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nilmtk/nilmtk Protei >> 2013/04/25, 08:00 : Barcelona, Spain>> 2013/04/18, 08:00 - April 21, 20:00 : Casablanca, Morroco>> 2012/04/06, 08:00 - April 10, 20:00 Tema (Accra), Ghana>> 2013/03/25, 08:00 - March 30, 20:00 : CAPE TOWN, SOUTH AFRICA>> 2013/03/08, 08:00 - March 18, 20:00 : Port Louis, Mauritanie>> 2013/03/06 08:00 - March 11, 20:00 : Cochin, India>> 2013/03/01, 20:00 - Feb 25, 08:00 : Rangoon, Burma>> 2013/02/20, 08:00 - Feb 21, 20:00 : Singapore>> 2013/02/12, 08:00 - February 18, 16:00 : Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam>> 2013/02/07, 08:00 - Feb 8, 20:00 : Hong Kong>> 2013/02/03 : 08:00 - Feb 4, 20:00 : Shanghai, China>> 2013/01/30, 08:00 - Jan 31, 20:00 : Kobe, Japan>> 2013/01/27, 08:00 - Jan 28, 23:00 : Yokohama, Japan >> 2013/01/15, 08:00 - 16, 20:00 : Hilo, Hawaii, USA>> 2013/01/9, 17:00 : departure from San Diego, CA, USA >> 2012/11/29 : TEDxVilaMada "Nosso Planeta Agua" Sao Paolo, Brasil >> 2012/10/18 - 28 : Protei at Lodz Design Festival, Poland. Blog Origin of the name & Biomimicry Protei Community

the Tricorder project goes to Antarctica - OPENROV The Kickstarter backers weren't the only ones waiting for a delivery before the holidays. On the icy tundra of Antarctica, Eric was eagerly anticipating the arrival of a few key parts so he could test the OpenROV under the ice. Well, he got the package in time. Even though he got the parts, I still wasn't sure if he would find the time to run the tests. The last I had heard from him, he was busy piloting larger ROVs or tagging orca whales with homing devices. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, I get this email from him yesterday: So I've got to run to catch our helo flight for today, but a window of opportunity came up on Wednesday which I took. Here are some the photos (more photos will be posted to our new G+ Community and Facebook pages) he attached to the email:

Open Energy Monitor Learn More About MakerPlane | What is the issue? What are we trying to solve? In a KITPLANES magazine survey in 1998, the following statistics were gathered from their subscribers: Average completion rate of aircraft from kits: 66%Average kit price: $20,580 (minus engine and avionics)Average completion rate of plans: estimated less than 10%Average plans price: $150Planning to build or building: 58%. Although the figures are dated, the numbers are probably still in the ballpark today. The general specifications for the first MakerPlane aircraft (v1.0) can be found on the MP 1.0 project page located in The Hangar Workshop. MakerPlane Aim “The mission of MakerPlane is to create innovative and game-changing aircraft, avionics and related systems and the transformational manufacturing processes to build them. Objectives The objectives of the Open Source Aircraft project are: New Business Opportunities New businesses can prosper with a world-wide open source aircraft effort many areas including;

The Free Universal Construction Kit Ever wanted to connect your Legos and Tinkertoys together? Now you can — and much more. Announcing the Free Universal Construction Kit: a set of adapters for complete interoperability between 10 popular construction toys. Fig. 1. The Free Universal Construction Kit. Overview Video by Riley Harmon for F.A.T. F.A.T. The Free Universal Construction Kit offers adapters between Lego, Duplo, Fischertechnik, Gears! Motivation Our kids are already doing it! Opening doors to new creative worlds is one major reason we created the Free Universal Construction Kit. The Kit offers a “best of all worlds” approach to play and learning that combines the advantages of each toy system. Finally, in producing the Free Universal Construction Kit, we hope to demonstrate a model of reverse engineering as a civic activity: a creative process in which anyone can develop the necessary pieces to bridge the limitations presented by mass-produced commercial artifacts. Download Figure 2. We (F.A.T. Implementation

