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Why Don’t We Talk About the Gender Safety Gap in the U.S.? This week, John Krakauer’s book, Missoula, “a depressingly typical” story about college town rapes, was released.

Why Don’t We Talk About the Gender Safety Gap in the U.S.?

In a recent NPR interview, Krakauer describes his dawning realization about how many women in the United States have been sexually assaulted, most often by people they know. His prior lack of awareness about women’s experiences, either of being assaulted or avoiding assault, is hardly rare. A primary reason most people can remain blissfully unaware of the reality of sexual assault is that media continues to ignore the role that gender plays in the experience of violence. In December, for example, Gallup released its most recent assessment of a gendered safety gap in its annual U.S. crime survey, a report that garnered virtually no media interest. On the surface, the news looked generally good: “Most Americans,” researchers concluded, “continue to feel safe in their immediate communities, with 63 percent saying they would not be afraid to walk alone there at night.” When Sex Ed Discusses Gender Inequality, Sex Gets Safer.

“Comprehensive sex education” is a vague term.

When Sex Ed Discusses Gender Inequality, Sex Gets Safer

It’s often used in opposition with “abstinence-only,” but that only means that, at a baseline, it includes information about contraception and sexually transmitted diseases. What would it mean to be truly “comprehensive?” Well, in the beginning, there were single-celled organisms … The Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States says “Comprehensive sex education includes age-appropriate, medically accurate information on a broad set of topics related to sexuality including human development, relationships, decision-making, abstinence, contraception, and disease prevention.”

In a new study, Nicole Haberland, a senior associate at the Population Council, makes the case that “comprehensive” should include gender and power dynamics. Ten of the programs had at least one lesson on gender and power, and 80 percent of them saw significant decreases in pregnancy or STIs compared with a control group. 10 Things I Wish I'd Known When I Started My Transition  Exactly two years ago, I sat apprehensively in the reception area of the public health clinic in San Francisco’s Castro neighborhood, waiting for my name to be called.

10 Things I Wish I'd Known When I Started My Transition 

If all went according to plan, I would leave that evening with my first prescriptions for estradiol and spironolactone — day 1 on hormones. I had just come from work, and because only a handful of my colleagues knew about my transition, I was still presenting as a boy (albeit an androgynous one wearing gold eye shadow). I remember looking around the room at the other trans girls sitting nearby. Why I'm Dropping 'You Guys' From My Everyday Speech - Role Reboot. Let’s say there’s only one person in a given audience who is bothered by “guys,” is that person’s opinion worth me selecting another word?

Why I'm Dropping 'You Guys' From My Everyday Speech - Role Reboot

You bet it is. It costs me nothing and I made the space incrementally safer for one person. Middle School Removes The Word 'Feminist' From Girl's Shirt In Class Photo. See Priya Cook: Gender Bias Pervades Textbooks Worldwide : Goats and Soda. Young schoolgirls receive new notebooks and textbooks at a refugee camp in Muzaffarabad, Pakistan.

See Priya Cook: Gender Bias Pervades Textbooks Worldwide : Goats and Soda

Many girls in Pakistan still don't receive an education. Kimmasa Mayama/Reuters /Landov hide caption. A lot of people who say they support gender equality just don’t. Pandagon is daily opinion blog covering feminism, politics, and pop culture.

A lot of people who say they support gender equality just don’t

Come for the politics, stay for the complete lack of patience for the B.S. and bad faith coming from conservative leaders and pundits. Vox has been publishing a bunch of polls they’ve conducted recently, and I was particularly intrigued by this one that shows a disconnect between what people say they believe and how they self-identify: The poll, conducted by research and communications firm PerryUndem, shows that a strong majority of Americans agree on gender equality. Eighty-five percent, for example, say they believe in “equality for women.” There's No Such Thing as a Slut — Atlantic Mobile. A new longitudinal study examined how college students slut-shame—and found that the practice is as illogical as it is damaging.

There's No Such Thing as a Slut — Atlantic Mobile

In 2004, two women who were long past college age settled into a dorm room at a large public university in the Midwest. Elizabeth Armstrong, a sociology professor at the University of Michigan, and Laura Hamilton, then a graduate assistant and now a sociology professor at the University of California at Merced, were there to examine the daily lives and attitudes of college students. How Good Girls Get Educated in Bad Girl Things  I started my education in 10th grade.

How Good Girls Get Educated in Bad Girl Things 

My "classroom" had a blacklight -- which is not great for reading, but really awesome if you want to see how much lint is in your boyfriend's bellybutton. Answer: a lot. Seeing the little specks of glowing white bits squished into his umbilical hole would have made me laugh, but in that moment, at 4:15 p.m., still sweaty after cheerleading practice, I couldn't breathe.

