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Supreme Court Strikes Down Texas Abortion Restrictions. One required all clinics in the state to meet the standards for ambulatory surgical centers, including regulations concerning buildings, equipment and staffing. The other required doctors performing abortions to have admitting privileges at a nearby hospital. “We conclude,” Justice Stephen G. Breyer wrote for the majority, “that neither of these provisions offers medical benefits sufficient to justify the burdens upon access that each imposes. Each places a substantial obstacle in the path of women seeking a previability abortion, each constitutes an undue burden on abortion access, and each violates the federal Constitution.” Justices Anthony M. Justice Kennedy’s vote was the crucial one, and it came as a relief to abortion rights groups, which have long viewed his thinking on the issue as a contradictory muddle. In the Casey decision, he joined Justices Sandra Day O’Connor and David H.

Professor Cohen said Justice Kennedy’s vote in Monday’s case was a puzzle. OPEN Graphic Mrs. Mr. Mr. Female scientists prove they're #distractinglysexy. "Three things happen when they are in the lab; you fall in love with them, they fall in love with you and when you criticize them, they cry," Hunt said, prompting outcry, then condemnation and now mirth. On Twitter, the "girls" of science are doing their best to prove how #distractinglysexy they are, by posting pictures of themselves at work. Some are even seen posing with poop. Anne Hilborn tweets: "I was so #distractinglysexy when collecting cheetah crap that even I lost track of what I was doing and dropped some.

" And cows. "Here I am shoulder-deep in cow rectum, so seductive! " Alongside photos of herself wearing protective gear and heavy boots, Twitter user @xLiserx laments, "Guess I can't save the lives of my geological counterparts - I'm too #distractinglysexy to the team. Charlene Blomquist, who describes herself as a science nerd, said she had posted the only photo she had of herself "where my mascara isn't running from all the crying. " "Caution: Mixed Gender Lab! Court Papers Give Insight Into Stanford Sex Assault. The men stopped, and Mr. Turner began to run away. They chased him down and tackled him. “It happened in full view,” said Shanlon Wu, a Washington-based lawyer who is a specialist in campus rape cases. “You had unimpeachable witnesses — someone was basically caught red-handed.”

The court papers and police reports depict an event that could be found virtually any weekend at any college — a fraternity party with free-flowing alcohol. Photo The woman, who was not a Stanford student, was 22, working full time and living with her parents in Palo Alto at the time of the assault, according to court documents. After she had a meal at home and four shots of whiskey, she told the police, her mother drove her, her sister and two other friends to the Stanford campus at 11 p.m.

The woman’s sister told the police that they met several men at the party, but that “one of the guys was very aggressive and trying to kiss everyone,” according to a police report. Mr. The Swedish students who came upon Mr. Ms. Decades After ‘Boom-Boom Room’ Suit, Bias Persists for Women. Complaints persist about pay and promotion disparities and a lack of women in senior management roles, and frustrations are growing about the limited ability of individuals to seek damages in court. Brokerage firms today say they deal swiftly with harassers and have developed programs to mentor and showcase high-achieving women.

Branch managers at Morgan Stanley, which operated a brokerage joint venture with Smith Barney until acquiring it in 2013, can earn up to an additional $150,000 a year by recruiting and developing diverse advisers, a spokesman said. Last year, nearly 50 percent of financial adviser trainees hired were female or members of minority groups, he added. He declined to say what percentage of the firm’s current brokers are women. Women are slowly joining the senior ranks of Wall Street firms. Photo The least progress has been made in pay. Among 119 job categories analyzed in the study, that group had the largest gender pay gap. Ms. Ms. Linda D. In her complaint, Ms. Ms. Countersuits Over North Carolina’s Bias Law. The Justice Department’s lawsuit, filed in a different federal court in the state, argued that North Carolina’s law, which prohibits people from using public restrooms that do not correspond with the gender listed on their birth certificates, compels “public agencies to follow a facially discriminatory policy.”

Even before the Justice Department challenged the law in court, the federal government had been examining how it could pressure North Carolina. Last month, federal agencies acknowledged that they were studying whether the law affected North Carolina’s eligibility for aid from Washington that helps pay for schools, highways and housing. Mr. McCrory’s suit was assigned to Judge Terrence W.