Wardrive, Raspberry Pi Style! I purchased a Raspberry Pi a few weeks back. I found that I could power it, a WiFi card and a GPS from my 12000mah Li-Ion battery pack for about 12 hours. What a great way to explore with out having to have a huge laptop or giant battery in my bag. From that I did a little bit of driving and biking with this tool kit, passively looking for and logging networks. I could have easily used my NinjaTel phone (and will attempt this in the future), but I wanted something that I didn't have to mess with to much and would have a long batter life to "power all the things". From this I found that out of 6,164 APs identified, that only %5 had WEP configured (which is flawed). Hardware Used Hardware Notes The Raspberry Pi model B uses 700mah of power alone. Install the OS First thing to do is get the Pi OS setup. Install Dependencies Once our OS is installed, we will then need to add the necessary packages to support kismet. wget Configure GPSD - community supported open hardware computers for making David A. Mellis: DIY Cellphone An exploration into the possibilities for individual construction and customization of the most ubiquitous of electronic devices, the cellphone. I investigate the implications of digital fabrication and open-source hardware for DIY practice. Research questions include: To what extent is it feasible for people to make the technology they use in their daily lives? Publication David A. Autobiographical Exploration The DIY cellphone has been my primary mobile device for over two years. Workshops I've taught multiple workshops in which participants have made their own versions of the DIY cellphone. Online Dissemination The DIY cellphone is open-source (software, hardware) and plans for making it are available online. Press Make Magazine: "Open-Source Cellphone" (Vol. 38, March 2014)

Introducing The MakerBot Replicator™ EmailShare 900EmailShare January 10, 2012 (Brooklyn, NY) – MakerBot Industries is excited to announce the launch of its latest product, The MakerBot Replicator™, which will debut at CES in Las Vegas, NV on Tuesday, January 10th. Available in the MakerBot store for pre-order today! The MakerBot Replicator™ is the ultimate personal 3D printer, with MakerBot Dualstrusion™ (2-color printing) and a bigger printing footprint, giving you the superpower to print things BIG! With a build envelope that’s roughly the size of a loaf of bread, The MakerBot Replicator™ gives you the power to go big. The MakerBot Replicator™ creates anything you can imagine with the new MakerBot Stepstruder™ MK8, the extruder is the part of the machine that turns raw feedstock, like ABS (what Lego® is made of) or PLA (a biodegradable material made from corn), into the objects you desire. The MakerBot Replicator™ is ideal for personalized manufacturing, providing a new way to make the things you want and need.

Jabber client with PGP encryption for Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, Android. Flyport | openPicus | Internet on Things Why FlyportPRO SoM? A system-on-module is the best solution for those customers looking for flexibility and for development time and risk reduction. FlyportPRO is already installed in tens of thousands of professional devices around the world and you can rely on our professional support during development. How to create your next IoT/M2M product? Easy, just designing a simple carrier board for it you get three different products. The carrier board is normally very easy to design since you don’t need an host processor there: FlyportPRO acts as core processor and connectivity, all in one. Embedded development made easy We provide you a powerful IDE, for free. Connectivity features Web server, HTTP server (only on Wi-Fi/GPRS versions) HTTP Client FTP Client SMTP, SNTP FOTA firmware upgrade over the air (only on Wi-Fi/GPRS versions) SSL/TLS security FlyportPRO pinout 60 pins are available for your application.

ShopBot Unveils the Handibot at Hardware Innovation Workshop The new Handibot, from ShopBot Tools. A major manufacturer of CNC routers today launched what it hopes will be “a whole new class of digital tool” called the Handibot. The announcement was made at the Hardware Innovation Workshop, underway in San Mateo, Calif. ShopBot CEO Ted Hall introduces the Handibot at Wednesday’s Hardware Innovation Workshop. ShopBot Tools, based in Durham, N.C., has been demonstrating the compact machine at HIW. The ShopBot team shows off the CNC guts of the Handibot to an enthusiastic crowd. One of the unsung heroes of the “new industrial revolution,” the CNC (computer numerical control) router combines agile cutting power with computer-controlled, robotic smarts. ShopBot’s Handibot will be initially priced at $2,500, but the company is hoping that the price will float down over the next few years. ShopBot founder, CEO, and president Ted Hall said that the new device is “more than a product, it’s an innovation platform.” How would you use the Handibot?