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Earth Sciences

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Abrupt glacier melt causes Canadian river to vanish in four days. Updated A vast glacier-fed river which flowed from Canada's Yukon territory across Alaska to drain into the Bering Sea has disappeared in just four days, in what scientists believe is the first observed case of "river piracy".

Abrupt glacier melt causes Canadian river to vanish in four days

High average temperatures in the first three months of 2016 caused a dramatic spike in the amount of meltwater flowing from the Kaskawulsh glacier, carving a deep canyon in the ice and redirecting the flow toward the Alsek River in the south, rather than the north-flowing Slims River. That changed the Slims River from a three-metre-deep, raging torrent to a place where "massive afternoon dust storms occurred almost daily", according to a scientific paper published in the journal Nature Geoscience. 11 Meaningful Earth Day Activities for Every Grade Level. Our students are the future caretakers of our Earth.

11 Meaningful Earth Day Activities for Every Grade Level

These fun Earth Day activities help empower kids to have a positive impact on the planet. From recycled art projects to farming simulations, here’s how to roll out the green carpet in your classroom on Earth Day this year. 1. Welcome - Digital Explorer Digital Explorer. Resources: lesson plans, videos - Nature Works Everywhere. Ice and sky. Habitats of Animals. How Water Cycle Works. A Journey through Climate History. The Habitable Planet. Garbage. If your habits resemble those of average Americans, you generate about 4.6 pounds of solid trash per day.


This adds up to big trouble for the environment. Americans are generating waste products faster than nature can break them down and using up resources faster than they can be replaced. How can we find ways to meet our current economic and social needs without compromising the ability of our children, and our children's children, to do the same? Our success will depend on understanding the difference between Sustainable practices: practices that provide ongoing economic and social benefits without degrading the environment. In this exhibit, you can find out how to improve next year's environmental record. Simply Geology. Encyclopedia of Earth.

One Ocean: The Nature of Things with David Suzuki: CBC-TV. One Ocean Download Unity Web Player Get Unity 3D to Play The Unity Web Player enables you to view blazing 3D content created by the Unity gaming engine directly in your browser, and autoupdates as necessary. Download Unity Web Player: Install Now! Breathingearth - CO2, birth & death rates by country, simulated real-time. Carbon Dioxide Emissions. Climate Change: Vital Signs of the Planet. What on EARTH affecst climate? What is global warming? The Global Campaign for Climate Action. A History of Climate Science.

Skeptical Science takes a different approach to Naomi Oreskes' Science paper who sorted her papers into "explicit endorsement of the consensus position", "rejection of the consensus position" and everything else (neutral).

A History of Climate Science

In this case, the backbone of our site is our list of climate myths. Whenever a climate link is added to our database, it is matched to any relevant climate myths. Therefore, each link is assigned "skeptic", "neutral" or "proAGW" whether it confirms or refutes the climate myth. This means a skeptic paper doesn't necessarily "reject the consensus position" that humans are causing global warming. It may address a more narrow issue like ocean acidification or the carbon cycle. Climate Science Info Zone -

There are many institutions and organisations around the world researching climate science, how our climate is changing, and ways of responding.

Climate Science Info Zone -

Laboratory Manual for Introductory Geology: W. W. Norton & Company. The Science of our World. What Is a Wind Farm? Geologic Time Clock. Where does rain come from? - Science (2) - ABC Splash - Overview.

Where does rain come from? - Science (2) - ABC Splash -

Earth needs its atmosphere! - Science (10) - ABC Splash - Overview Discover why the atmosphere is crucial to life on Earth.

Earth needs its atmosphere! - Science (10) - ABC Splash -

Learn how the atmosphere creates the weather and clouds, and provides blue skies and red sunsets. See how worldwide wind patterns form. View scientists investigating how greenhouse gases have changed over thousands of years, and what the recent dramatic changes could mean for life on Earth. 13 mins 21 secs Source: Pathways to Australian Science | Learning area: Science | Secondary: Year 10. Cooking carbon to make crude oil. KML Archive. Introduction I am a British/American volcanologist, neogeographer and undergraduate educator.

KML Archive

My scientific interests incorporate a mixture of physical volcanology, geomorphology, remote sensing and other geospatial tools, such as Google Earth. Plate Tectonics - Crust, Lithosphere, Mantle. Topics Plate Tectonics Crust Lithosphere Mantle Density Buoyancy Earth Science Description.

Plate Tectonics - Crust, Lithosphere, Mantle

Label the Diagram Game : Types of Rocks #1. The Learning Zone: Rock Cycle Games. Skip to content Home Animals Fossils Insects Minerals Rocks Funstuff Have another go Move on to the next levelHaving trouble?

The Learning Zone: Rock Cycle Games

Take a closer look at the rock cycle. Site search Site map Accessibility Help Contact us Copyright © 2006, Oxford University Museum of Natural History. Free Lesson Plans For The Environment. The environment is a hot topic – in the news, in politics, and in schools, especially in STEM . Since many aspects of environmental issues are practical, everyday things that even younger students can see, the topic lends itself well to a variety of teaching methods like Project Based Learning and Challenge Based Learning . We recently stumbled upon a great resource that will give you some great ideas and lesson plans relating to the environment that can work regardless of how you’re planning on integrating the information into the curriculum. Classroom Earth (which is a program of the National Environmental Education Foundation) is a site that serves as a virtual library for useful web sites, videos, and lesson and unit plans. They offer much more than just environmental stuff, too – they have resources relating to everything from math and chemistry to foreign languages and the arts, too.

Earth Exploration Toolbook. Awarded Science Magazine's Science Prize for Online Resources in Education (SPORE), September 30, 2011 AAAS Press Release What is the Earth Exploration Toolbook? Developed by teams of scientists and educators, the Earth Exploration Toolbook (EET) is a collection of online Earth system science activities. Each activity, or chapter, introduces one or more scientific data sets and analysis tools that enables users to explore some aspect of the Earth system. Within the context of a case study, each chapter guides users through a step-by-step process in which they access data and use analysis tools to explore real issues and questions in Earth system science. Biome/Habitat Animal Printouts. Animal Adaptations. Build an online habitat. Videos: Oceanography. Water Cycle - Earthguide Animated Diagram.

Weathering animation. The Hidden Water We Use. Weather. New Englanders have a saying: "If you don't like the weather, just wait a minute. " Weather forecasts may be more stable in other parts of the world, but the basic idea stands. Weather is dynamic, the product of interacting forces we are only beginning to understand.

Witness the weather extremes caused by El Niño in 1997 and 1998. El Niño raised water temperatures in the Pacific and the effects were felt worldwide: crop failures, disease outbreaks, excess snow, or too little rain. Journalists have painted a picture of El Niño as an isolated event, a freak weather occurrence. Weather may change on a daily basis, but climate changes over geologic time. Volcanoes. The Rock Cycle. Dynamic Earth.