Last of China’s Lotus Feet Women. Jo Farrell, portrait of Zhang Yun Ying, age 77 (2005) (all photographs courtesy the artist) As the last generation of Chinese women with bound feet ages into their final decades, Jo Farrell set out to photograph the survivors of this brutal beauty tradition.

Last of China’s Lotus Feet Women

Their toes contorted and flattened over time, their heels pulled tight into a bracing arch, these “lotus feet” are now wrinkled by time and a life not of luxury, but of labor. As farmers in the rural areas of the Shandong and Yunnan provinces, the depicted women are far from the fabled courtesans wearing dainty silk embroidered shoes over their gnarled toes. They lived through an often obligatory tradition that mutilated their feet in order to meet the standards of subservience to get a husband, through the Cultural Revolution of the 1960s that upheaved so much of China, through to today when the rural regions are thinned by massive relocation to the cities.

Dear Red Cross: I Am Not a Man  My company recently held a blood drive, and as a 6'1" woman with O+ blood and Amazonian fortitude, I was happy to sign up.

Dear Red Cross: I Am Not a Man 

I showed up at the donation site, and they were very eager to see me because I signed up as a Double Red donor (which means donating more blood than usual at once). After giving my name and checking in, I was whisked into a pre-screening area. This is where it gets a little tricky. You see, I'm a transgender woman.

Saving girls from the 'cutting season' - BBC News. Girls in parts of Tanzania are often forced to undergo female genital mutilation, even though the practice is illegal. Faced with FGM, many had nowhere to turn - until now. A safe house has opened in the north of the country to offer protection when they need it most. "My parents said I should be cut because I'd finished primary education and reached maturity. They wanted me to marry. 10 Words Every Girl Should Learn. Photo Credit: bikeriderlondon July 5, 2014 | Like this article?

Join our email list: Stay up to date with the latest headlines via email. Canadian High Schoolers Won’t Take Dress Codes for An Answer. “Two, four, six, eight! Give us a policy before it’s too late!” What started as a student protest to change the dress code at a Canadian high school turned into a much-needed discussion of sexual harassment—and has led to the drafting of a new district-wide policy that covers both issues. The chant was a rallying cry at the protest, organized by members of Fredericton Youth Feminists last November at Fredericton High School in New Brunswick, which garnered media attention after 25 protesters were slammed with three-day suspensions from school and suspension from extracurricular activities for the remainder of the school year. When the students voiced their grievances in a documentary by the CBC’s Jaques Poitras, they spoke about how gender politics of school dress codes contribute to sexual harassment and rape culture.

This sort of dress-code philosophy is ingrained in many schools across the world. It certainly is a learning curve for those of us on the other side of the table. Beyond Bossy or Brilliant: Gender Bias in Student Evaluations. By Tristan Bridges PhD, Kjerstin Gruys PhD, Christin Munsch PhD, and C.J. Pascoe PhD, 18 hours ago at 09:09 am Not surprisingly, the new interactive chart Gendered Language in Teacher Reviews has been the subject of a lot of conversation among sociologists, especially those of us who study gender. For example, it reminded C.J. of an ongoing conversation she and a former Colorado College colleague repeatedly had about teaching evaluations. Comparing his evaluations to C.J.’s, he noted that students would criticize C.J. for the same teaching practices and behaviors that seemed to earn him praise: being tough, while caring about learning.

We’ve long known that student evaluations of teaching are biased. A Beginner's Guide to Understanding Important Gender and Sexuality Terms. By Inda Lauryn In 8th grade, I was part of a teen panel that traveled across the state promoting abstinence. If this group had any value, it began my understanding of the differences between gender and sexuality. I'm An 18-Year-Old Boy Who Wears Blue Nail Polish. Sheryl Sandberg's Lean In Feminism Puts Women Issues at Risk. In 2013, Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg published Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead, and has since gone about converting its philosophy into a widely recognizable brand of feminism.

The thesis of Sandberg’s approach is that women, socialized by gender stereotypes to be submissive, miss out on workplace success due to misplaced insecurity, passivity, and docility. Whereas boys are rewarded for aggressive leadership and thus become successful leaders as adults, Sandberg posits, girls are accused of being “bossy” for the very same behaviors, and are discouraged from pursuing leadership as adults. These Horrifying Quotes From a Convicted Delhi Rapist Will Leave You Speechless.

Challenging Gender Identity: Biologists Say Gender Expands Across A Spectrum, Rather Than Simply Boy And Girl. The sex designation of your brain and body may not be as black and white as scientists have believed it to be. ‘The bare, waxed minimum’ NIU’s Kristen Myers examines the 2015 Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover. Stop it with the feminist whitesplaining. Lord, protect me from the attentions of well-meaning white women. Yesterday afternoon, I watched with some satisfaction as talented Daily Show Correspondent/Comedian/It Girl Jessica Williams dressed down “The Billfold” writer Esther Bloom for her recklessly-delivered reactions to Williams’ admission that she doesn’t feel qualified to host the soon-to-be vacated The Daily Show.

