Know About Gender Bias in Movies 

Conducted by Dr. Stacy Smith and a team at USC’s Annenberg School for Communications and Journalism, it looks at 120 films in the 10 most profitable film markets, globally. What does a collage of pictures of men and women from the Sun look like? No More Page 3 campaigner Kate Hardie and lighting technician Andy Lowe have released a video of them putting together a collage made from cutting out pictures of men and women published by the Sun over several months this year.

What does a collage of pictures of men and women from the Sun look like?

It required some analogue production techniques - no photoshopping here: The finished article: The conclusions of No More Page 3 campaigners after surveying their work? Downton Abbey row: 14 words we only use to describe women. None of these definitions mention gender at all.

Downton Abbey row: 14 words we only use to describe women

Indeed, the adjective would appear to be gender neutral – until you look at the example sentences given by the dictionary. Not one refers to a ‘feisty male’. The closest is 'feisty parents', but the others refer to a 'feisty teenage daughter', a 'feisty mother' and a quote reading: 'Why were even the most intelligent and feisty women so foolish when it came to being hopelessly in love? ' (from the book Tickled Pink).

Feisty, flounce and bossy: the words used to put women down. Feisty “Feisty?

Feisty, flounce and bossy: the words used to put women down

My least favourite word. Have you ever heard a man described as feisty,” said Daisy Lewis, who plays the schoolteacher Sarah Bunting in Downton Abbey, in an interview . Aldi, what’s wrong with the word ‘slut’? In Australia Aldi has taken Roald Dahl’s Revolting Rhymes off the shelves for its injudicious use of the word “slut” (which is to say, Dahl used the word at all). I know what you’re thinking: how come their Aldi sells Roald Dahl?

My one only has Haribos and frozen vegetables. However, the much more important question is, what’s wrong with the word “slut”? The worst thing in the world, in my view, is the ad hoc creation of a taboo without proper discussion. The One Word Men Never See In Their Performance Reviews. Editor's Note: This is one of the most-read leadership articles of 2014. Click here to see the full list. It’s a scenario that could be straight out of a textbook on gender bias: "Jessica is really talented, but I wish she’d be less abrasive. She comes on too strong. " Languages of love: 10 unusual terms of endearment. "Chouchou" is Carla Bruni's term for her husband, the former French President Nicolas Sarkozy. Samantha Cameron was heard on microphone saying "I love you babe" to her man, Prime Minister David Cameron - and Michelle Obama described the most-tweeted picture ever (above) with the words, "That's my honey giving me a hug.

" Some terms of endearment can be used in many languages - "baby", "angel" and "sweetheart" for example. Gendered Marketing Perpetuates Stereotypes, Constrains Minds and Limits Our Children's Potential. Before entering Parliament I spent two decades working as a professional electrical engineer across three continents. Regardless of the geographic location or the size of the company it was always a predominately or all male environment. How to speak 'Menglish' - the language 'only men' understand. “You do! Men and women actually have their own unique languages. But you can learn how to approach and respond to your man in a whole new way that will bring you into synch, and bring you closer together.”

Great! I thought, I can finally discover why, when I say to a man: “I really like you, and I think we should consider making our relationship more serious,” he understands that to mean: “I would like you to have sex with me one more time, before disappearing into the night, never to be seen again. Genderneutral-toys-why-dressing-your-daughter-in-pink-damages-the-future-of-our-economy-9111397. Don’t you dare tell my daughter she’s 'pretty'

Is the word 'bossy' damaging to women? “Ghost Stories”: The ubiquitous anti-feminism of young adult romances. In a Guardian article last November, Tanya Gold condemned the Twilight franchise and the paranormal progeny it has spawned, calling them sado-masochistic “disempowerment fantasies” masquerading as fairy tales, normalising abuse in the name of risqué romance. An invented statistic returns. Men and Women Use Uptalk Differently: A Study of Jeopardy! We’re celebrating the end of the year with our most popular posts from 2013, plus a few of our favorites tossed in. Wug Life - Gender Bias in Example Sentences. Casual sexism from politicians is no joke. MSP Murdo Fraser: his language is 'straight out of the 1950s', said one Twitter user. Facebook's Sheryl Sandberg attacks gender stereotypes at work. Sheryl Sandberg, the chief operating officer of Facebook, has launched a fierce attack on the gender stereotypes that hold back women at work at the World Economic Forum in Davos.

Sandberg, who is publishing a book called Lean In on women in the workplace in March, singled out T-shirts sold in the US, with the boys' version emblazoned with the words "Smart Like Daddy", while the girls' version says "Pretty like Mommy". Gender neutral parenting. Abbie likes Spider-Man. She likes the way he can shoot webs out of his fingers. Does Facebook have a problem with women? How a Sweetheart Is Made: The Epic Industrial Odyssey of the Most Famous Valentine's Day Snack - Derek Thompson. Robin Lakoff: Language: More Than Just Words. Barclays has pinked up its new ad – how lazy and depressing. Barclays Family Springboard Mortgage. 'Boy/ girl differences are genetically programmed' The battle against 'sexist' sci-fi and fantasy book covers. The Case Against Male Suffrage. Hamleys' baby steps towards gender equality. Using toys for both boys, girls may be good for kids. At Boots, science is for boys and pink princess toys are for girls.

I'd happily blow the brains out of a Disney Princess. Krystina_marieM : Can't believe what I'm seeing... Do children's toys influence their career choices? Men and women: are we really worlds apart? - Features. Do men and women speak the same language? Men And Women's Differences Aren't Actually Distinct, Confirms Study. Fry's He Said, She Said (GeNDER) by LevEnglish. The feminisation of madness is crazy.

My Atheism Makes Me A Feminist. Women: Know Your Limits! Harry Enfield - BBC comedy. Caroline Frost: Does 'Call The Midwife' Fail The Sexism Test... For Men? 10 Most Sexist Print Ads from the 1950s. Are sex offenders and lads' mags talking the same language? · Women's Center · myUMBC. Yes, Page 3 is bad for women. But so are the photos in OK! magazine - Comment - Voices. Language and Sex. Language and gender guide. Trouble and Strife. Gender ENGB1. What if guys and girls swapped roles at the bar? On 'male privilege' Men vs. Women in Conversation. Why do female X Factor judges get a harder time than male ones? Russell Howard's good news - Bic pens for women. 'Men are stuck' in gender roles, data suggest.