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Unit 5 Agriculture

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IKEA Just Released Free Instructions For A Spectacular Sustainable DIY Garden. How Aerofarms' vertical farms grow produce. De la nourriture pour toute la famille - Les plus beaux trompe-l'oeil. Edible Cutlery (#innovation series 3) Wyoming Vertical Farm Produces 37,000 Pounds of Greens on the Side of a Parking Garage! Jackson Hole, Wyoming, may not be the first place people pick out on a map to travel to, but it does garner significant tourist numbers.

Wyoming Vertical Farm Produces 37,000 Pounds of Greens on the Side of a Parking Garage!

Still, the tourists only stay for short periods of time. The town experiences long, cold, bitter winters, resulting in its produce taking a huge hit because quite simply, residents can’t grow much of anything due to the harsh weather. As a result, Jackson Hole has to rely on neighboring states and even other countries to import fresh fruits and vegetables, but a new project called Vertical Harvest is hoping it can help feed the town’s residents in a more efficient manner. Vertical Harvest is a multi-story greenhouse that will be built on the side of a parking garage, a rare vertical farm capable of growing tomatoes, herbs, and microgreens. Inhabitat - Green Design, Innovation, Architecture, Green Building.

When I saw this fascinating New York Magazine article on skyscraper farming, my first thought was of a much younger and geekier version of myself, who used to play SimCity 2000 a lot on my pc.

Inhabitat - Green Design, Innovation, Architecture, Green Building

Towards the end of the game, you’d be able to get an Arcology, that is, a self sustainable building, capable of providing food, water, and energy to the inhabitants of the complex. As I’m fond of saying, you just can’t beat reality these days. The tools for setting up skyscraper farms have long been in existance, and with growing urban populations and increasing demand for food, the reality of skyscraper farming may soon be upon us… The New York Magazine article describes the work of Dr. Dickson Despommier, a professor of environmental sciences and microbiology at Columbia University.

FUdiet: The Science of Weight Loss, Nutrition, and Fitness. One piece of diet advice I dole out on a regular basis is, “if you love to eat, don’t drink your calories!”

FUdiet: The Science of Weight Loss, Nutrition, and Fitness

The reason I discourage people from drinking calories is because beverage calories tend to be easier to give up and some people consume so many calories from soda that if they cut back, they could probably eat more food and still save calories. I have actually seen patients with a 2+ a day soda habit lose 5-10 pounds from making the one simple change of kicking the soda habit. Sugar-sweetened beverages which include sodas, fruit drinks, and other soft drinks have no nutritional value. Even the vitamins in juice are not worth the calories, especially when sugar or high-fructose corn syrup is added. Even 100% juice is rarely the healthiest source of vitamins given that you can get 100% of your daily vitamin C from a supplement and save about 200 calories.

One measure put forth to reduce intake of sodas is to tax them. 1. 2. 3. 1. Puerto Rico Considers “Fat” Tax on Obese Children: A Fight for Children’s Health or a Tax Collection Scheme? It seems that the Puerto Rico government is scrambling to find ways to collect tax revenues to satisfy its debt obligations.

Puerto Rico Considers “Fat” Tax on Obese Children: A Fight for Children’s Health or a Tax Collection Scheme?

Why? Well there is a new controversial “Fat” tax bill filed by Puerto Rican Senator Gilberto Rodriguez to combat child obesity. The plan calls for school teachers to identify and locate obese children and refer them to the Puerto Rico health department officials. Then they will determine what is the cause of the child’s obesity problem and formulate a diet and exercise plan. Then they will monitor the child’s progress every four weeks. The bill, introduced by Sen. The idea is not new. Ultimately, what may be needed to address the obesity problem are direct taxes on body weight. The fast-food industry has come a long way since such chains as Tastee Freeze and Big Boy began appearing on the island in the late 1950s and early 1960s.

America Revealed. Over the past century, an American industrial revolution has given rise to the biggest, most productive food machine the world has ever known.

America Revealed

In this episode, host Yul Kwon explores how this machine feeds nearly 300 million Americans every day. He discovers engineering marvels we’ve created by putting nature to work and takes a look at the costs of our insatiable appetite on our health and environment. For the first time in human history, less than 2% of the population can feed the other 98%. Yul embarks on a trip that begins with a pizza delivery route in New York City then goes across country to California’s Central Valley, where nearly 50% of America’s fruits, nuts and vegetables are grown and skydives into the heartland for an aerial look of our farmlands. He meets the men and women who keep us fed 365 days a year—everyone from industrial to urban farmers, crop dusting pilots to long distance bee truckers, modern day cowboys to the pizza deliveryman. BBC Two - This World, The Tea Trail with Simon Reeve, A Maasai community adapts its way of life.

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