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Making an Impact With Self-Service Video Recording. 2015 Innovators Awards Making an Impact With Self-Service Video Recording Penn State's One Button Studio has changed the meaning of "video literacy," giving students and instructors the tools to create professional-looking videos without technical assistance.

Making an Impact With Self-Service Video Recording

By Meg Lloyd07/23/15. The Truth About Google Fiber and the Digital Divide in Kansas City. Google Fiber installs cable in a neighborhood.

The Truth About Google Fiber and the Digital Divide in Kansas City

A couple of weeks ago, KCTV5 reported that Google’s effort to bridge the digital divide is coming up short. It’s great to see local news covering this issue and to see broader exposure for partners like Connecting for Good, who have worked so hard to make a difference. But the headline is misleading, and it’s not the first of its kind by a longshot. There is a clear, long line of reportage—locally and nationally—to suggest Google has been the villain in Kansas City’s digital divide story. During the initial launch period in 2012, Wired reported “Google Fiber Splits along Kansas City’s Digital Divide.”

I’m here today to tell you that the idea that Google is some kind of digital divide villain in our city is preposterous. I feel that it is incumbent on us as a community to recognize this, and in this post I’ll explain why. But first, I need to make something clear about KC Digital Drive. It’s easy for us to be accused of shilling for Google. Wireless Presentation Systems. Content 1 Content 2 Christie® Brio presentation and collaboration solutions remove technical barriers and enable business and academic team members to drive for results together.

Wireless Presentation Systems

Designed to address common meeting, classroom and lab technology challenges, Christie Brio solutions enable work colleagues, teachers and students to wirelessly present, share and interact with each other – within the same room or across multiple locations, in real-time. When everyone is focused on the content rather than the technology, more energy can be put into clearly and confidently exchanging information and ideas. Drawing out new ways of thinking, learning as a group, establishing direction and decision-making become less time-consuming processes so individuals get more value out of the time spent studying and working as a group.

Christie Brio offers a solution for every need: Share the benefits. Review: Sony Digital Paper. Readers Review: Sony Digital Paper Sony's Digital Paper is probably unique in the tech universe.

Review: Sony Digital Paper

It's a device that comes in a tablet form factor, but it's decidedly unlike any tablet on the market. Sony digital paper is a purpose-built device for reviewing and annotating PDF documents. Period. It doesn't run games. Yet this device is finding its niche in higher education among faculty members for just that reason: They need a convenient, easy and comfortable way to annotate documents without distractions.

Convenient, easy and comfortable it is. The Screen The centerpiece of Digital Paper is the large, grayscale, touch- and stylus-sensitive display. The display's resolution is 1,200 x 1,600 dots, and it offers 16 levels of gray. The touch display supports input from fingers (including gestures) and the included Wacom stylus. The stylus, like other Wacom styluses, offers interchangeable tips, so you can get the kind of tactile feedback that you prefer. Other hardware features include: Using iPads to Lower the Cost of a Degree. Mobile Using iPads To Lower the Cost of a Degree Lynn University's iPad initiative aims to create an educational experience that's affordable for more students and provides higher quality content.

Using iPads to Lower the Cost of a Degree

Photo: Since 2011, Lynn University in Boca Raton, FL, has issued 2,600 iPads to students and faculty. The iPad initiative began with full-time faculty, then expanded to undergraduate day students as well as MBA students, both online and on campus. "We're just warming up," said Kevin Ross, Lynn University president. He and CIO Chris Boniforti "tinkered" with the idea of a mobile technology initiative for approximately a decade, according to Ross.

Microsoft Discounts Surface Pro 3 for Education. Mobile Computing | News Microsoft Discounts Surface Pro 3 for Education Microsoft has launched a new education program for its Surface Pro 3 tablets, offering discounts on bundles that include the Type Cover keypad.

Microsoft Discounts Surface Pro 3 for Education

The program provides a 10 percent discount on specific Surface Pro 3 bundles. Bundles include the following: Surface Pro 3 (Intel Core i3) with 64 GB internal storage (black Type Cover), which, through the program, is available for $839; Surface Pro 3 (Core i5) with 128 GB internal storage (black Type Cover), which is available for $1,019; and Surface Pro 3 (Core i5) with 256 GB internal storage (black Type Cover) for $1,289. In all cases, the discount applies to quantities of five or more. The program is open to K-12 schools, colleges and universities in the United States, Canada and the UK.

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