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One Man’s Mission to Revive the Last Redwood Forests. There’s a Global Plan to Conserve Nature. Indigenous People Could Lead the Way. With a million species at risk of extinction, dozens of countries are pushing to protect at least 30 percent of the planet’s land and water by 2030.

There’s a Global Plan to Conserve Nature. Indigenous People Could Lead the Way.

Their goal is to hammer out a global agreement at negotiations to be held in China later this year, designed to keep intact natural areas like old growth forests and wetlands that nurture biodiversity, store carbon and filter water. Iconic Haida Gwaii species to be included in literary field guide for ‘Cascadia’ – Haida Gwaii Observer. Experts, poets and artists are working together to create a literary field guide for the Cascadia region of B.C., Washington State and Oregon, organized by “kinship clusters” rather than western taxonomy.

Iconic Haida Gwaii species to be included in literary field guide for ‘Cascadia’ – Haida Gwaii Observer

Some Ecological Damage from Trump's Rushed Border Wall Could Be Repaired. The jagged granite peaks of Arizona’s Tinajas Altas Mountains, reminiscent of the Iron Throne in the television series Game of Thrones, are almost insurmountable to humans.

Some Ecological Damage from Trump's Rushed Border Wall Could Be Repaired

But bighorn sheep have long climbed through them with ease—until their path was blocked by a 30-foot-high steel fence built atop a blasted-out right-of-way on the U.S. -Mexico border last spring. Just to the east, federal contractors have built more border fencing through the habitat of the endangered Sonoran pronghorn in the Cabeza Prieta National Wildlife Refuge. And in South Texas, sections of wall continued to rise in protected areas of the Lower Rio Grande Valley in recent months, increasing flooding risks and bisecting the subtropical woodland habitat of endangered ocelots and jaguarundis and other imperiled species. After climate-protection drift and despair, a blueprint for success emerges in Cascadia.

A decade ago climate activist Eileen V.

After climate-protection drift and despair, a blueprint for success emerges in Cascadia

Quigley found herself in deep despair. Washington, Oregon and British Columbia had set ambitious plans to control climate-warming greenhouse gases, but misinformation campaigns by fossil fuel lobbies and a global financial meltdown unnerved legislators, blocking measures to drive the states’ climate plans. Shut down in Salem and Olympia, the Seattle-based environmentalist and her allies saw their hopes dashed again in Washington, D.C., in 2010.

Despite an ascendant Democratic president and a Democratic majority in Congress, a sweeping climate bill died in the Senate and Republicans opposed to climate action took control of the House. Replanting well underway in burned areas of Santiam State Forest. Scientists make sustainable polymer from sugars in wood. One Man’s Mission to Revive the Last Redwood Forests. 50 Years Ago, This Was a Wasteland. He Changed Everything. Regreening the desert with John D. Liu. Man Spends 30 Years Turning Degraded Land into Massive Forest – Fools & Dreamers (Full Documentary) On Election Day, Key West voted to ban large cruise ships. On Election Day, residents of Key West voted to ban large cruise ships from docking in the city.

On Election Day, Key West voted to ban large cruise ships

It's a move that will have a ripple effect on the environment, and the future of Caribbean cruises once the industry is up and running again. Last Tuesday, Key West voters approved three referenda that will ban most cruise ships by major lines from visiting the city. The first referendum, which won roughly 63% votes according to the Monroe County Board of Elections, prohibits cruise ships with more than 1300 passengers from docking in the Keys. The second, which won 61% votes, places a 1500 cap on daily cruise ship visitors. The third, which received the largest support at 81%, will give docking priority to cruise lines with the best environmental and health records. Restoring Farmland Could Drastically Slow Extinctions, Fight Climate Change.

The twin crises of climate change and biodiversity loss are intertwined: Storms and wildfires are worsening while as many as one million species are at risk of extinction.

