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The Myth of the Male Feminist. I’ve been thinking for a while about the extent of allyship.

The Myth of the Male Feminist

I value all the allies in my life. I value folks who are functional allies without espousing the specific politic thereof. In fact, I honestly believe that you can organize with, build solidarity with, and befriend folks who aren’t ‘allies’ and have it still be a lovely and fulfilling experience. At the same time, I think the concept of allyship is fundamentally flawed. Empathy is a thing. What I refer to particularly is the phenomenon of the ‘male feminist.’ Cis-men are great allies. I just wonder if they are able to do that without the assistance/education/reminders of women. Men can be feminists but it’s actually really hard work. The Betteridge law of headlines states that “any headline which ends in a question mark can be answered by the word no,” but a Monday piece in the New York Times may be the rare exception.

Men can be feminists but it’s actually really hard work

“Is it possible to be a male feminist?” Asks writer (and self-described male feminist) Jake Flanagin. The answer to this question is yes. Is It Possible to Be a Male Feminist? Photo Who is the male feminist?

Is It Possible to Be a Male Feminist?

Perhaps we should first ask: Does he even exist? The singer-songwriter and record producer Pharrell, of “Blurred Lines” infamy, thinks not. TLGEN1.6%20UNDP%20GenderAnalysis%20toolkit.pdf. Resources for Youth. Adios Barbie: Gender Role Posts The Adios Barbie website explores body image issues in an intersectional manner.

Resources for Youth

This section of the site includes articles on the wider topic of gender roles and includes some excellent posts on representations of gender in popular culture. ( Dating Violence. Document. G@W in the News - Resources - Gender at Work. Occasional Paper_Gender_Pittman .pdf. ECOSOCAC1997.2.PDF. Gender Training Community of Practice. ITC/ILO Gender eQuality Website - Welcome! About : FRIDA The Young Feminist Fund. FRIDA | The Young Feminist Fund is a new initiative that funds and strengthens the participation and leadership of young feminist activists globally.

About : FRIDA The Young Feminist Fund

The Fund is a collaborative effort between the Association for Women’s Rights in Development (AWID), The Fondo Centroamericano de Mujeres/Central American Women’s Fund (FCAM) and an experienced group of young feminist activists from different regions of the world. The Fund’s Theory of change derives from the core belief that women’s movements are strengthened when young feminist activists and their organizations are provided with the resources and capacity they need to mobilize resources for their work. Supporting young feminists is key to the expansion, rejuvenation and sustainability of women’s movements and organizations, both now and in the future.

Boys Will Be Boys Because We Want Them to Be. Home. CEDAW 2014 - FAQ. Q.

CEDAW 2014 - FAQ

Why Should the United States Ratify CEDAW? A. CEDAW strengthens the United States as a global leader in standing up for women and girls. CEDAW is a landmark international agreement that affirms principles of fundamental human rights and equality for women and girls. CEDAW is a practical blueprint for each country to achieve progress for women and girls. Almost all countries have ratified the CEDAW agreement – 187 out of 194 countries have ratified. Women around the world are calling for U.S. ratification of the CEDAW treaty to send a strong signal to other governments that women’s rights are human rights. Investing in Girls' Education Delivers Results. Publications. What does it mean to “be a man” to adolescent boys in the Balkans region?


New Afghanistan law to silence victims of violence against women. A new Afghan law will allow men to attack their wives, children and sisters without fear of judicial punishment, undoing years of slow progress in tackling violence in a country blighted by so-called "honour" killings, forced marriage and vicious domestic abuse.

New Afghanistan law to silence victims of violence against women

The small but significant change to Afghanistan's criminal prosecution code bans relatives of an accused person from testifying against them. Most violence against women in Afghanistan is within the family, so the law – passed by parliament but awaiting the signature of the president, Hamid Karzai – will effectively silence victims as well as most potential witnesses to their suffering. Gender mainstreaming. SouthSudan0313_forinsertWebVersion_0.pdf (application/pdf Object) Morocco1012ForUpload_2_0.pdf (application/pdf Object) Gender & Development - Volume 21, Issue 3. IWDA. International Women's Health Coalition. Global development podcast: ending violence against women.

Because I am a Girl : State of the World's Girls : Plan International. Plan's yearly State of the World's Girls reports.

Because I am a Girl : State of the World's Girls : Plan International

View Other publications.    A Society Free From Trafficking Of Children & Women. Welcome - Feminenza. Adolescent Girls’ Advocacy & Leadership Initiative - Igniting Change for Girls. Homepage - AWID. ARWEAR. White Feminist Fatigue Syndrome. A reply to Nancy Fraser In her re­cent piece in Comment is Free, “How fem­inism be­came capitalism’s hand­maiden — and how to re­claim it” Nancy Fraser draws on her own work in polit­ical theory to argue that fem­inism at best has been co-​opted by neo­lib­er­alism and at worst has been a cap­it­alist ven­ture of the neo-​liberal pro­ject. How feminism became capitalism's handmaiden - and how to reclaim it. As a feminist, I've always assumed that by fighting to emancipate women I was building a better world – more egalitarian, just and free.

How feminism became capitalism's handmaiden - and how to reclaim it

But lately I've begun to worry that ideals pioneered by feminists are serving quite different ends.