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153.6 Psychology of Non/Verbal Communication

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How to Spot a Flirt. Who Are High Conflict People? - High Conflict Institute. By Bill Eddy, LCSW, Esq. © 2012 by Bill Eddy In 2003, I used the terms High Conflict People, High Conflict Personalities and HCPs in a self-published book titled High Conflict Personalities: Understanding and Resolving Their Costly Disputes.

Who Are High Conflict People? - High Conflict Institute

(I couldn’t get a publisher because they said there was no interest in this subject.) The term “high conflict” had been around for at least twenty years, especially in regard to “high-conflict families” in divorce. I wanted to shift the focus to describe and deal with individuals, since it seemed that many high-conflict families included only one high-conflict person – and that dealing directly with that person would be the most effective way to help the family. 6 Things That Are Secretly Turning You Into A Bad Person.

Of our five senses, the one we pay the least attention to, and science studies the least, is touch.

6 Things That Are Secretly Turning You Into A Bad Person

Yet recent experiments indicate that we may be vastly underrating the first sense we develop. Everything from the feel of the chair you sit on to what you're holding can influence your behavior and the decisions you make. Imagine yourself touching this. You'll be kinder in the comments. Over a series of studies, scientists found that they could easily manipulate people's feelings and perceptions based on nothing more than what the subjects were touching.

He killed millions. Perhaps the most shocking find was that your hands didn't have to be the things doing the touching. One of the reasons it's difficult to lie to someone's face is that it's not just the words you're saying that have to sound convincing. Body Language.


Lie detection. The Science of Loneliness: How Isolation Can Kill You. Sometime in the late ’50s, Frieda Fromm-Reichmann sat down to write an essay about a subject that had been mostly overlooked by other psychoanalysts up to that point.

The Science of Loneliness: How Isolation Can Kill You

Even Freud had only touched on it in passing. She was not sure, she wrote, “what inner forces” made her struggle with the problem of loneliness, though she had a notion. It might have been the young female catatonic patient who began to communicate only when Fromm-Reichmann asked her how lonely she was. “She raised her hand with her thumb lifted, the other four fingers bent toward her palm,” Fromm-Reichmann wrote.

The thumb stood alone, “isolated from the four hidden fingers.” Body Language. Interesting Info -> Lying Index -> How to Detect Lies Become a Human Lie Detector (Part 1) Warning: sometimes ignorance is bliss.

Body Language

After gaining this knowledge, you may be hurt when it is obvious that someone is lying to you. The following deception detection techniques are used by police, forensic psychologists, security experts and other investigators. How To Improve Relationship Closeness. The Fear of Hurting the Other and the Inhibition of Self. Click here to contact Beverly and/or see her Profile Even when it is unintended, some people find it intolerable to hurt someone they love.

The Fear of Hurting the Other and the Inhibition of Self

To experience hurting the other can create shame, guilt and strong “I am a bad person” feelings. As a result, we may avoid saying what is on our mind and put aside our own feelings and needs. This inhibiting of the self can be harmful to our relationships and can create the conditions for developing anxiety and depression. Marlene, a 27 year old married woman, came into my therapy office feeling anxious and depressed. Seven Ways to Say “No” and Keep Good Relations. O you have trouble saying “No”?

Seven Ways to Say “No” and Keep Good Relations

Many women and men are traditionally taught to avoid saying “no”, especially when facing authority figures. Some of us are told from a young age that we’re not supposed to say “no” to our parents , relatives, teachers, bosses, and others. There may be cultural, gender , social, religious , or institutional pressure to conform and please. Often there’s a fear of rejection, a desire to avoid confrontation, or guilt over hurting others’ feelings. What Would Dad Say » Ten Ways To Make People Like You. The 5 Saddest Things People Do to Look Smart. We're at a point in our society where being smart is becoming more and more valued.

The 5 Saddest Things People Do to Look Smart

Hollywood films are featuring smarter heroes, TV shows try to shame people who are dumber than a fifth grader, we elected a smarter president, etc. Unfortunately, every time something becomes cool, a lot of people are in such a hurry to jump on the bandwagon that they focus on the outer trappings and don't put in the work. In this case, trying really hard to look smart without focusing on learning or thinking. Via Getty ImagesWhy study when you can just put on some glasses and look at people real serious like? The biggest problem is that there's a lot of different kinds of smart, and we can't all be good at all of them.