Restoring Farmland Could Drastically Slow Extinctions, Fight Climate Change

The solutions are not small or easy, but they exist, scientists say. A global road map, published Wednesday in Nature, identifies a path to soaking up almost half of the carbon dioxide that has built up since the Industrial Revolution and averting more than 70 percent of the predicted animal and plant extinctions on land. The key? Returning a strategic 30 percent of the world’s farmlands to nature. A 30-Mile Rafting Trip Through Alaska’s Tongass National Forest. At the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, with travel restrictions in place worldwide, we launched a new series — The World Through a Lens — in which photojournalists help transport you, virtually, to some of our planet’s most beautiful and intriguing places.

A 30-Mile Rafting Trip Through Alaska’s Tongass National Forest

This week, Christopher Miller shares a collection of images from Southeast Alaska. With my eyes closed, the scent of the forest is sharpened by the lack of visual distraction. I breathe in the musk of a stand of giant red cedar trees, which dominate the landscape, as the seemingly unending forest stretches to the mountain-lined horizon. I grew up exploring the fringes of the Tongass National Forest, which sits just outside my backdoor in Juneau and stretches for hundreds of miles along the coast of the Gulf of Alaska and the North Pacific Ocean. Encompassing 16.7 million acres of land, the Tongass is both the largest national forest in America and the world’s largest intact temperate rainforest.

A Fox allows itself to feed Koala Babies in Australia. Untitled. A study published in Conservation Letters Wednesday found that efforts to protect endangered species of birds and mammals had saved at least 28 of them from extinction since 1993.


"We usually hear bad stories about the biodiversity crisis and there is no doubt that we are facing an unprecedented loss in biodiversity through human activity," said study coauthor and Newcastle University professor of conservation science and policy Phil McGowan, reported Untitled. Sky Hunters, The World of the Dragonfly - The Secrets of Nature. Using neural-network soundscapes to protect natural environments. A team of researchers from Imperial College London, the University of Sydney and Cornel University has found that it is possible to create a soundscape from noises in the natural environment using machine-learning algorithms.

Using neural-network soundscapes to protect natural environments

In their paper published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, the group describes how such soundscapes can be used by land managers to protect natural environments. In many parts of the world, natural environment areas have been set aside by governments as a way of protecting certain ecosystems—national forests and parks are prime examples. But such areas typically cover large swaths of land, which makes managing them difficult. Instituto Terra: A Replanted Forest That's Home to 500 Endangered Species. Nearly 30 years ago, Brazilian photojournalist Sebastião Ribeiro Salgado returned from East Africa, where he was on location documenting the horrors of the Rwanda genocide.

Instituto Terra: A Replanted Forest That's Home to 500 Endangered Species

Following this traumatizing project, Salgado was to take over his family’s sprawling cattle ranch in Minas Gerais—a region he remembered as a lush and lively rainforest. Unfortunately, the area had undergone a drastic transformation; only about 0.5% was covered in trees, and all of the wildlife had disappeared. “The land,” he tells The Guardian, “was as sick as I was.” Legislation to Reduce Bird Collisions Passes the U.S. House of Representatives. The bill’s success is latest evidence of increasing momentum in bird-friendly building trend Media Contact: Jordan Rutter, Director of Public Relations, 202-888-7472 | | @JERutter Expert Contact: Dr.

Christine Sheppard, Director, Glass Collisions Program, 914-261-8277 | Birds such as the Common Yellowthroat fly into reflective glass because they confuse mirrored trees and other habitat for the real thing. The proposed legislation will reduce this threat. Untitled. Conservation and tribal groups scored a legal victory Wednesday after a federal appeals court rejected the Trump administration's bid to remove endangered species protections for Yellowstone-region grizzly bears.

The ruling from the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, which upholds a Montana district court's decision, means grizzlies in the national park and surrounding area won't be subjected to trophy hunting. BREAKING: 9th Circuit upholds district court decision reinstating federal protections for Yellowstone grizzlies, stopping plans for trophy hunts in Wyoming and Idaho. Decision: Earthjustice (@Earthjustice) July 8, 2020 The Trump administration in 2017 paved the way for such hunts by announcing the bears would be losing their federal protections, citing increased population numbers.

