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Ansiedade e depressão no Brasil. v21s1a06. Prenatal Hormones and Postnatal Socialization by Parents as Determinants of Male-Typical Toy Play in Girls With Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia - Pasterski - 2005 - Child Development. Men and things, women and people: a meta-analysis of sex differences in interests. Alternative Medicine Kills Cancer Patients, Study Finds.

Chiropractic, homeopathy, acupuncture, juice diets, and other forms of unproven alternative medicine cannot cure cancer, no matter what some quacks might claim.

Alternative Medicine Kills Cancer Patients, Study Finds

Unfortunately, vulnerable cancer patients turn to these charlatans every year rather than visit real doctors, hoping for a miracle treatment to purge them of their monstrous disease. But as a new study published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute makes painfully clear, as a treatment for cancer, alternative medicine does not cure; it kills. A team of scientists from Yale University perused the National Cancer Database, a collection of 34 million records of cancer patients along with their treatments and outcomes, to identify patients who elected to forgo conventional cancer treatments like chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and surgery in favor of alternative medicine. Why IQs Rise When Nations Experience Rapid Economic Development. By Louis Putterman Just in case you haven’t heard this before, I’ve got some information for you that you might find a bit troubling.

Why IQs Rise When Nations Experience Rapid Economic Development

In their 2006 book titled IQ and Global Inequality, intelligence experts Richard Lynn and Tatu Vanhanen report that setting the average measured IQ in the U.K. at 100, people in the U.S. had average IQs of 100 and 98, respectively. People in the Central African Republic, Mali and Kenya had average IQs of 64, 69 and 72. People in India, Indonesians, and Iraq scored somewhat higher than those in the poorer countries but lower than those in the richer countries: their average IQs were 82, 87, and 87 respectively. Are country incomes and IQs correlated? Could this really be true?

Were this the nineteenth century, during which the sun never set on European empires, a cross regional study with findings like this might have been treated as self-evident in the U.K. or U.S. The Impact of Benzodiazepine Use on Mortality Among Polysubstance Users in Vancouver, Canada. New AI can work out whether you're gay or straight from a photograph. Artificial intelligence can accurately guess whether people are gay or straight based on photos of their faces, according to new research that suggests machines can have significantly better “gaydar” than humans.

New AI can work out whether you're gay or straight from a photograph

The study from Stanford University – which found that a computer algorithm could correctly distinguish between gay and straight men 81% of the time, and 74% for women – has raised questions about the biological origins of sexual orientation, the ethics of facial-detection technology, and the potential for this kind of software to violate people’s privacy or be abused for anti-LGBT purposes. The machine intelligence tested in the research, which was published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology and first reported in the Economist, was based on a sample of more than 35,000 facial images that men and women publicly posted on a US dating website. “It’s certainly unsettling. Contact the author: Astrologia: Você acredita em horóscopo? A dura verdade para os preguiçosos: hibernar no finde engorda e cansa. 1.

A dura verdade para os preguiçosos: hibernar no finde engorda e cansa

Se não conseguir dormir, levante-se. What's Really Warming the World? Climate deniers blame natural factors; NASA data proves otherwise. Climate scientists tend not to report climate results in whole temperatures. Instead, they talk about how the annual temperature departs from an average, or baseline.

They call these departures "anomalies. " They do this because temperature anomalies are more consistent in an area than absolute temperatures are. For example, the absolute temperature atop the Empire State Building may be different by several degrees than the absolute temperature at New York’s LaGuardia Airport. But the differences from their own averages are likely to be about the same. Estudo indica que jogos de tiro causam danos cerebrais. Um estudo publicado na semana passada revelou que jogar títulos de tiro em primeira pessoa em demasia pode causar danos cerebrais.

Estudo indica que jogos de tiro causam danos cerebrais

A conclusão consta em um trabalho tocado por dois professores da Université de Montréal e da McGill University chamados Gregory West e Veronique Bohbot. Posição política pode ser determinada pelo cérebro, indicam pesquisas - Galileu. Há quem prefira perder o amigo do que perder a alfinetada em mês de eleição.

Posição política pode ser determinada pelo cérebro, indicam pesquisas - Galileu

Mas, antes de deletar aquele tio extremista no Facebook, fique sabendo que a posição política dele pode estar relacionada ao tamanho de uma região específica do cérebro. Em 2011, cientistas britânicos da University College London publicaram um estudo afirmando que as visões políticas estão relacionadas ao tamanho de partes específicas do cérebro. Periodic Table of the Elements, in Pictures and Words.

Homeopathy effective for 0 out of 68 illnesses, study finds. 1/32 Long commutes carry health risks Hours of commuting may be mind-numbingly dull, but new research shows that it might also be having an adverse effect on both your health and performance at work.

Homeopathy effective for 0 out of 68 illnesses, study finds

Longer commutes also appear to have a significant impact on mental wellbeing, with those commuting longer 33 per cent more likely to suffer from depression Shutterstock 2/32 You cannot be fit and fat It is not possible to be overweight and healthy, a major new study has concluded. The study of 3.5 million Britons found that even “metabolically healthy” obese people are still at a higher risk of heart disease or a stroke than those with a normal weight range Getty Images/iStockphoto 3/32 Sleep deprivation When you feel particularly exhausted, it can definitely feel like you are also lacking in brain capacity. O está a briga do Sci-Hub, o ‘Robin Hood da ciência’, com as grandes editoras - Nexo Jornal. Esta tabela periódica interativa mostra o propósito de cada elemento. Uma das maiores dificuldades que os estudantes encontram ao conhecer a tabela periódica é entender as aplicações que os elementos têm em suas vidas.

Esta tabela periódica interativa mostra o propósito de cada elemento

Pensando nisso, o americano Keith Enevoldsen criou uma tabela interativa que dá mais informações sobre os elementos e exemplos de como eles são utilizados. Enevoldsen é formado em física pela Colorado College, nos Estados Unidos, e atualmente trabalha como engenheiro de softwares. 10 Sci Fi movies to stir your mind.

Ten Awesome Science Courses You Can Take Online For FREE. A Rough Guide to Spotting Bad Science. SciShow.