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Hire freelance writers.

Hire freelance writers.

Web.AppStorm | Web Applications Reviewed, Rounded Up & Explained Making Money from Blogging, we give money for links! FREELANCE WRITING . COM : Helping Freelance Writers to Succeed since 1997 Get pretty much anything done by awesome people Postmates Launches Get It Now To avoid breaking any hearts later on in this post, I’m going to put the restriction up top: This only works in San Francisco. You can cry now. Today Postmates launched Get It Now, a service that will deliver anything that you want, to you, in under an hour. Think about that: anything, to you, now. Of course, your account on the service is then charged for what they picked up for you, and the delivery fee. According to Postmates, their private beta with a little over 1,000 users helped them scale up to 60 couriers. Of course, the service has competition from the likes of Exec, and TaskRabbit, and in a way, Zaarly. Uber For Everything Else The popular black-car-on-demand service Uber is well-known for its technology; the backend of Uber is robust, and helps to keep cars and drivers linked together. Users, and couriers each have a mobile application that they use to manage the order, and using digital signatures, each delivery is sealed.

Wavii contentcurrent This ContentCurrent User Agreement, (the "Agreement") is entered into by and between the company or individual specified during this online registration process at ("User") and Echo Prospects, the parent company that manages the website, a California limited liability corporation with its principal place of business at 984 Folsom St, San Francisco, CA 94103, U.S.A. ("Echo") for good and valuable consideration, the receipt and sufficiency of which is hereby acknowledged. Capitalized terms are defined throughout the Agreement and in Section 13. 1.1 Purpose of the ContentCurrent Content Market. 1.2 Eligibility. 1.3 Role of Service Contracts and the Role of Echo. 1.4 Acknowledgement of Echo's Interest in Proper Performance of Service Contracts. 1.5 Payment of Echo Fee. User agrees that all Service Contracts between User and any Buyer or Provider regarding particular Assignments shall be conducted through the ContentCurrent Content Market. 2.1 Services.

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