Judge Mary M. NPR Choice page. About Shake & Fold - (1) Bird Watching Western Oregon Wildlife Refuges - 110 Species. Microscopic Images Of Seeds. The diversity and intricacy of shapes and sizes of seeds is extraordinary. Even more amazing is that within even the tiniest of seeds lies the complete genetic information required to birth and structure such organisms as the complex passion flower, or a 360 foot tall sequoia. Instituto Terra: A Replanted Forest That's Home to 500 Endangered Species.

'Plant 1 trillion trees to fight climate change' Tom Crowther is a climate change ecologist at Swiss university ETH Zurich. Four years ago he found there are about 3 trillion trees already on earth -- much higher than NASA's previous estimate of 400 billion. Now, his team of researchers has calculated there is enough room on the planet for an additional 1.2 trillion -- and that planting them would have huge benefits in terms of absorbing atmospheric carbon dioxide, the main driver of climate change. "The amount of carbon that we can restore if we plant 1.2 trillion trees, or at least allow those trees to grow, would be way higher than the next best climate change solution," Crowther told CNN.

Regenerative agriculture can make farmers stewards of the land again. How This Guy Cleaned a Lake. 99 Good News Stories You Probably Didn’t Hear About in 2018. How The Removal Of A 'Nuisance' Predator Wreaked Havoc On Yellowstone National Park's Ecosystem Kids News Article. Newborn giraffe taking first steps : aww. A cheetah mother laughs at her cubs joke : aww. Meet the People Planting Trees After Canada's Lumber Harvest. A rare great ape, a 130-foot-tall tree and an extinct marsupial lion make the Top 10 New Species list for 2018. The highest branches of a Brazilian forest. Environmental Problems Go Hand In Hand With Social Injustice. North Carolina Wants to End That. New species. Doomsday Vault: The World's Seed Bank Backup. Americans own 640m acres of national land – if you can keep it.

Bladeless bird friendly turbine. Escaped Pet Birds Are Teaching Wild Birds to Speak English : TreeHugger. International Garden Photographer of the Year – in pictures. Researchers come up with machines that harness power of evaporating water. Coral close-ups. Yes, Organic Farming Will Kill Us All – But Wait. Vintage fruit trees rescued click 2x. League of Conservation Voters Scorecard. Nature Is Speaking – Kevin Spacey is The Rainforest. Nature Is Speaking – Edward Norton is The Soil. Nature Is Speaking – Robert Redford is The Redwood.

Nature Is Speaking – Ian Somerhalder is Coral Reef. Nature Is Speaking – Lupita Nyong'o is Flower. Tundra. Coral Reefs. 16 Of The Most Magnificent Trees In The World. Rainforests. Types of Wind Turbines Used Today. Thomas Peschak: Dive into an ocean photographer's world. Can Sound Reduce Pesticide Use?

Strong Women, Wild Horses. Recession not fracking responsible for drop in US emissions. Scientists create the first digital 'tree of life' 5-reasons-to-rethink-getting-rid-of-spiders-from-your-home. Make A Bee Waterer And Help Hydrate Our Pollinators. Whale rescue. Indigo Is Researching Microbes So We Can Feed the next Billion People. The longest floating structure in history is about to hit the ocean to fix a big problem. Ross Sea Designated as World’s Largest Marine Protected Area. New Federal Policy Advances Nature-Based Protections for Property and Habitat. Environmentalists, Remember this Date: Nov. 6, 2018. Photographer Builds A 'Photo Ark' For 6,500 Animal Species And Counting. Farms could slash pesticide use without losses, research reveals. Power company kills nuclear plant, plans $6 billion in solar, battery investment. Adding irradiated plastic makes for stronger concrete, cuts CO2 emissions.

Organic honey is a sweet success for Cuba as other bee populations suffer. Top 10 Countries Using Solar Power.


Man-Made Whirlpool Generates Electricity. Deception Island Volcano in Antarctica Is Full of Wildlife.