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Text Complexity: Simplifying Text Complexity And The Common Core

Text Complexity: Simplifying Text Complexity And The Common Core

About | Closing the Gap About Overview In the current era of accountability, educators are increasingly called upon to make classroom-level data available and usable to inform instructional practices and increase student achievement. Student information systems (SIS) and learning management systems (LMS) are often viewed as the tools to provide the requested data, reports and analysis. The Closing the Gap: Turning Data into Action project provides educators with the resources they need to review, procure and deploy SIS and LMS solutions to maximize data usage and strengthen teaching and learning in the classroom. Closing the Gap Digital Brochure The Closing the Gap brochure provides a comprehensive overview of the project and summarizes its resources in a single document. Full screen viewClickable page thumbnails for faster navigationEasy sharing via social media and e-mailAbility to print or download the entire brochure or select pagesKeyword searchability Detail Resources List

participation with playing cards Learn about Teaching Channel Plus for Schools & Districts Sign In or Sign Up Participation with Playing Cards All Grades / All Subjects / Participation 00:56: CHRIS MCCLOUD: Incorporating kids into the class who aren’t participating is, like, the number one thing. Error loading player: No playable sources found <div>Please enable Javascript to watch this video</div> Related Videos Common Issues with Proportional Relationships Grade 7 / Math / Collaboration Math.7.RP.A.2 / Math.Practice.MP11803 > Lesson Objective Improve participation and class management with playing cards Length 1 min Questions to Consider What is required of the student if he or she cannot answer the question? How can this idea shape class culture and take away the fear of not knowing the answer? How might you use Mr. Teacher & School Info Chris McCloud Math / 7th Grade / Teacher Follow School Details School Of The Future High SchoolNew York, NY Population 714 students District Spending Data provided by Video License

English Spanish Cognates Many Spanish nouns can easily be converted into English nouns. English nouns and Spanish nouns ending in '-or' are very often identical. English nouns and Spanish nouns ending in '-al' are very common identical. Many English nouns ending with '-ist', can be converted into Spanish nouns by changing to '-ista'. English nouns ending with '-y' often corresponds to Spanish nouns ending with '-ía', '-ia', or '-io'. Purchase the comprehensive list of 3,465 Spanish-English Cognates. Adjectives Like nouns, many English adjectives can be converted into Spanish simply by changing the word ending. Verbs There are many English verbs that can be converted into Spanish, usually by changing the ending of the English verb and adding the Spanish verb suffices 'ar', 'er' or 'ir'. Almost every English verb ending in '-ate' can be coverted into a Spanish infinitive by replacing the final '-ate' with '-ar'. Adverbs In English, "-ly" combines with many adjectives to form adverbs. Where to go next?

lifornia Common Core Standards Common Core Meets Digital Learning Featuring Alan November Transforming the Culture of Learning: Aligning the Common Core to Digital Literacy Alan November is partnering with the Contra Costa County Office of Education and ACSA Region VI to engage teams of educators in a three-day series over six months to design motivating, rigorous and creative assignments. When: 3-Day Series – November 22, 2013; March 27, 2014 and June 9, 2014 9:00 a.m. – 4: 00 p.m. Where: Contra Costa County Office of Education, 77 Santa Barbara Rd., Pleasant Hill CA. 94523 Registration: $240/per person for all 3 days. San Francisco Bay Area Common Core State Standards Summit Realizing the Common Core The Contra Costa County Office of Education hosted the 2nd annual San Francisco Bay Area Common Core State Standards Summit on October 29th, 2013. Common Core Summit Schedule and Resources Our Mission Download the California Common Core State Standards: Historical Background return to top of page

California English Language Development (ELD) Standards **New for 2012 | English Learners Here are the latest versions (July 2012) of the new Califonia ELD Standards. These ELD standards are in DRAFT form and will be state board approved by Christmas 2012. Please watch for updates. eldstdkindergarten.pdf eldstdgrade1.pdf eldstdgrade2.pdf eldstdgrade3.pdf eldstdgrade4.pdf eldstdgrade5.pdf eldstdgrade6.pdf eldstdgrade7.pdf eldstdgrade8.pdf eldstdgrade910.pdf eldstdgrade1112.pdf Here is ELD standards revision SBE presentation Final for CDE.ppt to use as a resource for sharing the source, development and implementation ideas for the new ELD Standards. The English Learner Group | A professional group of educators dedicated to the academic achievement of English learners.