7 Lies We Need to Stop Telling About Muslim Women Wearing Headscarves. Women at Work: We're Doing All the 'Office Housework,' Too. Am I Transgender Anymore?  STUDY: Transgender Kids Are Not 'Confused' About Their Gender Identities. Transgender Kids Identify With Their Gender As Completely As Cisgender Kids. Inside Pakistan's Gender-Fluid Hijra Community, in 13 Beautiful Photos. Muslims Say Yes To Women's Rights And Muslims Say No To Domestic Violence. Why Our Feminism Must Be Intersectional (And 3 Ways to Practice It) Feminist? This year, let’s stop telling women to stay safe. Let’s tell men not to assau... Girls feel they must ‘play dumb’ to please boys. Why does a pirate need to be gendered? The illusion of gender neutral.... Feminism. The Paradox of Women’s Sexuality in Breast Feeding Advocacy and Breast Cancer... Chart of the Week: Gender Segregation of Toys Is On the Rise.

“We live in a country full of racism, but no racists; rape, but no rapists.” Gender bias in student evaluations: Professors of online courses who present as male get better marks. What Advertisements Directed Toward Men Are Really Selling. Concrete Examples of How Video Games Normalize Violence Against Women. What 9-Year-Old Boys Dislike About Masculinity.

The New York City Subway Is Taking a Stand Against Ridiculous Male Privilege. Feminism. New York Film Academy Takes A Look At Gender Inequality In Film! 'Choking Girls All Around The World' Seminar Ends In Australia Amid Protests. 5 Challenges Black Gay Men Face & How You Can Support Them. The disappointing aftermath of that viral street harassment PSA. Campus Task Force Concludes That Yes, the Greek System Does Encourage Rape. How You Can Be A Better Ally To Transgender Teens Like Me  Teen Sexting isn’t the Problem—Non-Consensual Forwarding of Photos Is. Why women get attacked by trolls: A new study unpacks the digital gender safe... 'Massacre' threat forces Anita Sarkeesian to cancel university talk. Is contraception only a female issue? The Top 25 Best Countries To Be A Woman. Sweden's New Gender Neutral Pronoun Is a Step Towards Equality, and It's Catching On Quickly.

Sexism goes both ways. Feminism helps both. The 'Problem' With Male Virginity. Too Queer for Your Binary: Everything You Need to Know and More About Non-Bin... The Herculean Effort Taken By One Group To Show Hollywood Is Sexist. The sexual threats against Emma Watson are an attack on every woman. Why women leave tech: It's the culture, not because 'math is hard' 30 Men Show Us Who's Really Responsible for Preventing Sexual Assault. Glogin?mobile=1& Ten percent of female University of Oregon students raped: survey. Cyber Harassment: Yes, It is a Woman’s Thing. Sexually Active Teen Girls More Likely To Be Bullied Than Similar Boys, Study... The Gender-Pay Gap: It’s Real, and Yes, It’s Sexism. Men can be feminists but it’s actually really hard work. What College Men Think Of The New Rape Prevention Campaign That's Targeting Them. In Some Jobs, Past Achievements May Work Against Female Workers.

GoFundMe bans abortion-related campaigns, is fine with supporting murderers. The Many Faces of Homophobia: Microaggressions and the LGBTQIA+ Community. How Working As a Stripper Made Me Have More Sympathy for Men. Is it Possible That There Is Something In Between Consensual Sex And Rape…And That It Happens To Almost Every Girl Out There?

The Most Offensive Truck Decal You’ve Ever Seen: Violence in Advertising Degr... LEGO's bizarre divide between boys and girls isn't helping either gender. 4 Ways Sexist, Macho Culture Hurts Men. CeeLo Green's Disgusting Comments Prove Rape Culture Is Alive and Well. A Staggering 70% of Female Scientists Are Sexually Harassed While Doing Field... New_report_says_us_health_care_violates_un_convention_on_racism. The One Word Men Never See In Their Performance Reviews. Mills College Changes Policy To Allow Transgender Students To Enroll. Model Slams Swimsuit Company For Photoshopping Her To Look Skinnier: 'This In... Anti-Rape Nail Polish Doesn’t Change the Rape Risk Factor for Women - TIME.

Students Develop Nail Polish That Can Detect Date Rape Drugs. These 4 Regular Guys Put On Designer Underwear, And I'm Officially Sold. Fash... New Jersey school bans trans girl from school unless she dresses as a boy. A Bride Was Told She Couldn't Buy A Wedding Dress Because She Was Being Herself. Male Rape Is No Laughing Matter (Even Though We're Taught to Think It Is) 5-Year-Old Boy Who Wears Princess Dresses Booted From After-School Program.