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List of disasters in New Zealand by death toll - The Grid - FInd Anything in New Zealand. List of disasters in New Zealand by death toll This is a list of New Zealand disasters by death toll, listing major disasters (excluding epidemics and acts of war) which occurred in New Zealand and its territories or involved a significant number of New Zealand citizens, in a specific incident, where the loss of life was 10 or more.

List of disasters in New Zealand by death toll - The Grid - FInd Anything in New Zealand

List of disasters Hastings Post Office after the 1931 Hawke’s Bay earthquake Remnants of Flight 901fuselage, 2005 Most victims of the February 2011 Christchurch earthquakedied in the CTV Building’s collapse Inside the fissure formed in Tarawera’s 1886 eruption Salvage operations on the wreck of TEV Wahine Ballantyne’s fire seen from ChristChurch Cathedral Seacliff asylum, before the fire Hyde railway disaster memorial. Restored grave of Dundonald’s mate, Auckland Islands Octagon building fire Remains of sulphur mine, White Island.

New Zealand's Greatest Natural Disaster. Before Mt Tarawera erupted on that terrifying night, the Pink and White Terraces on the shores of Lake Rotomahana near Rotorua were considered to be the eighth wonder of the world.

New Zealand's Greatest Natural Disaster

The terraces were formed as water containing silica flowed from the boiling geysers at the top down the hillside. The water cooled and crystallised into the terraces and pools, forming giant staircases or waterfalls. Click here to find out more > Hinemihi was the tribal meeting house of the Tuhourangi people of Te Wairoa. Tourists would pay one shilling for an evening of entertainment by the local Maori at the meeting house. Click here to read more > Reginald and Violet Smith purchased the 12-acre freehold property in 1931. How prepared are New Zealanders for a natural disaster?

This report outlines preparations New Zealand households have made for a natural disaster, using information from the 2010 New Zealand General Social Survey (NZGSS).

How prepared are New Zealanders for a natural disaster?

It follows a similar report using 2008 NZGSS data (see Natural disaster preparation at home). We present findings on how natural disaster preparations have changed since 2008. The information helps us determine how prepared New Zealand homes are for future natural disasters and how fast they can recover. Also see our media release, Are New Zealanders prepared for a natural disaster? To read the report, download or print the PDF and tables from 'Available files' above. Get Thru. Natural disasters. If your life or property is at risk, you should call 111 for emergency help.

Natural disasters

Emergency services Be prepared Disasters can and do happen in New Zealand and there are some basic things you should do to be prepared. In most emergencies you should be able to stay in your home. Plan to be able to look after yourself, your family and your pets for three days or more. The Get Thru website has information to help you be prepared. Know how to keep safe before, during and after different types of disaster create and practise a household emergency plan put together a kit of emergency survival items and keep things like batteries and water refreshed have a backpack with essential items in it in case you have to leave in a hurry. Information is available online in Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Hindi, Korean, Samoan, Tongan and Arabic.

You may also find the preparedness guides put out by the Wellington Region Emergency Management Office useful. Cost of Disaster Events in New Zealand. NZHistory, New Zealand history online. New Zealand disasters timeline - New Zealand disasters timeline. - Latest New Zealand News & World News,... ChCh City Libraries - NZ Disasters. Disasters - preparedness/Civil Defence. Image: Earthquake survival kit by Global X on Flickr We have selected these online resources to support you when you need information relating to civil defence and preparing for disasters.

Disasters - preparedness/Civil Defence

SCIS 1702159 See also Earth science - Volcanoes; Earth science - Tsunami; Disasters - Natural; Disasters – New Zealand; Extreme weather The Environmental Protection Agency in the United States lists ways to reduce risks to health and the environment from natural disasters. Suggested level: intermediate, Get Through The Get Through website is designed to help people get ready and be prepared in a disaster situation, it includes; household emergency plans, checklists, how to prepare and what to have in a getaway kit. Suggested level: intermediate, LandSAR A brief history of the Land Search and Rescue organisation and what they do. Suggested level: primary, intermediate, ManyAnswers Suggested level: primary, intermediate,

Disasters - man made. Image: Deepwater Horizon fire– April 22 2010 by US Coast Guard on Flickr We have selected these online resources to support you with information on man made disasters such as nuclear accidents, oil spills and the Great smog in London.SCIS 1702157 See also Disasters – New Zealand, Disaster preparedness/civil defence.

Disasters - man made

The Aral Sea Crisis The Aral Sea in Central Asia was the world’s fourth largest salt lake up until the last quarter of the 20th century. Human induced changes have resulted in a dramatic reduction in its size and an increase in salinity. Suggested level: intermediate, Chernobyl Accident 1986 Nuclear accidents have occurred at Chernobyl, Three Mile Island and Fukushima nuclear power plants.

Disasters – natural. Image: Flood road closed by Ian Britton on Flickr We have selected these online resources to support you when you need information relating to natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods, landslides and tsunamis.

Disasters – natural

SCIS 1702158 See also Earth science - Volcanoes; Earth science - Tsunami; Disasters – New Zealand; Disasters – Preparedness; Earth Science - Earthquake; Extreme weather Auckland War Memorial Museum Information about New Zealand’s recent geological history is presented here. Suggested level: primary, intermediate, You Tube NZ Disasters. DigitalNZ Images. Disasters - New Zealand.

Image by Jason Blair Disasters These pages include a timeline of New Zealand disasters as well as detailed information on the Tangiwai, Wahine, Erebus disasters, and the 1918 influenza epidemic.

Disasters - New Zealand

The images, video and sound will be useful for younger students. Suggested level: intermediate, Get Ready, Get Thru This website contains information on how to plan for a disaster and what to do during and after a disaster. Suggested level: primary, intermediate, Many Answers. NZ History Online. Search Te Ara. Books in the Library. Many Answers.