Boyle, an appointee of President George W. The law has drawn scorn from businesses like PayPal and the N.B.A., has led to calls for a boycott of North Carolina, and has prompted some companies and entertainers to reverse plans to do business in the state. OPEN Document On Monday, Mr. Mr. Mr. Under fire on abortion, Trump fights to court women.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump looks to supporters as he leaves a campaign stop Wednesday, March 30, 2016, in Appleton, Wis. (Nam Y. Huh/Associated Press) By Steve Peoples and Scott Bauer | AP March 31 at 3:27 AM MADISON, Wis. — Donald Trump is fighting to convince a skeptical Republican Party he can improve his standing among women, even as he takes back an explosive comment about abortion and attacks the credibility of a female reporter police say was illegally grabbed by the GOP front-runner’s campaign manager. It took Trump’s campaign just hours to backtrack Wednesday after he said that should abortion become illegal, women who undergo the procedure should face “some sort of punishment.” The plan sparked an immediate backlash from both sides of the debate, prompting Trump to release two statements clarifying his position.

Campaign 2016 Email Updates Get the best analysis of the presidential race. You’ve signed up for email updates on this story. « La ville durable creuse les inégalités » Dès qu’on adopte les lunettes du genre pour étudier la ville, celle-ci apparaît inégalitaire entre femmes et hommes. Et la ville durable ne ferait qu’empirer les choses, selon l’analyse du géographe Yves Raibaud. « À quoi ressemblera la ville de demain ? Comment la penser, la construire et la gérer ?

», s’interroge le ministère français du Développement durable sur son site Internet. L’épuisement des énergies fossiles, le réchauffement climatique et la pollution apparaissent aujourd’hui comme des menaces aussi importantes pour la ville que les conflits sociaux et l’insécurité. Écoquartier de la Caserne de Bonne, centre-ville de Grenoble. Des inégalités qui fleurent bon le machisme et l’archaïsme En premier lieu, l’analyse d’une enquête1 montre que les femmes, de tous âges, seraient défavorisées par les « bonnes pratiques » de mobilité dans la ville durable, et notamment l’abandon de la voiture. Les problématiques exprimées par les femmes sont ignorées. La rue, fief des mâles.

L'espace urbain est ultrasexué, pensé par et pour les hommes. Au point que les femmes érigent des barrières inconscientes et traversent les lieux publics bien plus qu'elles ne s'y attardent. LE MONDE CULTURE ET IDEES | • Mis à jour le | Par Fanny Arlandis Sur le trottoir ou dans le métro, on croise des vieux, des jeunes, des hommes, des femmes.

A première vue, l'espace public est mixte. Surtout, contrairement à ces derniers, "les femmes ne font que traverser l'espace urbain, elles ne stationnent pas", explique le géographe Yves Raibaud, coproducteur d'un rapport, en 2011, commandé par la communauté urbaine de Bordeaux. Sifflées, collées, insultées, autant de situations que vivent les femmes dans la rue. Les parents en tirent des conséquences en disant très tôt à leurs filles comment se comporter et s'habiller. En 2011, selon l'Insee, 1,9 % des femmes ont déclaré avoir subi une agression physique, alors que 10 % subissent des violences conjugales. Increasingly Visible, Transgender Americans Defy Stereotypes. Photo The day she got a lucky break, the kind budding New York actors dream about, Harmony Santana was living in a Harlem shelter for homeless youth and contemplating what she stood to lose by starting to live as a woman permanently.

She was 19 then, in 2010, when a director spotted her on the street and asked her to audition for a role in “Gun Hill Road,” the first film in which an openly transgender actor played a transgender character in a major role. When she accepted the part, Ms. Santana, then in the early stages of transitioning, was apprehensive about coming out so publicly. “It was either help women like me and put awareness out there, or I could just live my life as a normal girl,” she said. Her breakout role became part of the recent and remarkable rise of visibility of transgender Americans, a segment of the population that has begun asserting control of its narrative after decades of being widely misunderstood and disparaged.

Continue reading the main story Your Stories Mr. How Not to Protect Pregnant Women. Photo CHICAGO — IN the wake of a savage attack on a pregnant woman and the removal of her fetus, Colorado lawmakers are planning to introduce a bill that would criminalize fetal homicide. If the bill passes, the state would join nearly 40 others that make fetuses a distinct class of victims. (The federal Unborn Victims of Violence Act of 2004 similarly makes it a crime to kill or injure a fetus in certain circumstances.) This would not be the first time that lawmakers exploited an extraordinary incident of violence against a pregnant woman to promote the rights of fetal victims. In 2009, Indiana, for example, passed a draconian fetal homicide law after a horrific shooting of a bank teller who was pregnant with twins.

