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ONE WAY TO GET PEOPLE TO PUT DOWN THEIR CELLPHONES! WITTY! Comment recharger son iPhone dans un micro onde ? - Korben. Comment recharger son iPhone dans un micro onde ?

Comment recharger son iPhone dans un micro onde ? - Korben

Je me permets de débuter cet article par un petit avertissement vidéo : Et maintenant, nous pouvons entrer dans le vif du sujet. Saviez-vous qu'après avoir été rendu étanche grâce à iOS 7... ...l'iPhone est maintenant capable de se recharger dans un micro onde grâce à iOS 8 ? Et apparemment, ça fonctionne très bien... En effet, comme à l'époque de l'iOS7 rendant étanche le téléphone, des petits malins ont récidivé avec cette fausse pub expliquant comment recharger son téléphone dans un micro onde.

Bref, soyez vigilant si vous êtes de nature crédule et n'oubliez pas... Et dire que tout ce que vous allez faire après avoir lu cet article, c'est envoyer ces pubs à votre chef ou vos potes.... Source. Who’s Suing Whom In The Telecoms Trade? See the image on its own Hangbags away boys!

Who’s Suing Whom In The Telecoms Trade?

Who’s suing whom in the telecoms trade? Based on these diagrams from Guardian Tech and the NY Times. I thought those charts generated more questions than they answered. So, as ever, I tried to answer the obvious questions and convey various contexts simultaneously. Malgré BB10, BlackBerry poursuit sa descente aux enfers. Les affaires ne s'arrangent pas pour BlackBerry.

Malgré BB10, BlackBerry poursuit sa descente aux enfers

Alors qu'il lutte pour sa survie, le fabricant canadien a présenté ses résultats trimestriels, vendredi, et ils ne sont pas bons. Plus que la perte nette exceptionnelle de 84 millions d'euros, ce sont les ventes décevantes qui ont refroidi Wall Street. Bilan: l'action plongeait de 25% en journée, et les analystes ne voient pas de lumière au bout du tunnel. Malgré l'arrivée de son nouveau système d'exploitation, BB10, et de deux smartphones haut de gamme, BlackBerry n'a vendu que 6,8 millions de mobiles sur les trois derniers mois.

iPhone 10. Evolution of the iPhone. 5 Leaked Features of the iPhone 5. Maze War on Xerox Alto. Handmade Warming Mouse Pad House E-gloo usb power. Your item will be shipped usually within 1-3 business day of receiving cleared payment.

Handmade Warming Mouse Pad House E-gloo usb power

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Pour l’article homophone, voir Bebop. Un téléphone Bi-Bop. Le Bi-Bop (1991-1997) était en France le premier téléphone portable. Android vs. iPhone: Funny cartoons for 2011. Too often we look at the Android and the iPhone and get a little carried away in the moment, as do we all.

Android vs. iPhone: Funny cartoons for 2011

There is no denying that we like to know who is doing what, and by how much they have a market share lead. Take Android, we now know that they have a share of around 48 percent of the market, with iOS only having 19 percent. However, when it comes to handsets this is a different matter, as that battle is thought out with the likes of Apple, Nokia, HTC, Motorola, Samsung and many others. Android does not have a handset, but they do supply the OS to run most of the top phones. In a way to lighten the mood we thought that we would take a look at some funny cartoons in 2011 to do with the big two.

The first cartoon that we have looks at the different things that men and women look for with a phone. Thanks to C-Section Comics The next carton that we have found is not from this year, but it still counts for a few Android handsets out there. Seagull stole GoPro‬‏ This Guy Has My MacBook. Epilogue Rather than repeat this over and over, I thought it would be helpful if I published a short timeline of events, from the day my MacBook was stolen, until today when I picked it up.

This Guy Has My MacBook

My MacBook was stolen on March 21, 2011 from my apartment in Oakland, CA. It happened during the day while I wasn’t home.I reported the crime on the same day to an officer from the Oakland Police Department. Guy sleeping on the couch next to my MacBook. I really don’t want to know what this guy is doing with my MacBook.

Guy signing into his Google account on my MacBook. .chez kek. _lr6zogkoa31qgvt28o1_500.png (PNG Image, 500x597 pixels) Whale whale whale. Hilarious Auto Correct blunders and funny texts from your mobile phone! Clubic : Un simple accessoire perme... Des insectes pour recharger son smartphone. This Man Needs an iPod [Pic]