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Mouser Electronics - Electronic Components Distributor

Mouser Electronics - Electronic Components Distributor
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Hobby Engineering Home Page NOVA Can Wind Turbines Make You Sick? Residents living in the shadows of wind turbines say the sound is making them sick. But so far the science isn't there. From NOVA Next | Jun 27, 2018 Thirty Years Ago Today, Global Warming First Made Headline News On June 23, a NASA climate scientist, James Hansen, told a U.S. From NOVA Next | Jun 23, 2018 New Middle Eastern Particle Accelerator’s Motto is “Science for Peace” In a region in turmoil, an unprecedented joint venture of scientists and policymakers is working together on Jordan’s new particle accelerator under the motto "science for peace." From NOVA Next | Jun 21, 2018 Psychological Damage Inflicted By Parent-Child Separation is Deep, Long-Lasting Here's what happens in the brain and the body when a child is forcibly separated from his or her parents.

Tutorials New! Getting Started with LTspice LTspice is a high performance SPICE simulator, schematic capture and waveform viewer with an impressive library of passive devices. Over 1000 models are included in the download but you can also add third party models. RFID Basics An overview of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology. LIS3DH Hookup Guide A guide to connecting the LIS3DH to a microcontroller and using the Arduino library. Lessons in Algorithms Learn techniques on how to use Finite Impulse Response (FIR) filters and other data-processing tools to turn data into information. Illuminated Mask Use LilyPad LEDs, a switched battery holder, and coin cell battery to make a fun light up mask for your next costume party. Glowing Pin Create a quick and easy piece of e-textile art using a LilyPad LED, battery holder, conductive thread, and coin cell battery. Light-Up Plush Craft a light-up plush with LilyPad LEDs controlled by pressing a button and sliding a switch in the creature's hands.

K&J Magnetics Radar Basics - Monopulse Antenna Monopulse Antenna Δ- channel Σ- channel Figure 1: Principle of monopulse antennae Figure 2: sectional picture of an antenna array of a monopulse antenna Under this concept antennae are combined which are built up as an antenna array and which get a special method in the feeding: The single antenna elements aren't always together switched in phase! In the primary radar unit RRP-117 all antenna elements are fed in phase and the radiation patterns are summarized Certain groups are only summarized in the reception time and their sums or differences feed own receive channels. These two examples point: A monopulse antenna isn't an own basic antenna model. Monopulse Concept Figure 3: estimating of the angular position Monopulse radars find their origin in tracking systems. A target will be seen by a radar from the moment it enters the main antenna beam or from the moment it is illuminated by the transmitted radar antenna beam. Figure 4: Principle of a monopulse system The · Auxiliary Signal Ω

10 Best Electronics Suppliers First off, I would like to give notice to Electronics Projects for Dummies for most of this info. I wanted to make a site with many of the best sites to buy Electrical Parts, because it can sometimes be a strenuous activity. I have 10 here, because if you can't find something on one online store, you might be able to find it on the next. Reynolds ElectronicsReynolds Electronics is a good supplier of remote control components, micro controllers, and robot kits and parts. Hobby EngineeringHobby Engineering is a sit slanted towards the hobbyist. All ElectronicsAll Electronics has an incredible selection of many of the useful items you would use to build your project. BG MicroBG Micro is a cool site for rare and pretty neat gadgets as well as a nice selection of alot of the items one will need for a weekend project. Jameco ElectronicsJameco has a very nice site catalog. Mouser ElectronicsMouser ElectronicsAnother large distributor of components from various manufacturers is Mouser.

Amateur radio An example of an amateur radio station with four transceivers, amplifiers, and a computer for logging and for digital modes. On the wall are examples of various awards, certificates, and a reception report card (QSL card) from a foreign amateur station. Amateur radio (also called ham radio) is the use of designated radio frequency spectra for purposes of private recreation, non-commercial exchange of messages, wireless experimentation, self-training, and emergency communication. The term "amateur" is used to specify persons interested in radio technique solely with a personal aim and without direct monetary or other similar reward, and to differentiate it from commercial broadcasting, public safety (such as police and fire), or professional two-way radio services (such as maritime, aviation, taxis, etc.). History[edit] An amateur radio station in the United Kingdom. Ham radio[edit] Activities and practices[edit] Licensing[edit] The top of a tower supporting a yagi and several wire antennas

Small EH Antenna Grover, you're sharp. You've corrected a few of my errors, but there are a few places we still don't see eye to eye. Call it differing viewpoints; I believe we are both attempting to achieve the same thing - an accurate understanding. To wit: > >>I am aware that physically small antennas can be made with very decent radiation efficiency but that they almost invariably wind up as point-source radiators<< >>"Except that they all have nulls off the end." >Actually the null can be vanishingly small and neglected if the radiator is short enough. Even a "vanishingly small" null has finite "beamwidth". >> >>A low (below lambda over 4) dipole can have a gain in excess of 5 dBi in its major lobe quite easily >>"At only lambda/4 off the ground, though, that main lobe is uselessly straight up. >>Not true, at an angle of 70 degrees from the vertical (20 degrees from the horizontal the gain is 3.11 dBi for a horizontal dipole. Grover, please check your simulator. You should check your numbers, too.

Free Student Software Downloads | Autodesk Education Community Free Autodesk software and/or cloud-based services are subject to acceptance of and compliance with the terms of use or other applicable terms that accompany such software or cloud-based services. Software and cloud-based services subject to an Educational license may be used solely for Educational Purposes and shall not be used for commercial, professional or any other for-profit purposes. Students and educators are eligible for an individual educational license if they are enrolled or employed at a Qualified Educational Institution which has been accredited by an authorized governmental agency and has the primary purpose of teaching its enrolled students. Learn more. Qualified Educational Institutions may access free educational licenses for the purposes of learning, teaching, training, research and development that are part of the instructional functions performed by the educational institution.

How to Remove Trovi / Conduit / Search Protect Browser Hijack Malware If your computer has been hijacked with an obnoxious malware that won’t let you change your home page, there’s a strong chance you’ve been infected with the Trovi Search Protect malware, which used to be known as Conduit. Here’s how to remove it. How do you know this is malware? How Did You Get Infected? Usually at some point you made the huge mistake of trusting a site like, which bundled it into an installer for a completely different application. They get around the legality issue with their long terms of service that nobody reads and by making sure there’s actually a way to uninstall the thing. Removing the Trovi Search Protect Malware This is really sad to say, but it’s actually important to use the Search Protect panel to turn off the bad settings first before uninstalling it. In here, change your Home Page back to Google or whatever you want. Now change your New Tab page back to Browser Default. Change your Default Search back to “Browser default search engine.”

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