Home | CRESST Common Core Support Tools Below you will find unpacking standards documents to support teachers in their understanding of the common core and essential standards. The unpacking documents demonstrate at a granular level the knowledge and skills students are expected to master at a particular grade. Important Note: The current Standard Course of Study will continue to be taught and tested during the 2010-11 and 2011-12 school years. New standards and assessments are to be implemented for the first time beginning with the 2012-13 school year. English Language Arts Unpacking Standards Kindergarten (pdf, 276kb) 1st Grade (pdf, 161kb) 2nd Grade (pdf, 170kb) 3rd Grade (pdf, 165kb) 4th Grade (pdf, 282kb) 5th Grade (pdf, 298kb) 6th Grade (pdf, 315kb) 7th Grade (pdf, 300kb) 8th Grade (pdf, 340kb) English I & II (pdf, 303kb) English III & IV (pdf, 302kb) Math Unpacking Standards Kindergarten (pdf, 6.8mb) 1st Grade (pdf, 11.3mb) 2nd Grade (pdf, 1.1mb) 3rd Grade (pdf, 5.4mb) 4th Grade (pdf, 8.5mb) 5th Grade Math (pdf, 4.4mb)

Global Community Project: Literature Circles Students work in small groups reading a novel and assuming various roles in the Literature Circle in order to demonstrate their understanding of the novel and share... Project: Email Exchange Students will engage in an ePals email exchange, practicing the skills of collaboration and communication while building friendships and learning about the daily lives and cultures of others around the world. Collaborative Detective Story Students will compose a collaborative narrative short story while creating international friendships and a great story to share. 21st Century Learning Tools Project When students are a part of an online collaborative learning community, powerful learning takes place. Monster Writing Project Students attempt to recreate the monsters based on the description they received from other ePals. Project: Theme Detectives Is it just a funny talking spider or do his antics serve a deeper cultural purpose? Project: Biographies: Explorer Expedition

Common Core State Standards Initiative | PTA (select any of the links below) The Common Core State Standards (CCSSI) is a joint effort led by the National Governors Association Center for Best Practices and the Council of Chief State School Officers to develop a common core of K-12 standards in English language arts and Mathematics. Read more about National PTA's position on Education Standards. The goal initiative is to develop internationally-benchmarked standards that ensure all students are held to consistent expectations that will prepare them for college and career. More than 45 states, the District of Columbia, Guam, American Samoan Islands, U.S. Virgin Islands and the Anchorage, AK School District have adopted the standards. CCSSI Toolkit Articles of Interest National PTA Position on Education Standards National PTA volunteers have adopted several position statements and resolutions, beginning in 1981, in support of voluntary, clearer, higher academic standards for all students.

Standards of Learning Information Center :: Practice Items Your browser does not support JavaScript! This site uses JavaScript but is fully functional without it. Standards of Learning (SOL) & Testing These practice items provide examples of the new content and increased rigor represented by the revised Standards of Learning (SOL) and illustrate the new Technology-Enhanced Item types for the mathematics, reading, science, and writing SOL tests. Technology-Enhanced Items (TEI) require students to indicate their responses in ways other than a multiple-choice format. Please note that the practice items are not intended to be a complete test and are not intended to cover all content for the grade level or course. Audio versions of the practice items are available for those students whose Individualized Education Plan (IEP), 504 Plan or Limited English Proficient Student Assessment Participation Plan includes an audio accommodation on a Standards of Learning test. For technical assistance, see Technical Suggestions for Opening the Practice Items (PDF)

Common Core Resources: DarkeNet Resources for the Common Core English Language Arts Standards We are in a very transitional time with revised standards in the state of Ohio. We (the State of Ohio) have adopted the common core standards as our English Language Arts Standards. This page is intended to provide resources and links to other pages where you will find information about the common core standards for English Language Arts. I have created some of these resources, others have been created by various other entities. If you have questions about information provided on this site, please email me. The Standards and Appendices (A-C) can be found on the Core Standards Website.Learning Targets - you will find a PDF document for each grade level.