This type of legislation, however, is not about protecting the rights and well-being of the pregnant woman. Opposition to the creation of fetal victimhood has focused largely on the threat to abortion rights. The law should provide a remedy. Study: Women with more children are more productive at work. Baby Twins Sitting Up and Smiling (The Image Bank/Getty Images) A word of encouragement for my working moms: You are actually more productive than your childless peers. That’s the conclusion of a recent study from the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, which found that over the course of a 30-year career, mothers outperformed women without children at almost every stage of the game. In fact, mothers with at least two kids were the most productive of all. Here’s how the researchers (all men, by the way) came up with those results: They wanted to understand the impact of having children on highly skilled women, but their work is often difficult to quantify.

How do you determine the productivity of a surgeon, a consultant or a project manager? They decided to analyze the amount of research published by more than 10,000 academic economists as a proxy for performance. The results were surprising. Source: Federal Reserve Bank of St. The effect for women was even more dramatic. Ylan Q. Indiana woman jailed for “feticide.” It’s never happened before. FEATURED/LEAD – HP CROP- Purvi Patel is taken into custody after being sentenced to 20 years in prison for feticide and neglect of a dependent, Monday, March 30, 2015, at the St. Joseph County Courthouse in South Bend, Ind. Patel was found guilty in February of neglect of a baby whose body was found two years ago in a trash bin behind her family’s restaurant in Mishawaka.

(Robert Franklin/South Bend Tribune via AP) This post has been updated. When Purvi Patel showed up in the St. Joseph Regional Medical Center’s maternity ward, bleeding and showing a protruding umbilical cord, Dr. Kelly McGuire immediately knew something was wrong. “There should have been a baby at the end of the umbilical cord,” he testified in an Indiana court room. McGuire, who is obligated to report cases of suspected child abuse, called the police, he told PRI. Monday’s sentencing brought an end to Patel’s trial, but it may be only the beginning of the public debate about the details of her case.

First female Church of England bishop consecrated in York. The Rt Rev Libby Lane has been made the bishop of Stockport with solemn oaths, high ceremony, and a sermon that drew on Call the Midwife in York Minster. Since it was first built in AD637, the building has seen Viking raids, civil war, and even German bombing, but never a woman among the tends of thousands of bishops made here. Bishop Lane’s consecration was greeted with joy within the building and outside it – although the ceremony was interrupted by a lone protester who objected when the archbishop of York asked the congregation to consent to Lane’s appointment. Women have been consecrated as bishops in many parts of the worldwide Anglican communion since 1989, and as priests in England since 1994, but opponents put up a long resistance to their further promotion, which only became possible last autumn.

Roman Catholic bishops, who frequently attend important Anglican occasions, were absent. Bishop Lane swore obedience to the queen, and to the archbishop of York and their successors. Page 3: The Sun calls time on topless models after 44 years | Media. The Sun, Britain’s top-selling newspaper, has scrapped Page 3’s topless women after 44 years, delighting the legion of critics who have branded the photos of bare-breasted models sexist, offensive and anachronistic. Insiders said the decision has been taken to kill off the controversial feature quietly but that the feature would continue online.

“This comes from high up, from New York,” said one senior executive in a reference to the paper’s owner Rupert Murdoch. The Sun refused to respond to any calls, emails or texts from the Guardian throughout Monday but told the Times, which is also owned by Murdoch: “Page 3 of The Sun is where it’s always been, between pages 2 and 4, and you can find Lucy from Warwick at “ The paper reported that last Friday’s edition of the paper will be the last that would “carry an image of a glamour model with bare breasts on that page”. Topless Page 3 models were introduced by the Sun in 1970, less than a year after Rupert Murdoch bought the title.

RBS: the bank that likes to say Mx | World news. The honorific title Mx has been around since at least the early 1980s, used by people who don’t identify with a set male or female gender, but you know it’s going mainstream when a bank starts using it. Today the Times reported that the bank RBS, following a review of its inclusion policies, could officially introduce the gender-neutral title Mx for those who didn’t feel Mr, Mrs, Miss or Ms applied (it is also looking at ending security questions about mothers’ maiden names, in recognition that some people may have two mothers, or two fathers).

“It’s something we’re looking at as one of the options, although we’ve usually followed the same nomenclature that the census would use,” said Marjorie Strachan, RBS’s global head of inclusion. Lodge, who identifies as non-binary, started by asking organisations to remove the title altogether, “and when they refused I started to look for a standard gender-inclusive title to give them instead. “I cheat, I use my academic title,” says Dr Paterson.

Church of England clears way for female bishops | World news. Rare Survey Examines Sexual Assault at M.I.T. California adopts historic 'yes means yes' rule on sexual consent. Church of England Votes to Accept Women as Bishops. Seeing Women as Key to Economy, Japan’s Leader Names 5 to Cabinet. Uniform disapproval: Back to school, back to sexualising girls - Comment. Representation of Female Characters in Movies Is Improving.